21st October 2011 Archive

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  • Numara crafts SaaS offerings, preps Oz hosting

    Targets a channel that’s ‘under pressure’

    Cloud 21 00:30

  • Microsoft betting on ultrabooks to boost Windows growth

    Company also praying for tax holiday

    Financial News 21 01:05

  • Seek may float Chinese asset

    Recruitment really does pay

    Business 21 02:41

  • Printable transistors usher in 'internet of things'

    Billions of systems, printed dirt cheap

    Hardware 21 04:01

  • Skype lets hackers track your BitTorrent downloads

    Internet stalking courtesy of P2P

    Security 21 05:11

  • Apple's iPod: ten years old

    The gadget that changed the music industry

    Vintage 21 06:00

  • WD: Thai flooding should speed EU decision on Hitachi

    Deal good for everyone, says disk drive giant

    Storage 21 07:00

  • Android grabs quarter of tablet market

    Sorry, RIM, almost all of the rest is Apple's

    Tablets 21 07:02

  • Watchdog mauls Euro database of 'pirates'

    Who can peek at the naughty list?

    Government 21 08:00

  • RIM's BBX has all the logic PlayBook should have had

    BBX converges BlackBerry and QNX, and beefs up enterprise features

    Broadband 21 08:31

  • LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner

    Page-grabbing pointer pusher

    Hardware 21 09:00

  • HP's chief techie departs, will not be replaced

    Robison rides off into the sunset

    Business 21 09:32

  • Intel Ivy Bridge set for Spring 2012 debut

    Skinny CPUs for skinny laptops

    Laptops 21 09:42

  • Retro couch is quite the space invader

    Arcade furnishings

    Hardware 21 09:43

  • Channel vet to steer Ingram Micro's enterprise biz

    Jon Bunyard to replace outgoing Cathi Low

    The Channel 21 10:02

  • BOFH: Hordes unleashed... by a RAM upgrade

    Fault #45113: Company Corrie email list is down

    BOFH 21 10:14

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus comes up short on sub-pixels

    Don't smile, it's PenTile

    Phones 21 10:26

  • Crowd-pleasing study in capitalism conspiracy controversy

    Boffins reckon banks ruled a lot of the world

    Business 21 10:32

  • Google+ slips into bed with Reader

    Lonely heart web slurper needs some lovin'

    Networks 21 10:42

  • Judge: Top Gear did not libel Tesla

    Tesla grrrrs

    Science 21 10:59

  • US radio evangelist: Apocalypse now

    And publishes weekend listening schedule...

    Bootnotes 21 11:02

  • Hackers crack PlayStation 3 hardware, again

    Jailbreak jinx

    Hardware 21 11:05

  • Reshaping data centre networks

    Managing weak links

    Data Centre 21 11:11

  • Big Dane study finds no mobe cancer link

    Tumour doomsayers barking up wrong tree

    Phones 21 11:29

  • Batman: Arkham City

    The best superhero game. Ever.

    Games 21 11:40

  • Web block would 'spark arms race' against pirates

    ISPs tear into file share ban efforts

    Networks 21 11:43

  • Reg hacks confront really wide Oz load terror

    Down Under's Stuart Highway: The shocking, lane-swallowing truth

    Bootnotes 21 12:00

  • Acer cuts losses and inventory in Q3

    Taiwanese vendor moving into recovery position

    The Channel 21 12:09

  • Smartphone black market fuels knife robberies

    Top cop slaps punters without a mobe passcode

    Phones 21 12:14

  • Quote of the Week: 'Phone bills shouldn't cost more than the rent'

    Plus: 'There's a nap for that'

    Bootnotes 21 12:29

  • Privacy blunders by UK biz soar, websites least trusted

    Surprise! Public confidence in data protection declines

    Security 21 12:41

  • Get out there and take some risks, says Woz

    The wizard of Wozniak wishes you luck

    The Channel 21 13:02

  • Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'

    Threatened $40bn war over rival mobe OS, slated Google

    Mobile 21 13:26

  • Sony's 3D VR goggles will empty your wallet

    Launch date and prices revealed

    Hardware 21 14:02

  • Toshiba demos monster hi-res tablet display

    Packin' in the pixels

    Tablets 21 14:03

  • Gov: DAB must battle on, despite being old and rubbish

    While BBC agrees to pay for digital albatross

    Broadband 21 14:04

  • Boffins crack e-commerce encryption

    Poked XML-based service coughs secrets

    Security 21 14:29

  • Reg hack desperately seeks deeply frustrated pensioner

    You never call, you never write...

    Site News 21 14:54

  • Feds: Cyberpunks spied on Nasdaq directors

    Nasdaq hackers' malware plot confirmed

    Security 21 15:04

  • Netbook shipments slump in face of tablet rise

    Bullish forecasts reversed

    Laptops 21 15:27

  • Chinese giant halts rare earth shipments to hike prices

    This is the stuff mobiles, lasers, magnets, cars are made of

    Science 21 15:32

  • Dowler family bags £2m payout over phone-hacking saga

    Murdoch hopes settlement 'underscores' his 'regret'

    Security 21 15:42

  • Thai floods flush storage channel clean

    Disties hit the brakes, stores raise prices

    The Channel 21 15:59

  • Groupon IPO seeks $11.4bn valuation

    Price range of $16 to $18 a share confirmed

    Financial News 21 16:14

  • Zuckerberg's HTML5 Trojan horse play

    Facebook penetrates Apple/Google territory

    Mobile 21 16:35

  • Buy a $1m storage brute, get a free iPad app

    IBM talks up XIV benchmarks, cloud files

    The Channel 21 17:04

  • World's stealthiest rootkit gets a makeover

    Now, TDL4 harder than ever to eradicate

    Security 21 18:41

  • Meteor shower falls from Halley’s Comet on Saturday

    Watchers checking for Moon explosions

    Science 21 18:42

  • Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'

    Climate skeptics dealt 'clear and rigorous' blow

    Science 21 21:43

  • Cloud buyers keeping storage sales strong

    Boom times for hardware and software sales

    Cloud 21 21:57

  • Cable employee admits replacing Superbowl feed with porn

    We interrupt this dramatic touchdown for this lewd clip

    Security 21 22:09

  • 'Occupy Wherever' movement goes transgalactic

    To Mordor and beyond

    Bootnotes 21 22:39