11th October 2011 Archive

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  • El Reg follows World Solar Challenge

    Hot and bothered about electric cars

    SPB 11 Oct 00:00

  • Get your numbers right, NBN Co tells Economist

    What’s a few million households between friends?

    Broadband 11 Oct 00:09

  • iPlayer founder launches next big TV thing-Zeebox

    Anthony Rose unveils the secret to connected TV

    Media 11 Oct 00:21

  • Nanotubes, sulfur expand battery storage

    Blast-proof battery boffins back

    Science 11 Oct 01:30

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Qwerty Android smartphone

    Small talk

    Phones 11 Oct 06:00

  • XIO tosses the dice one more time

    C'mon ... virtualisation!

    Storage 11 Oct 08:00

  • Would you let your car insurer snoop on you for a better deal?

    How's my driving? Ask the box of sensors in my motor

    Data Centre 11 Oct 08:20

  • UK patent office spawns free search site

    Hopefully no one's patented that

    Government 11 Oct 08:40

  • Half of Whitehall's websites axed in a year

    There are still over 400 online, though ...

    Government 11 Oct 09:01

  • Smut oglers told to opt in to keep web filth flowing

    Cameron brandishes tool at ISPs to keep Britain clean

    Government 11 Oct 09:19

  • BlackBerry users back online after outage

    Quick, organise a riot while you can

    Broadband 11 Oct 09:34

  • YouTube ships movie rental service to UK

    Take to hire ground?

    Hardware 11 Oct 09:42

  • VeriSign demands website takedown powers

    No court order necessary

    Networks 11 Oct 09:44

  • MS kills, un-kills kills Zune player line

    WinPho to the fore

    Hardware 11 Oct 09:54

  • Viz Profanisaurus

    NSFW. 'Nuff said.

    Phones 11 Oct 10:00

  • Cloudy challenge looms over networking

    Gearing up for growth

    Enterprise Tech 11 Oct 10:08

  • CyanogenMod 7.1 brings 24 Android phones into fold

    Custom firmware updated

    Phones 11 Oct 10:19

  • IBM preps boost for Power Systems

    Just don't call it Power7+

    Hardware 11 Oct 10:23

  • The rise of the modular Cloud?

    With a little help from JANET

    Cloud 11 Oct 10:38

  • Spotify's rising revenues gobbled by royalties blackhole

    Spend a lot of money to make not quite as much money

    Financial News 11 Oct 10:42

  • Dark Souls

    Death awaits

    Games 11 Oct 11:00

  • Sneak peek: Revamped Opera gets turboboost

    So much is new, but it's mostly under the hood

    Applications 11 Oct 11:28

  • Feds slurp WikiLeaker's email with secret court order

    Message headers prised from Google, ISP

    Government 11 Oct 11:34

  • Pay Jobs due respect - by crushing the empire he created

    Real entrepreneurs don't settle for second best

    Business 11 Oct 11:48

  • Ten... Freeview HD recorders

    Timeshifting telly treats

    Hardware 11 Oct 12:00

  • NHS IT spending: The winners and losers

    Integrators lose out as CfH budgets dive 35 per cent

    Data Centre 11 Oct 12:06

  • Royal Navy halts Highlands GPS jamming

    Exercises knocked furious fishermen off course

    Broadband 11 Oct 12:16

  • Oracle's Sparc T4 prices mask improved value

    Similar bang, more capacity, similar bucks

    Servers 11 Oct 12:28

  • Trusteer rebuffs bank security bypass claims

    Smacks down Times and researchers

    Security 11 Oct 12:42

  • Wall Street protest app Vibe is secure enough, cries dev

    This is between you, me and any determined Feds

    Security 11 Oct 13:02

  • Dubstep ringtone wins Nokia compo

    Dreadful ditty makes line noise sound like Mozart

    Media 11 Oct 13:33

  • BlackBerry BBM, email offline AGAIN

    Yet another RIM job to take care of

    Mobile 11 Oct 13:44

  • Infosec 'needs warrior cryptoboffins' to beat hackers

    Drop and give me 50 better data sets, maggot

    Security 11 Oct 14:05

  • Hard-up OpenOffice whips out begging-cap website

    Coders seek new sugar daddy

    Applications 11 Oct 14:31

  • Oak Ridge changes Jaguar's spots from CPUs to GPUs

    Nuke lab's super upgraded to a 20-petaflops Titan

    Government 11 Oct 15:03

  • 'Buggy' Facebook iPad app finally emerges

    Stalking slab smudgers are smiling, though

    Applications 11 Oct 15:31

  • HP extends reseller rebate changes into fiscal 2012

    Still tough out there, vendor says

    The Channel 11 Oct 15:31

  • Privacy watchdog: Some things just aren't personal

    Orgs get top tips on coughing complaint files

    Government 11 Oct 15:54

  • Android apps now playable on Windows PCs

    BlueStacks' software unleashed

    Software 11 Oct 15:56

  • RSA defends handling of two-pronged SecurID breach

    'Our adversaries left information' exec says, as FBI probe continues

    Security 11 Oct 16:29

  • Steve Jobs death certificate: 'respiratory arrest'

    Memorial service set for October 19

    Hardware 11 Oct 16:33

  • Sutter: C++11 kicks old-school coding into 21st century

    Language officially infused with Java-like multi-core support

    Developer 11 Oct 17:02

  • IBM nabs Platform for cloud control freakery

    HP thinking too much about Autonomy

    Cloud 11 Oct 17:42

  • Microsoft flags Firefox and Chrome for security failings

    Guess what it says about IE 9

    Security 11 Oct 18:02

  • Overland to ring Nasdaq bell, tease products

    Gather round now, children traders

    Storage 11 Oct 18:03

  • 'iTunes in the Cloud' has arrived in iTunes 10.5 update

    Start downloading all your purchased tunes today

    Phones 11 Oct 19:25

  • High-frequency traders attract regulator’s interest

    Big-iron trading systems face crackdown

    Business 11 Oct 20:10

  • Crims prefer old exploits: Microsoft

    Zero-day threat is overrated

    Security 11 Oct 21:23

  • Hundreds of websites share usernames sans permission

    Photobucket, Wall Street Journal, Home Depot take liberties with your personal info

    Security 11 Oct 21:42

  • Billion dollar telescope snaps galactic head-on

    First images arrive from 100 square mile telescope array

    Science 11 Oct 21:58

  • Mnet shares mobile smarts with LA

    Opens first US office to offer cross platform solutions

    Mobile 11 Oct 22:30

  • Australian National Broadband Network secures backhaul

    Telstra dark fibre for core transit

    Networks 11 Oct 22:58

  • Riverbed extends archiving to Azure, OpenStack clouds

    Die, tape arrays, die, die

    Cloud 11 Oct 23:32