13th October 2011 Archive

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  • AOL demos the human-free datacenter

    100% lights out facility eliminates the BOFH cost

    Servers 13 01:05

  • Googler squeals: 'We don't get platforms'

    A candid rant for the ages

    Software 13 01:09

  • Apple wins for now: no Galaxy 10.1 in Oz

    Injunction granted

    Law 13 01:25

  • Amazon Kindle 4

    The library in your pocket?

    Hardware 13 06:00

  • Peer-to-peer update makes ZeuS botnets harder to take down

    Not your father's zombie network

    Security 13 06:01

  • Avere punches up file access with 2 more accelerators

    Get those filers moving faster

    Storage 13 08:01

  • Busting net neutrality may amount to spying, says EU

    Eurocrat warns of 'massive, real-time inspection of comms'

    Networks 13 08:19

  • BlackBerry stumbles to feet, full of apologies

    RIM promises not to repeat BlackBerry crumble

    Phones 13 08:44

  • iMoney Accounting

    Keep track of your cash

    Phones 13 09:00

  • Pampernaut love-rat space shuttle pilot prangs plane

    Passengers unhurt in Alaskan Cessna crash

    Science 13 09:21

  • C and Unix pioneer Dennis Ritchie reported dead

    printf("Rest in peace, Dennis\n"); exit(0);

    Developer 13 09:39

  • Dutch ISP calls the cops after Spamhaus blacklists it

    Had to unfriend TPB chums to get unblocked

    Security 13 10:01

  • City slickers get another 5 years of free Wi-Fi

    In 15 minute chunks, in a tiny piece of London ...

    Broadband 13 10:13

  • Valve chief says Apple will own your living room

    iConsole on the cards?

    Hardware 13 10:25

  • Where am I going tomorrow? My 'leccy car charger wants to know

    Pumping the right amount of juice for your journey

    Bootnotes 13 10:31

  • Chinese whisper of low-cost Kindle-confounding iPad

    Smaller model too?

    Tablets 13 10:37

  • Cloud file tech finds Big Blue one in bed with it

    Excited cries of joy at Nirvanix

    Cloud 13 10:46

  • The keys to security compliances

    Not at the expense of user and IT productivity

    Reg Technology Panel 13 11:00

  • Did a Seagate sales bloke just say 5TB drives are coming?

    Talks up big disks within three months in web vid

    Storage 13 11:14

  • Down but not out: Flash in an HTML5 world

    Adobe hedges bets with Nitobi

    Developer 13 11:32

  • IBM's unified V7000 will hook up with just about anything

    NAS heads and file access added to cloudy box

    Cloud 13 11:44

  • One in 10 Brits leaves web passwords in their will

    You will inherit your parents' iTunes accounts

    Cloud 13 12:02

  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

    Wings and roundabouts

    Games 13 12:12

  • Revamp the network to cope with explosion in mobile kit

    Coping with end-point number growth and altered traffic flows

    Data Networking 13 12:16

  • Nokia's NFC-stocked Symbian smartphone surfaces

    Belle me later

    Phones 13 12:28

  • An ode to rent-a-nerds and cable monkeys

    Love 'em or hate 'em, we'd be screwed without them

    Servers 13 12:32

  • Social net sites do wonders for crooks, spooks and bosses

    'Computers are making people easier to use everyday'

    Security 13 12:44

  • Spotify 'sold soul' to boy king Zuckerberg

    Faustian deal

    Media 13 13:02

  • NHS orgs not keen on UK gov's mega-intranet

    The other PSN also makes people nervous

    Policy 13 13:33

  • Ubuntu Server 11.10 leaps onto OpenStack clouds

    A dreamy dwarf leopard for microservers

    Cloud 13 14:00

  • Future wars will be over water not fuel, warns Intel sage

    Keyring-size PCs, web healthcare and more foreseen

    Science 13 14:32

  • Dennis Ritchie: The C man who booted Unix

    strcat(obit, "Quiet revolutionary");

    Developer 13 14:46

  • RIM: 'Faulty switch took out faulty-switch-proof network'

    Sleepy BlackBerry bosses to wait for postmortem ...

    Applications 13 15:29

  • Fretting Googler retracts anti-Google+ rant

    Please don't fire me!

    Cloud 13 15:44

  • Microsoft whips Apple with global Xbox TV deals

    Gaming network taps up broadcasters

    Cloud 13 16:17

  • Citrix buys cloudy storage biz ShareFile

    Follow me the data

    Cloud 13 17:02

  • Galleon chief Rajaratnam gets 11 years in the slammer

    Tech insider trading doesn't pay

    Security 13 17:20

  • Ubuntu One client now available for Windows

    Open source sync service comes to Redmond

    Operating Systems 13 17:24

  • Flashback trojan targeting OS X shuns virtual machines

    Mac malware grows up

    Security 13 18:43

  • AMD 'unleashes' unlocked FX processor family

    Overclockers, rejoice. The rest of us, not so much

    Hardware 13 21:10

  • Quigley defends FTTP to parliamentary committee, again

    Oz network delays recoverable says CEO

    Broadband 13 22:04

  • OccupySF BOFH runs protest network on pedal power

    Protest IT staff running ultimate bare-bones system

    Networks 13 22:32

  • IRS audits Google for funneling profits to Ireland

    Savings of $1bn per year from 'Double Irish' loophole

    Financial News 13 22:58

  • The exaggerated “death of text”

    How much is already free?

    Broadband 13 23:00

  • Carriers move to shore up safe harbour

    Industry body seeks amicus curiae status in AFACT vs. iiNet

    Media 13 23:30

  • ACCC to appeal Google decision

    Dead horse: check. Whip: check.

    Law 13 23:36

  • Solar car teams bask in Darwin sunshine

    Plucky Brits versus American juggernaut

    SPB 13 23:54