20th October 2011 Archive

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  • Gulf of California terrorized by ONE-EYED MUTANT SHARK!

    Boffins say ‘not a hoax’

    Science 20 00:03

  • Japanese take World Solar Challenge

    Dutch and USA fill the podium

    SPB 20 04:21

  • LaCie LaPlug

    Share USB devices on your network

    Hardware 20 06:00

  • War boffin: Killer cyber attacks won't happen

    Die Hard 4 is just a movie, kids

    Security 20 07:31

  • Dixons stores knock £150 off RIM PlayBook

    Enough to drum up demand?

    Tablets 20 07:34

  • JANET and modern data centre dreams

    Hybrid approaches to Cloud?

    Cloud 20 07:42

  • Are IP addresses personal data?

    ACS Law ruling raises some interesting questions

    Law 20 08:03

  • Nexenta flogs virtual storage to High Street bank

    Won't say which...

    The Channel 20 08:32

  • Oracle vs Google court showdown delayed

    Java bust-up pushed aside by real crim trial

    Law 20 08:49

  • The Guardian iPad Edition

    First UK paper to hit iOS 5's Newsstand

    Phones 20 09:00

  • Retailer intros cut-price 10in Android tablet

    Yours for £151 - for now...

    Tablets 20 09:13

  • 0.5mm2 ARM chip offers 5X energy efficiency, jacks up performance

    big.Little extends Moore's Law

    Hardware 20 09:15

  • Motorola to fit fitness freaks with work-out watch

    Break sweat with a strap-on

    Hardware 20 09:20

  • Jobs was 'working on future product day before he died'

    Life of Apple baron celebrated by staff in ceremony

    Hardware 20 09:35

  • Euro fraud cops crush garlic tax evaders

    Whistleblowing site roots out fraudsters

    Law 20 09:48

  • Microsoft's saucy compiler exposes privates to devs

    All and sundry welcome to slurp build process data

    Developer 20 10:04

  • Tearful skin-beaters say good bye to the BumChum

    Low-end throb monitor now handled by BC Gigster

    Bootnotes 20 10:20

  • WD: Thai floods will force hard drive prices up

    Shortages predicted, hundreds dead, fabs shutdown

    Storage 20 10:39

  • Yahoo! refuses! to! sell! as! buyers! flash! cash!

    What kinda cheap portal do you take us for?

    Financial News 20 10:49

  • WTF is... Bluetooth 4.0?

    It's in the iPhone 4S, but does it matter?

    Hardware 20 11:00

  • This just in: Brussels shatters CRT cartel

    Party like it's 1999 – we can afford glass monitors at last

    Law 20 11:15

  • Acer UK sales slashed in HALF in Q3

    One-time Taiwanese juggernaut in free fall

    The Channel 20 11:29

  • Crap alchemist jailed for poo-into-gold experiment

    From Dumbledore to prison door

    Bootnotes 20 11:46

  • Hands on with the Motorola Razr

    Fix up, look sharp

    Phones 20 12:03

  • Nokia still in the red in Q3 sales bloodbath

    Windows mobes couldn't come soon enough

    Financial News 20 12:14

  • Symantec blusters FileStore's new cluster thruster

    Clones as it dedupes and caches

    The Channel 20 12:29

  • Spooks still prefer BlackBerrys for swapping secrets

    RIM mobes trusted with restricted info despite service meltdown

    Broadband 20 12:46

  • Android mobes sneak into enterprise pockets

    While the world was waiting for the iPhone 5

    Software 20 13:00

  • Logicalis hires industry veteran as UK sales boss

    Chris Miller moves to integrator

    The Channel 20 13:14

  • Virtualisation on the cards in VMAX revamp

    Version two by year-end whispered

    Virtualization 20 13:29

  • Flood-hit WD could lose HDD leadership

    Seagate may regain leadership position

    The Channel 20 13:45

  • Ubuntu daddy bets on desktop polish, ARM clouds

    Who's with me? Anyone?

    Cloud 20 14:01

  • FCO rep: Best argument for net freedom is cold hard cash

    Economics is a language everyone speaks

    Hosting 20 14:29

  • Asus names Eee Slider release date

    Tablet-cum-netbook comes to Blighty

    Tablets 20 15:02

  • The road to Office 2010

    Worth the shoe leather?

    Desktop 20 15:06

  • VMware rejiggers acquired Shavlik tools for SMBs

    Go enhanced, NetChk becomes Protect Essentials Plus

    Virtualization 20 15:09

  • Spamhaus and ISP spar over 'email DoS' blacklisting

    How the spam row erupted

    Security 20 15:31

  • Gaddafi death reports likely to spawn multiple scams

    'Sirte pics' for dirty clicks

    Security 20 16:00

  • Devs still frozen out of Android ice cream source

    Code release by end of the year?

    Developer 20 16:31

  • Next-gen Xbox set for 2013 release

    720 reasons to believe

    Hardware 20 16:50

  • Coraid scoffs cloud platform startup

    ATA-over-Ethernet piped into the skies

    Cloud 20 17:02

  • Microsoft debuts Holodesk to fiddle with balls

    Redmond boldly going where others have gone before

    Media 20 18:12

  • Bug in Flash Player allowed Mac webcam spying

    Adobe issues patch for 'clickjacking' hole

    Security 20 18:22

  • Quickflix hits 'pause' button on ASX

    Updated: movies online to PS3

    Business 20 21:32

  • Microsoft reports record revenue, lackluster Windows sales

    Business apps offering most returns

    Financial News 20 21:33

  • Ellison munches unstructured data with Endeca buy

    A massive Oracle big data/ e-commerce/analytics mashup

    Cloud 20 21:47

  • Get your Fujitsu cloud free

    Bite-sized Linux servers for an eight-week trial

    Cloud 20 22:30

  • Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps

    Chocolate Factory or chocolate teapot?

    Cloud 20 22:30

  • UK gov publishes IT action plan to back up previous IT plan

    'From what to how'... Maude still plotting gov tech future

    Policy 20 23:00

  • Kiwi software developer makes Deloitte fast 500

    Diligent takes tablets to the global boardroom

    Business 20 23:00

  • Deep inside ARM's new Intel killer

    big.LITTLE bad news for Chipzilla

    Hardware 20 23:12