19th October 2011 Archive

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  • NSA whistleblower details intelligence cock-ups

    'Government and companies routinely abuse data privacy'

    Government 19 00:28

  • As US sinks, Apple sees a glorious future in China

    Juiced by the Middle Kingdom's burgeoning middle class

    Financial News 19 00:29

  • Cisco girds Nexus switches for data center battle

    10GE and 40GE artillery

    Data Networking 19 00:44

  • Oracle updates Java to stop SSL-chewing BEAST

    Framework declared safe for Firefox

    Security 19 00:49

  • Solar Challenge leaders whizz towards Adelaide

    Chequered flag almost in sight

    SPB 19 04:12

  • Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex

    Reckons Windows 8 can beat iPhone’s popularity

    Mobile 19 04:47

  • Philips Fidelio DS9

    Dock de luxe?

    Hardware 19 06:00

  • Report: Hacking forum is a cybercrime academy

    Learn skills, buy Trojans, make new mates

    Security 19 07:30

  • 'Mental act' computerisations no longer automatically unpatentable

    IPO changes tack on software-implemented inventions

    Law 19 08:01

  • Using SaaS for a more efficient business

    Dorma shares their experience

    Cloud 19 08:16

  • Samsung, Google whip out Android 4.0 Nexus

    Ice Cream Sarnie smartphone launched

    Phones 19 08:35

  • HP boasts of 3PAR benchmark boost

    Says it has doubled customer base since last year's acquisition

    Storage 19 08:39

  • Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

    Poly gone?

    Games 19 09:00

  • Currys, PC World websites slated by punters

    Customers irate over price, delivery and usability

    Business 19 09:32

  • Sony names PlayStation Vita release day

    Sony fanboys to start queueing now?

    Hardware 19 09:47

  • Yahoo! revenue! AND! profits! bomb! as! expected!

    Empty CEO seat has whoopee cushion appeal

    Financial News 19 10:02

  • Groupon IPO could be as soon as Monday

    Oft-rumoured coming out party could kick off next week

    Financial News 19 10:12

  • Nipples and teen lesbians sexy even when ironic, ASA rules

    But regulator says Duke Nukem ad violence OK

    Media 19 10:31

  • Lenovo aims to seize PC crown within 3 years

    Acer and Dell heads already scalped, HP is next target

    Financial News 19 10:42

  • Alcatel-Lucent hacks off an arm for $1.5bn

    Genesys and its 1,800 staff get new owner

    Business 19 10:52

  • Dell Vostro V131 13.3in Core i5 notebook

    Looks the business?

    Laptops 19 11:00

  • ASA upholds complaint against 'best gaming' Virgin ads

    Too much jitter for claimed low lag

    Broadband 19 11:06

  • Debt collectors warned off pursuing punters on Facebook

    OFT will bitchslap agencies who send heavies onto social networks

    Networks 19 11:07

  • BSkyB earns more dosh out of fewer new punters


    Financial News 19 11:24

  • Zend floats PHP cloud development platform

    Elastic AppFabric

    Cloud 19 11:34

  • Leaked Intel roadmap reveals PCIe flash kit

    How the stats measure up

    Servers 19 11:41

  • Vegas man begs web for $1m to fix gigantic scrotum

    'A huge watermelon encased in a bandage'

    Bootnotes 19 11:52

  • TfL wheels out digital bus info upgrade

    Countdown II embraces API-hungry developer masses

    Cloud 19 12:03

  • Trusteer scraps with analysts over 'bank security bypass'

    Building a good Rapport

    Security 19 12:16

  • RIM lifts skirt, flashes 'new' OS at devs

    QNX rebranded BlackBerry BBX

    Phones 19 12:28

  • ITU heralds ultra-high def TV progress

    Even though 8K x 4K telly is ten years off

    Hardware 19 12:49

  • Telefonica, Verizon ready VMware schizophones

    Persona Android Grata

    Virtualization 19 12:51

  • Mystery over bogus Facebook login data dump

    Smells phishy...

    Security 19 13:16

  • UK has enough sheep shearers, needs more coders

    Immigration wonks eye up job shortages

    Developer 19 13:39

  • Building a private cloud

    The MVA training course

    Cloud 19 13:55

  • Reseller loses veteran chairman and CEO in shake-up

    Maxima to unload biz units, issue shares

    The Channel 19 14:02

  • Motorola sharpens smartphones with revamped Razr

    Thinner, stronger, faster, smarter

    Phones 19 14:17

  • Libel reform vows to slay anonymous trolls

    Single complaint could take down a post

    Law 19 14:22

  • Trojan targets Mac's built-in security defences

    Malware takes a bite out of Apple's OS X

    Security 19 14:41

  • Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone priced for Blighty

    Galaxy Nexus heads north of iPhone 4S

    Phones 19 14:43

  • HP assembles specialist storage sales squad

    3PAR sees triple-digit growth

    The Channel 19 15:02

  • Domain registry touts dot-surnames for $500k

    Coming in 2013: Paris.hilton?

    Hosting 19 15:21

  • Would you go to Facebook for mobile tech support?

    Telco offered integration with Zuckerberg's Reservation

    Mobile 19 15:41

  • AMD taps Papermaster as CTO

    No stranger to controversy

    Servers 19 16:02

  • Viacom appeals dismissal of $1bn YouTube lawsuit

    Video site dragged back into court

    Bootnotes 19 16:32

  • Cassandra database now ready for mere mortals

    If it's good enough for Facebook, it's good enough for you

    Developer 19 17:08

  • Juniper profits get a haircut in Q3

    Hits sales targets, thanks to switches

    Data Networking 19 17:11

  • Apotheker right hand man Wohl exits HP

    Waves goodbye via Twitter

    Business 19 17:18

  • New RAM shunts data into flash in power cuts

    No batteries needed

    The Channel 19 17:27

  • Holographic storage biz files for Chapter 11

    InPhase unfazed, may rise again

    The Channel 19 18:03

  • Google adds default end-to-end encryption to search

    SSL omissions of Yahoo and Bing remain

    Security 19 19:59

  • Fund manager withdraws legal threat over security vuln

    Sanity prevails

    Security 19 20:30

  • Google Analytics goes with the flow

    New visualization tools for web site operators

    Media 19 20:38

  • Trade Me set for end of year float

    $NZ300m under Fairfax’s Xmas tree?

    Financial News 19 21:30

  • MC Hammer getting into search business

    Please, Hammer, don’t hurt Google

    Media 19 21:56

  • Irish DPC to investigate Facebook

    More information than they need

    Government 19 22:02

  • IBM fails to keep Oz harassment case under wraps

    Squalid tale to play out in public

    Business 19 22:30

  • Google planning major upgrades to Google+ ‘within days’

    Sergey slams Ballmer for Google Apps claims

    Media 19 22:59

  • NextIO punts I/O virtualizing Maestro

    Put 'em in the rack and lash those servers into submission

    Servers 19 23:19

  • Talking virtualization with a FlexPod user

    Fast deployment the mantra for Mantra

    Cloud 19 23:30