17th October 2011 Archive

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  • Vivid commits to east coast rollout

    Vocus to manage backbone

    Business 17 Oct 00:13

  • And they're off! Day one at the solar races

    El Reg pursues early leaders

    SPB 17 Oct 03:46

  • Why so shy on pay-by-wave, Nokia?

    New site pushes NFC but the elephant is holding a purse

    Networks 17 Oct 08:00

  • Voda in 3G blackhole probe by ASA

    Ad watchdog called in over service outage outrage

    Networks 17 Oct 08:29

  • House of Marley Exodus headphones

    The beat goes on

    Hardware 17 Oct 09:00

  • MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data

    Magic dust for hard drives is table salt

    Storage 17 Oct 09:29

  • Sesame Street YouTube page hijacked by smut pushers

    Big Bird occupies Wall St children's channel

    Media 17 Oct 09:41

  • Samsung demands iPhone 4S ban in Japan and Oz

    This patent war is not over yet

    Phones 17 Oct 10:02

  • OpenSUSE 12.1 delivers Fedora punch with GNOME 3

    Linux herd joiner

    Developer 17 Oct 10:23

  • Back to the Future DeLorean to go under the hammer

    Bid for the famous time machine

    Science 17 Oct 10:30

  • Public sector cloud looms, but who wants it?

    Local gov CIO: 'What's this thing even for?'

    Cloud 17 Oct 10:42

  • 1m iPad 3s being built this quarter, says analyst

    Laptops and Tablets 17 Oct 10:54

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Android smartphone

    Ahead of the curve?

    Phones 17 Oct 11:00

  • Self Service BI: Would you, should you?

    Reg Readers say Yes!

    Desktop 17 Oct 11:11

  • iPad baby baffled by paper magazine

    Infant QA test result: 'This sucks'

    Laptops and Tablets 17 Oct 11:31

  • Virgin Media broadband in two-day wobble

    Outage fix due Tuesday

    Broadband 17 Oct 11:43

  • RIM hopes to distract punters with free pretties

    You don't need connectivity to play Bejeweled

    Mobile 17 Oct 12:02

  • Firefox preps native Android interface

    Web beast promises snappy response

    Applications 17 Oct 12:16

  • Bog builder pushes out poo-powered motorbike

    Plopper on the chopper

    Science 17 Oct 12:23

  • Boffins whip up SELF-WIRING chip

    Electrons steered through new nanomaterial

    Hardware 17 Oct 12:32

  • Survey: '4 million' Brits stung by ID theft

    Average cost to victims reaches £1,190

    Security 17 Oct 12:46

  • Leo DiCaprio slated to play Turing in biopic

    Superboffin's life told with a blockbuster budget

    Bootnotes 17 Oct 13:04

  • Apple: 4m iPhone 4S handsets sold, thank you very much


    Phones 17 Oct 13:30

  • Gartner: Acer's glory days may be over

    Shipments slide despite rallying PC market

    The Channel 17 Oct 13:32

  • MacBook case fabs kick up a right stink

    Production hit by neighbours' odour complaints

    Science 17 Oct 14:13

  • Three questions that could put out Amazon's Fire

    US politician probes Bezos' Silk Road

    Cloud 17 Oct 14:33

  • Bushfire halts solarcar race in its tracks

    Frustrating wait for teams

    SPB 17 Oct 14:53

  • Appro notches up another Los Alamos super deal

    Riding a Mustang to $10m

    Servers 17 Oct 15:04

  • Verizon users must 'opt in' for privacy

    You are the product, even if you're paying for the service

    Mobile 17 Oct 15:36

  • IBM big iron OSes treated to spit and polish

    Windows on zBX, clustered z/VM, and virtual z/VSE

    Virtualization 17 Oct 16:03

  • Steve Jobs memorial brings out tech titans... and Bono

    Larry Page forgot to put invite in his Google wallet

    Bootnotes 17 Oct 16:32

  • US telcos agree to warn users before they bust their tariff

    You are now leaving the Land of the Free

    Mobile 17 Oct 17:04

  • WD: Thailand floods worse than feared

    'Significant impact' on hard drive production

    Storage 17 Oct 17:32

  • Microsoft updates Intune to patch cloud pitch

    Offers incentives for partners to push code

    Cloud 17 Oct 18:42

  • Pumped-up radio telescope seeks new moniker

    Public help sought for unimaginative boffins

    Science 17 Oct 18:43

  • US military debated hacking Libyan air defenses

    Obama urged to keep Ferrari in garage for time being

    Security 17 Oct 19:43

  • SGI inks reseller deal with Cloudera

    Hadoop clusters stacked and racked, data not included

    Cloud 17 Oct 20:34

  • LibreOffice plans ports to iOS, Android, cloud

    French government says 'oui' to open source

    Cloud 17 Oct 20:39

  • Wireless industry bows to 'bill shock' rules

    FCC, consumers win a round

    Mobile 17 Oct 22:03

  • IBM's mainframe upgrade cycle weakens

    Power Systems, software fill in most of the gap in Q3

    Financial News 17 Oct 23:31