14th October 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft twists some pixels

    Borgs another gaming studio

    Business 14 00:01

  • Hubble snaps dark matter warping spacetime

    Galactic funhouse mirror from 4.5 billion years ago

    Science 14 00:20

  • IBM juices I/O and memory on entry Power Systems

    And more Power7 cores for the Power 780 beast

    Servers 14 00:26

  • So where is IBM's Power7+ CPU?

    And when?

    Servers 14 00:28

  • Astronomy crowd spots PLANET KILLER!

    Just kidding, folks, but still cool

    Science 14 00:30

  • Wannabe Obama replacement tried to hire Ballmer

    Republican prez hopeful addresses Microsoft staff

    Software 14 00:32

  • Financial company heavies researcher for reporting vulnerability

    Sledgehammer meets walnut: shrapnel flies

    Security 14 03:09

  • Apple versus Samsung: key points in the ruling

    Cupertino only won by a nose in Oz trial

    Business 14 04:11

  • Facebook accused of violating US wiretap law

    'Like' cookies tracked users, even when logged out

    Security 14 05:00

  • Toyota Yaris 2011

    Gadgets galore

    Science 14 06:00

  • WHSmith launches e-book reader rivals to Amazon Kindle

    Calls on Kobo

    Tablets 14 07:33

  • Toshiba tears into enterprise drive space

    300GB 15K small form factor spinner

    Storage 14 07:36

  • O2 to trial VoIP over Wi-Fi

    While T-Mobile starts giving away calls to the USA

    Mobile 14 08:03

  • Energy minister gives grudging nuke endorsement

    With friends like the minister, who needs enemies?

    Government 14 08:33

  • Belkin Conserve

    Gets you out of a green jam?

    Hardware 14 09:00

  • World+Dog goes bonkers for iPhone 4S

    Sales well up on iPhone 4 launch, says O2

    Phones 14 09:13

  • Dell signals Windows 8 fondleslab range

    Tech supremo drops hints, slates Android

    Hardware 14 09:19

  • Iranian TV claims royals ordered Ofcom to ban it

    Watchdog still mulling how to bitchslap bonkers Press TV

    Media 14 09:39

  • Samsung, Google to out Ice Cream Sarnie next week

    New Android, new smartphone

    Phones 14 09:55

  • Bandwidth restrictions can affect the memory

    Don’t let aging systems slow you down

    Enterprise Tech 14 10:00

  • Digital UK names date for end of analogue TV era

    So long, PAL

    Hardware 14 10:20

  • Brit cyberwarriors, your country needs you

    Spooks tap up IT security boffins to protect nation

    Policy 14 10:21

  • Dropbox rival touts 50GB free cloud storage for iOS fans

    More file space in cyberspace

    Phones 14 10:24

  • Sony Ericsson stems losses with smartphone sales

    Thank heavens for the Android bandwagon

    Business 14 10:40

  • Europe backs changes to FOI laws

    Transparency rules to keep politicians on their toes

    Policy 14 10:50

  • Computacenter squeezed by drop in demand

    Q3 revs look droopy

    The Channel 14 10:59

  • 'A prime example of our complete failure'

    Plus: Finding one's love-truncheon in a hornet's nest

    Bootnotes 14 11:01

  • BOFH: Where's my free fondleslab?

    No one ever died from buying a ... >KZERRT!<

    BOFH 14 11:16

  • OMG! Berners-Lee has an iPhone

    Anti-iTunes web daddy still hates proprietary tech

    Security 14 11:29

  • Texan lone star Dell lassoes storage into servers

    Directly feeding CPUs with data ASAP

    Storage 14 11:44

  • Collapsing cranes and cantankerous cars

    Another day at the solar races

    SPB 14 12:00

  • Norton blocks Facebook as 'phishing site'

    Well, it does collect private info

    Security 14 12:15

  • Apple's US bid to ban Samsung tabs hinges on design

    Samsung's lawyer couldn't tell Galaxy and iPad apart

    Networks 14 12:45

  • Thai floods threaten Seagate hard drive supply chain

    Disties stockpile as factories go under water

    Storage 14 12:51

  • Big biz told to reveal hack attacks

    Investors need to know about compromises, says SEC

    Security 14 13:00

  • Forza 4


    Games 14 13:02

  • Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?

    Behind Unity's polish

    Software 14 13:29

  • If the name’s not on the whitelist it can’t come in

    Keep the riffraff out of your systems

    Compliance 14 14:10

  • Punters to favour Smart TV over 3D TV

    Big growth for app-running tellies forecast

    Hardware 14 14:23

  • Huawei 'taps up' firms to form Euro operation

    Also entry to the USA rumoured

    The Channel 14 14:29

  • Hadoop: A Linux even Microsoft likes

    Big Data brings people together

    Software 14 15:02

  • Dutch court rejects Samsung iPhone ban bid

    Apple should get fair access to 3G tech

    Phones 14 15:05

  • Top Tory 'lost voters' personal info' days before ID fraud week

    Watchdog probes claims of papers binned in park

    Government 14 15:29

  • Samsung takes another hit in patent punch-up

    Korean firm loses bid to ban Apple products in the Netherlands

    Law 14 15:55

  • Sixth of Britain's cellphones have traces of poo on them

    Playing Angry Birds on the loo: There are consequences

    Science 14 16:01

  • Winning new UK pylon design may never be used

    Thanks anyway, have £5k for your trouble

    Broadband 14 16:29

  • Intel mad for power, but stacked-up dies keep MELTING!

    Moore's Law good for 10 years easy - top Chipzilla boffin

    Storage 14 17:01

  • Big data centers spending big bucks on big hardware

    No recession in the glass house

    Cloud 14 17:25

  • Drone nerve centre malware was Mafia Wars' infostealer

    Don't panic - it was only the weapons and spy systems infected

    Security 14 17:29

  • Mass ASP.NET attack causes websites to turn on visitors

    614,000 pages so far in ongoing epidemic

    Security 14 19:24

  • Google takes buzz saw to Buzz, other appendages

    Management machete hacks off more chunks

    Media 14 19:33

  • It's official: Microsoft, Skype marriage consummated

    Skype chief praises new master's 'disruptive innovation'

    Software 14 19:40

  • Apache insists OpenOffice is alive, well, and flush

    Keep calm and carry on

    Applications 14 22:51

  • Apple, tech titans lead US brands to world domination

    Chin up, Blighty – you're strong in booze

    Business 14 23:23