5th October 2011 Archive

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  • Lack of data holds up Exadata deployments

    User group takes initiative on training

    Servers 05 00:35

  • Oracle tweaks MySQL with milestone update

    NoSQL ain’t the only story in town

    Software 05 00:37

  • IBM open sources Blue Spruce to aid medical research

    Doctors get help on cause and effect

    Software 05 00:40

  • The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'

    Fanbois, shake off your 'No iPhone 5' anguish

    Mobile 05 00:53

  • Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S

    The smart (phone) choice

    Phones 05 07:00

  • NASA to recruit fresh batch of astronauts

    Fancy going into space once every ten years?

    Science 05 07:57

  • Security by obscurity not so bad after all, argues prof

    Game theory suggests secrecy has some uses

    Security 05 08:24

  • Judge cracks down on Bayesian stats dodginess in court

    Terry Pratchett effect angers beak

    Law 05 09:00

  • Samsung seeks bans on the iPhone 4S

    Korean giant gunning for Jesus-mobe in latest battle of patent war

    Business 05 09:17

  • Dell, HP Ultrabooks out Q1 2012

    'Ivy Bridge' inside?

    Laptops 05 09:22

  • Belgian telcos ordered to blockade Pirate Bay

    Court rules ISPs must cut access to torrent site

    Security 05 09:36

  • Oracle OpenWorld snub fails to put off Salesforce CEO

    Ticked-off Benioff sets up speech at nearby hotel

    Software 05 09:50

  • Five... great iPhone racers


    Games 05 10:00

  • Symantec fends off VMware for data centre throne

    Virtualisation and clouds targeted

    Storage 05 10:14

  • Boffins place living creature under control of brain chip

    Hooray! Monkey butlers at last! Well, rodent butlers

    Science 05 10:29

  • Bulgarian airbag saves Russian in knife attack

    Blade stuck in 'huge' jub implant

    Bootnotes 05 10:41

  • Bletchley Park lands £4.6m restoration bonanza

    Codebreaking centre still needs private donations

    Security 05 10:52

  • Sony Ericsson: 'We dropped the ball on iPhone'

    No, really? Good god

    Networks 05 11:01

  • Europe to launch bold Sun swoop mission

    And dark energy space 'scope will probe universe's growth

    Science 05 11:16

  • Unite calls off strikes at Fujitsu

    Keeps quiet on pay deal for members

    The Channel 05 11:21

  • Americans offered sleep-monitoring datatouch card

    What next? NFC incontinence pants?

    Broadband 05 11:29

  • Can a user really do BI from the desktop?

    Commentards, tell us what you think.

    Applications 05 11:46

  • Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman

    Last shot for the not-so-smart music phone?

    Phones 05 12:00

  • What's not in the iPhone 4S ... and why

    Apple plays it safe on radio tech, Paypal et al sigh with relief

    Networks 05 12:08

  • Google+ inertia sets in at Chocolate Factory

    Googly elite uninspired by Googly service

    Software 05 12:14

  • The $35 android tablet, a snip at $50

    UK designed, Indian built

    Networks 05 12:29

  • Apple predicted AI assistant for tablets in 1987

    You can not be Siri-us

    Hardware 05 12:36

  • UK firms splash even more cash on online ads

    Videos and search adverts do well despite downturn

    Business 05 12:44

  • The security mistakes users make

    Because you can't always be there for them

    Security 05 13:00

  • I/O holds up the traffic in virtual systems

    Clearing the bottlenecks

    Enterprise Tech 05 13:00

  • EMC snaps up database optimiser for $10m

    Zettapoint was founded with just $1.5m

    Cloud 05 13:14

  • Chinese comedians in Samsung hybrid drive con

    Clever trick ...

    Bootnotes 05 13:29

  • Channel giant SCH sales up, profit down

    Tax bill, crappy economy pulled down bottom line

    The Channel 05 13:42

  • Hitachi Data Systems on the acquisition trail again

    Shoden buy to create make mega data-systems beast

    Storage 05 14:00

  • Crooks beat anti-fraud cops with old-school bank scams

    Fraud losses fell overall

    Security 05 14:29

  • When Ellison goes, will he go gracefully?

    Alpha Oracle CEO may never be ready to be replaced...

    Financial News 05 15:01

  • IBM woos Oracle punters smarting from price hikes

    Stop, think, turn to Big Blue

    The Channel 05 15:29

  • iPhone 5: Apple 4S, pundits 0

    Hacks, bloggers cover asses, as Apple readies right kit

    Phones 05 15:35

  • Disney's animated back-catalog gets re-released in 3D

    Dizzy yet?

    Media 05 15:54

  • Mobile industry fights San Fran 'carcinogen' labelling

    Coffee shops don't have it, they're equally dangerous

    Networks 05 16:01

  • Mozilla to Firefox users: Ditch crashtastic McAfee plugin

    Security FAIL... but is it Mozilla's or McAfee's?

    Security 05 16:29

  • HP uncloaks 10GbE top-of-racker, IPv6 guidance

    A day of HP sanity: no Apotheker, Whitman, or clueless board

    Data Networking 05 16:47

  • Water like that of Earth's oceans found in comet

    The seas may have arrived from the sky

    Science 05 17:00

  • Cisco CEO: The future of communications is video

    John Chambers gets into prediction industry

    Data Networking 05 17:14

  • Meltemi is real – Nokia’s skunkworks Linux

    You can still p-p-p-pick up a Penguin

    Operating Systems 05 17:25

  • Rackspace spins up OpenStack Foundation

    Will hand over trademarks and copyrights to independent group

    Cloud 05 17:29

  • Teradata adds hardware compression to data warehouses

    Compress this, Larry

    Servers 05 18:53

  • Netflix on global spree

    Look at what people steal to find out what they want

    Media 05 20:58

  • Oracle previews RHEL-ish 2 Linux kernel

    Lawrence Torvalds

    Operating Systems 05 21:54

  • Patent troll lawsuits may be on thin ice

    Is Innovatio trying an end run around new laws?

    Business 05 22:00

  • Salesforce.com CEO savages Ellison for OpenWorld tactics

    Guerrilla marketing and faux demo a PR disaster for Oracle

    Software 05 22:28

  • Infraserve goes with CA while Ninefold looks to open source world

    Clouds at both ends of the pitch

    Cloud 05 23:00