6th October 2011 Archive

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  • HPC 2.0: The monster mash-up

    When Big Data gets big, data centres should get nervous

    Data Warehousing 06 00:00

  • Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

    Creative genius revolutionized computers, music, phones

    Hardware 06 00:01

  • Attack on Apache server exposes firewalls, routers and more

    Reverse proxy bug may haunt rival webservers, too

    Security 06 00:57

  • Microsoft! touted! to! buy! Yahoo!

    Redmond may be ready to pick over the carcass

    Media 06 01:17

  • Oracle floats Fusion apps, puffs up public cloud

    Salesforce.com 'stickier than a roach motel'

    Cloud 06 01:32

  • The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part One

    From grade-school hellion to iMac redemption

    Hardware 06 01:57

  • Android malware under blog control says Trend Micro

    Beware the Chinese e-book reader

    Security 06 03:07

  • Iomega Mac Companion external hard drive

    iMac-friendly storage and USB hub

    Hardware 06 06:00

  • BT superfast home fibre plans fall behind schedule. Again

    Telco now upgrading six (not 12) exchanges by end of 2011

    Broadband 06 08:53

  • Quantum bigs up entry dedupe

    Capacity on demand style

    Storage 06 09:24

  • Geeks chip in to fund nerd's space station gizmo launch

    Astronomy graduate raises $18k for ISS 'detector' lamp

    Science 06 09:26

  • 'Hey, Tories, who knows what a nontrepreneur is?’

    Andrew does the Conservative Party Fringe

    Policy 06 09:28

  • Gas bill climbed £13,000 after correct online reading given

    Online calculator's crazy shenanigans

    Applications 06 09:29

  • Users shut down Italian Wikipedia to protest Wiretapping Act

    Wikimedia consigliere backs them up as mooks in Parliament debate law

    Policy 06 09:41

  • BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, 4OD aim for Xbox

    MS' Live service to gain TV content for Xmas

    Hardware 06 09:44

  • Facebook scammers exploit Steve Jobs' death

    Offer of non-existent iPads lures thousands

    Business 06 09:52

  • Dell updates Inspiron all-in-one desktop

    Sandy Bridge, Nvdia chippery added

    Hardware 06 09:54

  • Lovefilm Player for iPad

    Video on demand for your fondleslab

    Phones 06 10:00

  • Obama+world pays tribute to Steve Jobs

    US president joins global outpouring for Apple co-founder

    Media 06 10:02

  • Unity: 'We'll make a terabit chip by 2014'

    Semiconductor firm touts NAND flash successor

    Storage 06 10:19

  • ICO: NHS data security breaches are just 'plain daft'

    As bad as gossiping about patients down the pub, says watchdog

    Policy 06 10:39

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one PC

    Tidy desktop

    Hardware 06 11:00

  • Dell hoists resellers into the clouds

    This stuff is hard, cries exec

    The Channel 06 11:14

  • Oracle v Google patent punchup probably postponed

    Move along lads, an actual crime needs sorting out

    Software 06 11:29

  • Report: Web firms must do better for foreign punters

    Trade wonks tut at absent warranty and contact info

    Networks 06 11:44

  • Facebook SIM brings social network to dumb phones

    South America ahoy

    Networks 06 12:01

  • Call routing scam costs telcos $150m a year

    Victims often unaware of complex phone swindle

    Networks 06 12:14

  • Future Firefox to slurp updates silently

    Mozilla concedes enterprises might matter

    Software 06 12:29

  • Survey: Most TV viewers surf while they watch

    Bad news for ad-slingers: 75% are scanning two screens

    Media 06 12:44

  • Deduplication: a power-hungry way to streamline storage

    Data wants to stay single

    Enterprise Tech 06 13:00

  • Fujitsu TS axes channel boss role

    Musical chairs continues as Martin Smith quits for Microsoft

    The Channel 06 13:20

  • News of Steve Jobs' death causes market jitters

    Shares back up in Germany after early fall, down slightly in NY premarket

    Business 06 13:41

  • BBC One and bureaucracy spared in Auntie cuts

    2,000 Beebsters face axe in £700m savings plan

    Media 06 14:01

  • Thai prime minister Twitter hack suspect charged

    Cops ferry student to a press conference with gov minister

    Security 06 14:29

  • HP EMEA: No plans on global deal-stealing policy

    Nothing from HQ on how we'd implement these 'comments' – says manager

    The Channel 06 14:45

  • Steelie Neelie stares down telcos over fibre sharing

    Euro digital queen will make them ditch copper

    Broadband 06 15:01

  • Samsung and Google's next Nexus specs leak

    Ice Cream Sarnie flagship to be be unveiled next week

    Phones 06 15:04

  • LibreOffice fixes virus-friendly Word import flaw

    Free and clear

    Security 06 15:29

  • OCZ buys PLX PCIe design smarts operation

    Snaps up UK R&D centre, IP licences and a 40-person research team

    Storage 06 16:01

  • SpyEye banking trojan: now with SMS hijacking capability

    One-time passwords zapped to fraudsters

    Security 06 19:45

  • Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral

    Tweets the news via an iPhone in irony fail

    Bootnotes 06 20:47

  • Can general relativity explain the OPERA neutrino result?

    Imperial College physicist looks at gravitational time effects

    Science 06 21:12

  • Pay to watch free stuff on Xbox 360

    An offer too good to refuse

    Media 06 22:30

  • Primus deploying capital city DWDM

    Junior telco plots Oz fibre upgrade

    Broadband 06 23:04