7th October 2011 Archive

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  • Chaos feared after Unix time-zone database is nuked

    Developer sued for copyright infringement

    Operating Systems 07 03:56

  • Intellectual Ventures wages patent war on Motorola

    Claims 6 infringements of its property

    Law 07 04:02

  • Panasonic HM-TA20 underwater camcorder

    Taking a dip

    Hardware 07 06:00

  • Mixing network traffic types on Ethernet

    A recipe for success - or disaster?

    Data Networking 07 08:00

  • MoJ shops for ICT provider for Her Majesty's prisons

    3-year deal to give services to crim-managers

    Policy 07 08:21

  • TDK fires up LASERS to double hard drive capacity

    HAMR blow to disk heads

    Storage 07 08:41

  • Open Range rural broadband goes titsup

    WiMAX on satellite frequencies – what could possibly go wrong?

    Networks 07 09:01

  • TomTom ties up traffic with Top Gear

    MORE POWER, insists Clarkson-voiced satnav

    Science 07 09:10

  • IBM attracts Crocus to magnetic RAM biz

    Big Blue wants stiffer poles

    Storage 07 09:21

  • Quote of the Week: 'I shave my balls for this?'

    Our weekly round-up of what the tech world says

    Bootnotes 07 09:30

  • Gay.xxx sells for $500,000

    Smut site address commands stiff price

    Business 07 09:41

  • MS kills, un-kills Zune HD media player

    Posts death sentence, pulls it, denies it

    Hardware 07 09:53

  • Altec Lansing iMT630

    Rocking all over the world

    Hardware 07 10:00

  • ISPs must be honest to keep net neutrality alive, say watchdogs

    Being transparent is now a good thing

    Business 07 10:19

  • HTC brings Beats to bigger blower

    Sensational sound and size

    Phones 07 10:19

  • Samsung predicts galactic profits

    Huge smartphone sales drive third quarter earnings

    Business 07 10:41

  • HP denies shipping TouchPad tablets with Android

    Probe launched

    Tablets 07 10:43

  • Cambridge Audio iD100 hi-fi dock

    Digital-only interface for audiophiles

    Hardware 07 11:00

  • Sony tempts Potter fans with free 3D BDs

    Buy a Sony player, get Deathly Hallows discs

    Media 07 11:04

  • El Reg drives Cloud Summit

    Possibly more accurate: Cloud Summit drives us

    Cloud 07 11:15

  • Google Books app splurts 3 million titles in UK launch

    Book-grabber faces off with Kindle and iBooks in Blighty

    Media 07 11:28

  • London 2012 Olympics: 17000 athletes, 11000 computers

    Acer: 'It won't run on Vista like we said it would'

    Servers 07 11:39

  • Microsoft's €5.9bn Skype slurp to get EU rubber stamp

    Just Russia, Ukraine, Serbia and Taiwan to convince

    Networks 07 11:51

  • Virgin extends network with Orange

    Roam onto Everything Everywhere

    Mobile 07 11:59

  • Lightsabres to illuminate Christmas dinner

    Romantic lighting enjoy you will

    Hardware 07 11:59

  • Here come hypervisors you can trust

    Intel to the rescue?

    Enterprise Tech 07 12:00

  • Furious HP staff stage protest over job cuts

    Laying down on the job ... at a trade show

    Business 07 12:03

  • Samsung, Google delay next-gen Nexus launch

    iPhone 4S release noise would drown out their signal?

    Phones 07 12:18

  • Sony wants Ericsson's half of their mobile biz

    Firm fancies fighting Apple and Samsung all on its own

    Mobile 07 12:23

  • Starbucks extends gratis Wi-Fi to UK

    Not airport sites, though

    Hardware 07 12:34

  • Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Kapsalon v quesadillas

    We who are about to dine salute you

    SPB 07 12:44

  • IE security hole sewn up for Patch Tuesday

    It's that time of the month. Again

    Security 07 13:01

  • BT hauls Digital Economy Act back to court

    Last chance for telco to slay the beast

    Media 07 13:33

  • HP names Ubuntu top dog for OpenStack cloud

    Secure, scalable, "business class"

    Operating Systems 07 13:41

  • Old Napster guy’s fan letter to Spotify upstart

    'Grasshopper. You are almost as cool as I once was'

    Media 07 13:44

  • Visa muscles into Olympic pay-by-wave with microSD kit

    Non-NFC gadgets to join Samsung's 2012 phone for on-site payments

    Mobile 07 14:02

  • 'Silent majority' is content with elderly Java, says startup

    Prise version 6 from cold dead hands

    Software 07 14:38

  • Google hits the boozer with own brand of beer

    What ales thee?

    Hardware 07 14:39

  • AmEx 'debug mode left site wide open', says hacker

    Customer cookies 'at risk'

    Security 07 14:46

  • Samsung, Micron bake 3D chips for next-gen RAM

    Not-particularly-cube-shaped cubes prove faster

    Hardware 07 15:05

  • Geek girls lauded on Ada Lovelace Day

    Tweets, sites big-up world's boffins of the female persuasion

    Science 07 15:32

  • Skye IT goes titsup

    Reseller hits the wall after credit dries up

    The Channel 07 15:49

  • Ellison's cloud conversion is good for business

    Skeptic turned evangelist to win CIOs

    Cloud 07 16:04

  • Ofcom admits 4G auction will slip

    More consultation aimed at placating all parties

    Mobile 07 16:14

  • This Dianamania is a slur on Jobs

    Let's remember him properly

    Bootnotes 07 16:34

  • Cloud on the rise (Love JANET)

    A Modular, hybrid success story

    Storage 07 17:31

  • Galaxy Tab Oz ban ruling due next week

    Apple, Samsung wait with bated breath

    Business 07 18:03

  • Oracle settles with Feds over price gouging

    Larry loses one – actually, 199.5 million of them

    Software 07 19:01

  • Job creation better than expected in the US

    Pink slips for IT workers, though

    Business 07 19:06

  • Microsoft gets trademark for retail store plans

    Sadly no way to copyright cool

    The Channel 07 22:15

  • Homeland Security bungles 'pre-crime' tech test docs

    Minority Report surveillance didn’t submit the paperwork

    Security 07 22:16