24th October 2011 Archive

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  • HTC Radar WinPho 7.5 smartphone

    You've been Mangoed...

    Phones 24 06:00

  • McKinnon's mum up for human rights gong

    Shortlisted for 'Pentagon hacker' extradition fight

    Bootnotes 24 07:32

  • Netflix announces UK debut

    Streaming only, apparently

    Hardware 24 07:50

  • Can the iPad save newspapers?

    Questions to which you already know the answer. Part 94.

    Media 24 08:02

  • EMC tosses platters out of VNX for flash

    10 times faster than all-disk cousin

    The Channel 24 08:32

  • Griffin Technology Helo TC

    Remote control micro-copter, anyone?

    Hardware 24 09:00

  • Saddam 'double' kidnapped by smut flick gang

    Bagged dad turns down huge cash wad

    Security 24 09:29

  • Data retention, compliance and the storage budget

    Which one do you blow first?

    Management 24 09:35

  • Google! mulling! Yahoo! slurp! claims! insider!

    Abacuses out, antitrust lawyers on standby

    Business 24 10:02

  • El Reg in SHOCK email address BLUNDER

    Turning ourselves in to the ICO right now

    Site News 24 10:07

  • Microsoft trousers yet more royalties from Android gear

    Patent deal inked over Compal's Google OS gadgets

    Operating Systems 24 10:19

  • Boffins insert 3D objects into any old photo... realistically

    Students renovate rendering process

    Hardware 24 10:34

  • Linehan turns IT Crowd off but NOT on again

    There won't be a fifth series

    Bootnotes 24 10:39

  • Seagate profits slip after price fight retreat

    Still set to outperform WD

    The Channel 24 11:02

  • Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray disc set

    Relics on display

    Hardware 24 11:10

  • Too much information

    What to do about it

    Cloud 24 11:16

  • China punts free condoms at iPhone owners

    Fondle something other than a mobe

    Government 24 11:33

  • Disk drive crisis: Economists are terrible weathermen

    How globalisation becomes a washout

    The Channel 24 11:43

  • Oz solar car race caught on camera

    A short video scrapbook for your viewing pleasure

    SPB 24 12:00

  • Alipay to tempt West's credit cards into China

    Take that, PayPal: cross-border payments

    Business 24 12:16

  • Anonymous shuts down hidden child abuse hub

    Tor paedos torpedoed, names outed

    Hosting 24 12:27

  • Three brings on-demand ITV content to smartphones

    Corrie on call

    Mobile 24 12:29

  • Microsoft's YouTube channel pwned

    Clips of animated antics replaced by cartoon executions

    Security 24 12:47

  • Apple updates MacBook Pro laptop line

    CPU, storage boost for no extra money

    Laptops 24 12:49

  • How Jobs bent reality with LSD, Apple hype

    Biography reveals scruffy hippy past

    Bootnotes 24 13:03

  • Intel, MS destined to remain tablet underdogs

    Single-digit marketshares through 2017

    Tablets 24 13:23

  • UK shamed in high-speed broadband study

    Brits rank 15th, The Netherlands tops Euro list

    Networks 24 13:33

  • Tosh Thai hard drive plant swamped

    Floods spark further disk drought woe

    The Channel 24 14:02

  • Ceglia's latest lawyer bungled child porn lawsuit

    Facebook botherer scrapes bottom of legal barrel

    Networks 24 14:33

  • Leaked Nokia WinMobes ready for midrange scrum

    Operators will love an Android, iOS rival

    Developer 24 15:04

  • Oracle gobbles RightNow's tech support cloud

    Suddenly finds $1.5bn for cloudy buy-out

    Cloud 24 15:29

  • So many risks, so little time

    The tolerance test

    Compliance 24 16:03

  • Cisco, HP bury hatchet for server, switch hookup

    Nexus kit cosy up to blades

    Servers 24 16:21

  • Bluetooth smartens up in low-energy makeover

    Low-go logo for Smart kit

    Broadband 24 16:38

  • Yahoo! privacy! wonk! heads! to! Google+!

    She just couldn't keep the news private

    Networks 24 17:29

  • WikiLeaks on verge of financial collapse, founder says

    Whistleblower to cease whistleblowing (for now)

    Media 24 18:03

  • Juniper on the prowl for acquisitions

    Mellanox, QLogic, or some Asian kitties?

    Business 24 18:24

  • Google dumps + from Boolean search tool

    Users question if more keystrokes = more efficiency

    Media 24 18:40

  • Last mystery of first recorded supernova laid to rest

    Turns out it's huge because it sucked

    Science 24 19:47

  • Optus rolls out IPTV with Fetch

    Prices aggressively, tweaks CDN, takes it mobile

    Business 24 21:36

  • Aussies love their lappies

    Bureau of Stats uncovers desktop decline

    Business 24 21:37

  • Apple flat-screen TV rumor rises yet again

    Steve Jobs speaks, persistent analyst listens

    Hardware 24 22:11

  • Equinix hooks up global data clients

    Trading places and data spaces

    Cloud 24 22:30

  • Stanford boffins create skinnier ‘skin’

    No wrinkles, no Botox

    Science 24 23:00

  • Opscode makes Chef do Windows

    Give the enterprise sysadmins what they want

    Cloud 24 23:15

  • Father of Lisp and AI John McCarthy has died

    Early computing pioneer undergoes final upload

    Developer 24 23:23

  • Tool lets low-end PC crash much more powerful webserver

    Denial-of-service attack targets SSL

    Security 24 23:27

  • NSW govt to open silicon centric digs in The Valley

    Do you know the way to San Jose?

    Business 24 23:30