12th October 2011 Archive

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  • Solarcars are hot!

    Rules of the road

    SPB 12 00:00

  • Users decide Fedora 17 will be 'Beefy Miracle'

    Beta of Fedora 16 gives faster booting and better GNOME

    Operating Systems 12 00:05

  • Android app maker settles claims it exposed sensitive files

    Photos, videos, and more shared by default

    Security 12 00:09

  • PCTV Broadway 2T network Freeview tuner

    Live TV anywhere on Android and iOS

    Hardware 12 06:00

  • Which actor should play Steve in upcoming biopic?

    Insanely great casting needed

    Hardware 12 07:00

  • ISPs end PM's web smut block dream

    It's just a bunch of guidelines

    Law 12 07:29

  • Canonical enterprise chief jumps for Eucalyptus cloud

    Toe-tripping sales re-org in action

    Cloud 12 08:03

  • BlackBerry services splutter back into action, again

    RIM picks up pieces from epic outage

    Networks 12 08:34

  • Flashback: The Quest for Identity

    Totally recalled

    Phones 12 09:00

  • ViewSonic intros tablet sized to strike at iPad

    Android, good; Gingerbread, bad

    Tablets 12 09:16

  • MS wipes out 23 flaws in October's Patch Tuesday

    IE, .NET and Silverlight get protection from code-executing bad boys

    Security 12 09:19

  • Gartner: Social media biz to rake in $10.3bn in 2011

    Once-mocked sites scoop billions from ads and games

    Business 12 09:39

  • Seagate stocks sizeable storage hub for home entertainment

    In the box, on the box

    Hardware 12 09:43

  • Opera brings fondleslab-style reading to bog-standard web

    App developers: collect your P45s

    Software 12 09:59

  • ALK prunes satnav app pricing

    UK, Europe maps up to £15 cheaper

    Science 12 10:01

  • Round up those wireless devices before they cause trouble

    Stand up to consumerisation

    Enterprise Tech 12 10:19

  • Vodafone knocks over £120 off iPhone 4S

    Cheaper Apples

    Phones 12 10:21

  • Sony network ransacked in huge brute-force attack

    93,000 accounts broken into

    Security 12 10:37

  • Would you spend $300m to save 6ms?

    Speed of light slows down traders

    HPC 12 10:54

  • Pick the right tools for your Office 2010 migration

    Paving the way

    Desktop 12 11:00

  • Telstra UK resellers' private nets go titsup

    Pushing the Daisy does not help connections

    Networks 12 11:14

  • Intel turns its back on the small screen

    Will design chips for computers, not TVs

    Hardware 12 11:19

  • Google loses battle for goggle.com

    Typosquatter's rights upheld – for now

    Networks 12 11:29

  • RIM stands, staggers, falls again

    Just can't keep BlackBerry services up

    Networks 12 11:34

  • Sony asks for 1.6m LCD TVs to be returned

    Bring back your Bravia before it burns

    Hardware 12 11:35

  • Dell opens new data centre in Slough

    Come friendly Dell and fall on Slough...

    Cloud 12 11:41

  • It's the BIG email and office study

    How important are your productivity apps?

    Reg Technology Panel 12 11:50

  • RIM BlackBerry Torch 9810

    Leading light?

    Phones 12 12:00

  • Intel touts energy-use gadgetry for planet admirers

    Eco boffins set up lab in Ireland

    Science 12 12:01

  • Datatec on the hunt for acquisitions

    First half results for 2011 look bright

    The Channel 12 12:01

  • Telcos pave the way for iPhone 4S global roaming

    CDMA handsets with unlocked SIM slots for GSM networks

    Mobile 12 12:14

  • US White Space XML blueprints emitted

    Database synchronisation, the hipster web way

    Networks 12 12:44

  • Big Blue 'made a move to buy BlueArc'

    Storage insider says HDS was buying against the clock

    Storage 12 13:01

  • UK gov needs better data skills to cut spending

    MPs want to know who to blame if £81bn target isn't reached

    Government 12 13:20

  • High Court: Computer simulations can get patent protection

    Smacks down IPO on drill design sim ruling

    Law 12 13:40

  • Will CEO Meg spare HP's PC biz?

    Decisions, decisions ... due this month

    The Channel 12 13:51

  • Gov IT slasher gets top civil service role

    Ian Watmore promoted in wake of 'Sir Humphrey's' exit

    Policy 12 14:01

  • Win 8 haters are just scared of change, say MS bosses

    Start screen tweaked to please crybabies

    Software 12 14:21

  • Thai floods halt WD hard disk fabs

    Water and high-tech factories don't mix well

    Storage 12 14:41

  • Brit micro-biz needs tax breaks, promotion, cuddles

    And that could mean you

    Business 12 15:01

  • German states defend use of 'Federal Trojan'

    Skype-snooping Bundestrojaner legal, insists gov

    Security 12 15:19

  • Ads watchdog slaps down Sony smartphone battery life claim

    Maker didn't mention 'lab conditions'

    Phones 12 15:35

  • Huawei homes in on Euro biz market

    Chinese IT titan spreads its wings

    Storage 12 15:38

  • Scottish rats scoff optic fibre, take down broadband

    Two-day Virgin Media outage caused by rodents

    Networks 12 16:01

  • Microsoft pops Hadoop into SQL Server and Azure

    Denali becomes SQL Server 2012, out by next summer

    Software 12 16:06

  • Windows 7 overtakes XP - finally

    Most dominant desktop OS, says web traffic abacus

    Operating Systems 12 16:19

  • Gulf scheme reveals BlackBerry SWP tap-cash support

    It takes five to dance this tango

    Mobile 12 16:38

  • Pano's virtual desktops go from zero to hero

    Forget thin, zero clients are the new slim

    Servers 12 17:01

  • Overland soups up SnapServer

    Adds Geoff Barrall for extra pizzazz

    Storage 12 17:28

  • Cisco VXI turns virty desktops into server sales

    Are you (virtually) experienced?

    Cloud 12 17:39

  • Gigantic KRAKEN fingered in prehistoric murder mystery

    Prof reckons monster was also a Triassic Van Gogh

    Science 12 18:01

  • Dell bulks up storage line – with compression product

    Cramming your hot data into the steaming DX6000 pool

    Storage 12 19:00

  • Man charged in nude celebrity hacking case

    Operation 'Hackerazzi' uncovers 50 victims

    Security 12 19:54

  • iOS update woes prompt gnashing of teeth for Apple fans

    Mass errors rain on iCloud launch

    Mobile 12 21:09

  • Planetary exploration under threat, says space pioneer

    Space Launch System attention misdirected, Friedman says

    Science 12 21:36

  • iPhone 4 prototype duo get a year’s probation

    Must pay Apple $250 for drink-fueled plan

    Mobile 12 21:37

  • IBM adds platform services to SmartCloud

    Projects 200 million IaaS and PasS million users by 2012

    Cloud 12 22:00

  • Oz tech retailer threatens parallel import strategy

    JB to emulate Kogan?

    Business 12 22:56

  • Cloud hub an Australian opportunity: report

    MacTel, Fujitsu, vendors set up OzHub

    Cloud 12 23:30

  • Seattle superhero arrested for assault

    Costumed saddo pummeled outside city nightclub

    Bootnotes 12 23:53