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HPC 2.0: The monster mash-up

BlogThis is the second of a three-part series on the convergence of HPC and business analytics, and the implications for data centers. The first article is here; you’re reading the second one; and the third story is coming soon.
Dan Olds, 06 Oct 2011

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

Steve Jobs, Apple's cofounder and former CEO, has died. He was 56 years old.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Oct 2011

Attack on Apache server exposes firewalls, routers and more

Maintainers of the open-source Apache webserver are warning that their HTTP daemon is vulnerable to exploits that expose internal servers to remote attackers who embed special commands in website addresses.
Dan Goodin, 06 Oct 2011

Microsoft! touted! to! buy! Yahoo!

Microsoft is mulling the purchase of Yahoo! according to published reports that pushed up the share price of the declining portal site by about ten per cent in Wednesday's trading.
Iain Thomson, 06 Oct 2011

Oracle floats Fusion apps, puffs up public cloud

OpenWorldSalesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff probably didn’t want to be at Oracle's OpenWorld extravaganza in San Francisco today, even after making a fuss about Oracle yanking his keynote on Wednesday. That's because Salesforce.com and SAP were the punching bags this afternoon while Oracle CEO and Benioff's former boss, Larry Ellison announced the availability of the Fusion suite of applications and the Oracle Public Cloud.

The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part One

When sober, F. Scott Fitzgerald may have been devastatingly intelligent, but he got it dead wrong when he wrote "there are no second acts in American lives".
Rik Myslewski, 06 Oct 2011

Android malware under blog control says Trend Micro

Trend Micro is reporting a Chinese Android malware that operates partly under the command and control of a blog.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Oct 2011
Iomega Mac Companion external storage

Iomega Mac Companion external hard drive

ReviewIf the name of this hard drive isn’t explicit enough, one look at it will tell you exactly who it’s aimed at. The brushed aluminium surround and smoky black top mean that it looks right at home sitting beneath an iMac or Apple Cinema Display.
Craig Sutherland, 06 Oct 2011

BT superfast home fibre plans fall behind schedule. Again

BT won't hit its target of kitting out 12 exchanges with its new fibre network by the end of this year as originally hoped.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Oct 2011
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Quantum bigs up entry dedupe

Quantum has a new entry-level deduping product with capacity-on-demand upgrade by licence key.
Chris Mellor, 06 Oct 2011

Geeks chip in to fund nerd's space station gizmo launch

A self-described rocket nerd will be able to turn his International Space Station 'detector' gizmo into a product after fellow geeks chipped in thousands of dollars of investment.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Oct 2011

'Hey, Tories, who knows what a nontrepreneur is?’

Special reportTo Manchester, where I had been invited to liven up a Conservative Conference Fringe discussion on digital policy. I shared the panel with influential moderatrix Dominique Lazanski, a former Yahoo!er who recently got the Pirate Party into the Culture Ministry; a young parliamentary candidate called Nick Pickles who had worked with Big Brother Watch; and Jeff Lynn of Coadec, a new group flush with lobbying cash from Google and Yahoo!
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 2011

Gas bill climbed £13,000 after correct online reading given

Reg Reader and Stockport dweller Rob was shocked to find that trying to save his mother a few pounds on her gas bill ended up pushing the tab up £13,088.43, rather than down the 20 quid he was expecting. It was the unlikely result of entering a meter reading on Southern Electric's website.
Anna Leach, 06 Oct 2011

Users shut down Italian Wikipedia to protest Wiretapping Act

Italian Wikipedia has been hidden in protest at a new Act making its way through the Italian Parliament. The Wiretapping Act or "DDL intercettazioni" could make Wikipedia legally untenable in Italy if it passes into law.
Anna Leach, 06 Oct 2011
Xbox Live: Summer of Football

BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, 4OD aim for Xbox

Microsoft has signed up video-on-demand companies Blinkbox and Lovefilm, and Channel 4's catch-up viewing service 4OD, to bring their offerings to the Xbox 360 this year.
Tony Smith, 06 Oct 2011
Cat 5 cable

Facebook scammers exploit Steve Jobs' death

Facebook scammers have wasted little time in exploiting news of the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs as a theme for survey scams.
John Leyden, 06 Oct 2011
Dell Inspiron One 2320 all-in-one desktop PC

Dell updates Inspiron all-in-one desktop

Dell has upgraded its Inspiron One all-in-one desktop PC, ditiching the old model's Pentium P6100 processor for shiny new second-generation Core i Sandy Bridge chippery.
Hard Reg, 06 Oct 2011
Lovefilm Player for iPad iOS app icon

Lovefilm Player for iPad

iOS App of the WeekWell it’s about time. LoveFilm may be the UK’s main disc rental and video-on-demand service, but it’s taken it a disappointing amount of time to get its act together as far as iOS is concerned.
Cliff Joseph, 06 Oct 2011
Broken CD with wrench

Obama+world pays tribute to Steve Jobs

US President Barack Obama has joined the outpouring of tributes to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died last night.
Team Register, 06 Oct 2011

Unity: 'We'll make a terabit chip by 2014'

Unity Semiconductor thinks its CMOx technology can be the silver bullet the storage industry needs, succeeding NAND with next-generation memory combining DRAM speed and flash non-volatility – with Micron's help.
Chris Mellor, 06 Oct 2011

ICO: NHS data security breaches are just 'plain daft'

NHS staff should be more aware of data security risks as patient confidentiality "is at the heart of what they do", Jonathan Bamford, head of strategic liaison at the Information Commissioner's Office has said.
Lenovo ThinkCentre 91z

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one PC

ReviewIt may not match the sleek, silvery elegance of Apple’s iMac, but Lenovo’s ThinkCentre Edge 91z is a far more affordable option for people who want a compact all-in-one desktop computer.
Cliff Joseph, 06 Oct 2011
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Dell hoists resellers into the clouds

Box shifter Dell is assembling a cloud component for its channel programme with a launch set for the end of January.
Paul Kunert, 06 Oct 2011

Oracle v Google patent punchup probably postponed

The first day of the Oracle versus Google patent trial is likely to be postponed from its current Halloween date to make way for an unrelated criminal case.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Oct 2011

Report: Web firms must do better for foreign punters

More companies need to participate in cross-border online trading in order to improve competition and help attract more consumers with lower prices, a new report by consumer organisations has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 06 Oct 2011

Facebook SIM brings social network to dumb phones

Personal Argentina is the first operator to deploy a Facebook-enabled SIM, bringing the social network to any GSM handsets, and into hitherto unexploited markets.
Bill Ray, 06 Oct 2011

Call routing scam costs telcos $150m a year

Fraudulent call termination is costing operators huge amounts of money, though the victims are often unaware they've been tricked.
Bill Ray, 06 Oct 2011

Future Firefox to slurp updates silently

UpdatedMozilla is changing the way Firefox installs on computers in an apparent concession to enterprise users it previously ruled were irrelevant.
Gavin Clarke, 06 Oct 2011
vulture tv reporter

Survey: Most TV viewers surf while they watch

A shade under three-quarters of TV viewers with broadband are surfing the web while they watch, with 38 per cent of them discussing what they're watching on social media.
Bill Ray, 06 Oct 2011

Deduplication: a power-hungry way to streamline storage

Windows Server 8 is coming, and it is bringing storage enhancements with it.
Trevor Pott, 06 Oct 2011
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Fujitsu TS axes channel boss role

Fujitsu Technology Solutions has removed a layer of management after head of channel Martin Smith left the firm to join former colleagues at Microsoft.
Paul Kunert, 06 Oct 2011

News of Steve Jobs' death causes market jitters

Apple stocks are now trading higher on the Frankfurt market, after falling earlier today on news of Steve Jobs' death.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 06 Oct 2011

BBC One and bureaucracy spared in Auntie cuts

The BBC has safeguarded Radio 4 and BBC One from moves to slash £700m from its £5bn annual budget, but it will axe a further 2,000 jobs.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 2011

Thai prime minister Twitter hack suspect charged

Thai police have arrested a man suspected of hijacking the Twitter account of the Asian country's newly elected prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra.
John Leyden, 06 Oct 2011
For Sale sign detail

HP EMEA: No plans on global deal-stealing policy

HP UK will not adopt a kiss-ass policy of firing staffers found pilfering services deals from resellers.
Paul Kunert, 06 Oct 2011
Cat 5 cable

Steelie Neelie stares down telcos over fibre sharing

OpinionTelco operators have a wonderful habit of neither listening nor being rational when local loop unbundling is ever mentioned. The reactions, spread across the European press, to the two consultations announced by Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President for the Digital Agenda, mostly accuse her of being mad and her ideas unworkable.
Faultline, 06 Oct 2011

Samsung and Google's next Nexus specs leak

Samsung and Google have yet to announce the next of their Nexus handsets - the debut is expected to take place next week - but the smartphone's spec has already leaked out.
Caleb Cox, 06 Oct 2011

LibreOffice fixes virus-friendly Word import flaw

LibreOffice users ought to update their software: a security hole has been discovered in the code used to import Microsoft Word documents into the open-source productivity suite. The latest version of the software contains a fix for the problem.
John Leyden, 06 Oct 2011
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OCZ buys PLX PCIe design smarts operation

Consumer and business solid state drive supplier OCZ is buying a UK development centre, IP licences, and a 40-person team from PLX Technology, possibly for a song.
Chris Mellor, 06 Oct 2011

SpyEye banking trojan: now with SMS hijacking capability

The SpyEye banking trojan has acquired the ability to reroute one-time passwords sent to victims' cellphones, a measure that bypasses protections more and more financial institutions are adopting.
Dan Goodin, 06 Oct 2011

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) have announced their intention to protest at the funeral of Steve Jobs, in a Twitter message sent via an iPhone.
Iain Thomson, 06 Oct 2011

Can general relativity explain the OPERA neutrino result?

CERN’s decision to release data about its “superluminal neutrino” experiments at an early stage is providing the world with a rare insight into the process of scientific peer review. Another small step in that process in relation to the fascinating OPERA results asks whether general relativity can be called in to help explain the results.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Oct 2011

Pay to watch free stuff on Xbox 360

There are many characteristics about Australia that people from other countries don’t get: dangerous animals, a big empty country, political angst over an economy that stubbornly fails to plunge into recession, and so on. But two I’d like to single out here are TV and the Internet.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Oct 2011

Primus deploying capital city DWDM

Primus Australia has announced the start of a rollout that it hopes will eventually reach five Australian mainland capital cities.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Oct 2011

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