23rd October 2011 Archive

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  • UK gov invites bids for public sector cloud

    Suppliers to scrap for £60m cloud G Cloud jackpot

    Cloud 23 10:00

  • Just seven solar cars reach Adelaide alive

    Remaining 30 competitors call the tow truck

    SPB 23 14:52

  • Cisco Borgs vid start-up for $US99m

    BNI bolsters Cisco's video vision

    Business 23 21:30

  • Facebook comes out swinging

    Fires back on ‘shadow profile’ accusation

    Media 23 22:15

  • Chernin gets very digital in Asia

    Former News Corp guru on build and buy hunt

    Business 23 22:30

  • Rupert's MySpace mea culpa

    Everybody else's fault, actually

    Business 23 23:00