30th September 2011 Archive

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  • Apotheker severance outrage: $2.4m 'bonus'

    HP savior CEO Whitman? $1 (and a whole lotta stock)

    Business 30 Sep 00:03

  • Sony was a victim as well: Australian privacy watchdog

    Off the hook for PSN hack

    Security 30 Sep 00:57

  • Qualys endorses alternative to crappy SSL system

    Moxie Marlinspike's Convergence gets show of support

    Security 30 Sep 05:00

  • Toshiba Regza 47VL863 passive 3D TV

    Telly that works with 3D glasses from the cinema

    Hardware 30 Sep 07:00

  • Euro beaks mull copyright of software features

    Can what a program does be protected?

    Policy 30 Sep 08:02

  • Bank emails punters asking for their, er, email address

    Cahoot users feared headslap move was phish attempt

    Bootnotes 30 Sep 08:19

  • We7 morphs from jukebox into a radio station

    Users un-demand on-demand

    Media 30 Sep 08:37

  • Netscape founder's web BI investment targets IPO float

    GoodData CEO on common ground with eBay inflater

    Business 30 Sep 09:00

  • 007's car outdrives iPhone in battle of the brands

    Bond is better. Again.

    Phones 30 Sep 09:15

  • Fire burns away the Kindle dream of interactivity

    Your chance to lead a creative wolfpack - gone

    Media 30 Sep 09:21

  • Computer sim explains why hippies became extinct

    Egalitarian societies of the past were doomed to oblivion

    Science 30 Sep 09:38

  • Logitech AV Stand

    Turn your tab into a telly, kind of

    Hardware 30 Sep 10:00

  • GNOME emits 'head up the arse' desktop update

    All your online accounts are belong to OS

    Operating Systems 30 Sep 10:16

  • Prang finder site reveals accident blackspots

    Road crash map from gobbled UK gov data

    Government 30 Sep 10:27

  • Adapt swallowed by Lyceum Capital

    Plans to bankroll M&A action in UK managed services space

    The Channel 30 Sep 10:28

  • Maguro+ zombie resurrected as Oracle beast

    Database server gets freaky fans and flaps

    Servers 30 Sep 10:44

  • Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros

    Bedroom coders just as skilled as graduates

    Developer 30 Sep 10:52

  • Facebook spurns privacy probe as 'routine audit'

    More of a gentle poke than an outright dig

    Security 30 Sep 11:01

  • Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

    Bossin' in HD

    Games 30 Sep 11:08

  • Air traffic control data found on eBayed network gear

    NATS passwords and info left on £20 switch

    Security 30 Sep 11:14

  • Feds probe triggers Chinese tech stock tumble

    DOJ joins SEC and FBI in irregularities inquiry

    Business 30 Sep 11:27

  • Mobes to slurp messages, links over NFC

    Optional mailbox feature added to specs

    Mobile 30 Sep 11:38

  • Samsung shows second second-gen 7in Galaxy Tab

    More Apple lawyer fodder?

    Tablets 30 Sep 11:46

  • Mighty trash-bag balloon cluster soars above Nevada

    High school student gets airborne for just $50

    SPB 30 Sep 11:49

  • Fifa 12 kicks off with £2 HMV deal

    Save a lot, that's the goal

    Games 30 Sep 11:53

  • Human 'alarm clock' enzyme discovered

    Boffins isolate molecular wake-up call

    Science 30 Sep 12:09

  • Beer bottle shagging beetles with HUGE MEMBERS win prize

    Boffins scoop Ig Nobel by stalking horny insects

    Science 30 Sep 12:28

  • Telcos cough mobe tracking habits

    AT&T knows where you were last summer and the summer before

    Mobile 30 Sep 12:44

  • Quattrone blasts Ellison, says Autonomy is right

    The Whopper Wars - what's Ellison's game here?

    Storage 30 Sep 12:58

  • Nominet suspends fake pharma domains

    Global pill crackdown pops 13,000 sites

    Security 30 Sep 13:33

  • Apple turns the screws on reseller channel

    Halves early settlement discounts to 0.5% in miserly boom-time move

    The Channel 30 Sep 13:35

  • Huawei inks distie deals in enterprise push

    Micro P confirmed, TD Azlan expected

    The Channel 30 Sep 14:01

  • MS names Nokia WinPho models in compo blunder

    Sabre and Sea Ray slip out

    Phones 30 Sep 14:02

  • Avaya and Azlan split, end UK distie pact

    They're still loved up in other EMEA markets

    The Channel 30 Sep 14:18

  • 500 jobs threatened as Virgin Media shutters Liverpool call centre

    'Excellence' sought in Swansea

    Networks 30 Sep 14:26

  • Electric plane-flinger for US and Royal navies doing well

    New tech which will bring back UK carriers is on track

    Government 30 Sep 14:27

  • Life-size Lego assault rifle really works

    Brickin' it?

    Hardware 30 Sep 14:40

  • Nokia punts cheapo NFC dev kit

    Pretend you love Symbian and score a cheap C7

    Mobile 30 Sep 14:57

  • Kinect 'augments' Bulgarian airbags

    Virtual chesticle enhancer looks swell

    Bootnotes 30 Sep 15:13

  • Microsoft takes the Android profit, the Wonkas take the pain

    What price a Google Zeitgeist invite now?

    Financial News 30 Sep 15:26

  • Provider: Anti-piracy ruling has 'killed Usenet'

    'Impossible to check the contents of 15 to 20 million messages a day'

    Security 30 Sep 15:43

  • Bo Peep insures jubs for $1m

    'I thought I'd cover my assets', quips US burlesque star

    Bootnotes 30 Sep 16:03

  • Final insult for Full Tilt as Channel Islands kill its licence

    Poker site in Ponzi scheme probe

    Law 30 Sep 16:27

  • Android's scariest nightmare: resurgently sexy Microsoft

    Will Redmond's new tarts out-seduce Google's frump?

    Mobile 30 Sep 16:38

  • Samsung offers Apple TOP-SECRET peace deal in Australia

    Korean firm wants to end patent dispute Down Under

    Law 30 Sep 16:56

  • Pandemonium as Microsoft AV nukes Chrome browser

    'Pleasepleaseplease someone come up with a solution to this!'

    Security 30 Sep 17:24

  • Amazon's Kindle Fire is sold at a loss

    When losing money makes good business sense

    Mobile 30 Sep 18:31

  • Microsoft, IBM tussle for tech value runner-up

    Steve Jobs suppresses chuckle

    Business 30 Sep 19:21

  • NASA: 'Asteroid armageddon less likely than we feared'

    But what to do if one drops in to say goodbye?

    Science 30 Sep 21:28

  • Google open sources JavaScript testing tools

    JS Test code moved from internal ops

    Developer 30 Sep 23:47

  • Oracle in stiff competition with SF smut merchants

    Gentlemen’s clubs troll for OpenWorld rubes

    Developer 30 Sep 23:48