28th September 2011 Archive

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  • Facebook cookies 'fixed' as Oz privacy bureaucrats investigate

    Updated: Facebook confirms revisions in place

    Media 28 Sep 00:33

  • On its first birthday, LibreOffice has reason to celebrate

    Happy code day to you…

    Applications 28 Sep 00:50

  • Mobile messaging comes to Oihoo 360

    Kouxin goes live in China

    Media 28 Sep 01:00

  • iiNet gets cloudy with voice

    Targets SME customers

    Business 28 Sep 01:30

  • Microsoft staff savage Ballmer at company confab

    Claims of staff walkouts and tanking morale

    Business 28 Sep 06:00

  • Renault Wind Gordini roadster

    Feel the air in your hair

    Science 28 Sep 07:00

  • Java, Adobe vulns blamed for Windows malware mayhem

    Five products hit in 99.8% of hacks

    Security 28 Sep 07:31

  • Woman nabbed for 'senseless' stiletto ATM attack

    Cash rage case caught on CCTV

    Bootnotes 28 Sep 08:01

  • LibDems call for gov 'IT skills' office

    Policy paper suggests senior civil servants don't 'get' IT

    Policy 28 Sep 08:31

  • ICO: Uni workers' personal webmail may be pried open

    E-missives may be requested if related to public business

    Policy 28 Sep 08:52

  • Big data and the cloud

    Where scalability and elasticity really matter

    Cloud 28 Sep 09:21

  • Brits not keen on 3D, reveals poll

    But they'll happily be told they have to watch it, anyway

    Hardware 28 Sep 09:29

  • The Secret of Monkey Island

    I rate pirates

    Games 28 Sep 10:00

  • Nokia rolls out N9 across Europe, avoids UK

    MeeGo no-go for Brits

    Phones 28 Sep 10:03

  • US lawmakers call for FTC probe of supercookies

    Hundreds of sites caught employee secret snoop tech

    Government 28 Sep 10:16

  • Toshiba outs 7in Android 3.2 tablet

    Quick, before Amazon grabs all the headlines!

    Tablets 28 Sep 10:24

  • D-Link unhooks from UK boss

    Chris Davies out as networking vendor gears up for 2012

    The Channel 28 Sep 10:25

  • Poll: Porn-watching, net-savvy kids are a myth

    Cyberbullying grief highlighted instead

    Media 28 Sep 10:42

  • iLuv shows desktop-style iPad dock

    Make your tablet look like an old PC

    Hardware 28 Sep 10:50

  • Leave nothing behind when migrating virtual machines

    Ensuring a smooth move

    Data Networking 28 Sep 11:00

  • Veggies tricked into dating meat-gobbling escorts

    Watchdog bitchslap for VeggieDates.com

    Bootnotes 28 Sep 11:14

  • Gutsy golf-club granny collars crim in Flying Squad bust

    Tackles robbers who sent SWAT cop to hospital

    Security 28 Sep 11:29

  • Chocolate weighed in Schwarzeneggers: Official

    World's largest candy bar = 51 Arnies

    SPB 28 Sep 11:42

  • Huawei gets tough with Discovery Channel handset


    Phones 28 Sep 11:48

  • Google plants self on Silicon Roundabout

    Media2.0websluts rejoice!

    Business 28 Sep 12:03

  • Mozilla forces Firefox 7 on memory diet

    Project MemShrink payback

    Applications 28 Sep 12:09

  • Carphone Warehouse whipped for cheap Jesus mobe ads

    ASA: The important stuff was in the fine print

    Mobile 28 Sep 12:19

  • Virgin Media goes cloudy for biz punters

    Bring me sunshine, bring me RAIN

    Cloud 28 Sep 12:27

  • Schoolteachers can't teach our kids to code, say engineers

    Laudable plans doomed by ignorant corduroys

    Government 28 Sep 12:39

  • UKChatterbox urges password change following hack attack

    All change please

    Security 28 Sep 12:51

  • WTF is... HbbTV?

    Net connectivity for your telly done properly

    Hardware 28 Sep 13:00

  • Open-source hardware group puts out vid system-on-a-chip

    Pretty visuals, no copyrighted hardware

    Hardware 28 Sep 13:22

  • Hackers disguise malware as emailed docs from smart printers

    Clever ruse to catch out office workers

    Security 28 Sep 13:39

  • Larry Page sees 'tragic' future for Google

    Chocolate Factory père et fils fear the biggening

    Bootnotes 28 Sep 14:00

  • Pierre Cardin reckons it can out-bling the iPad

    Because what Apple lacks is style and brand value!

    The Channel 28 Sep 14:21

  • Amazon revamps E Ink Kindle line

    $99 Kindle Touch, $79 Kindle touchless

    Tablets 28 Sep 14:31

  • PCIe flash performance: Your mileage may vary

    Researchers say TMS tops Fusion-io and Virident

    Storage 28 Sep 14:46

  • Windows Marketplace goes webby

    For that Mac-using-WP7-owning demographic

    Applications 28 Sep 14:57

  • Amazon intros $199 movie Kindle

    And a giant web proxy: is there anything it doesn't now know?

    Media 28 Sep 15:07

  • French gov trousers hefty wad in 4G spectrum sale

    Liberté, egalité, avidité

    Government 28 Sep 15:26

  • Microsoft to skim Samsung Android takings

    Royalties deal for each Google device sold

    Business 28 Sep 15:42

  • Apple to execute touch-less iPods

    Ten years is long enough?

    Hardware 28 Sep 15:50

  • HP networking boss leaves after less than a year

    First Brick, now Bonnett ...

    Data Networking 28 Sep 15:54

  • HP parks Airbus supers in containers

    Two PODs in an HPC

    HPC 28 Sep 16:32

  • Electro-plaster points China Unicom mobes at 3G

    Cunning 2G upgrade is a sticky business

    Mobile 28 Sep 16:54

  • Reebok used 'very fit woman' in buttock-related deception

    Sporting gear group agrees $25m settlement over arse-exercising shoe claims

    Bootnotes 28 Sep 17:28

  • OnStar backs down over GPS tracking of ex-customers

    Slams brakes after consumer revolt

    Security 28 Sep 19:20

  • Diebold e-voting hack allows remote tampering

    $11 microprocessor-in-middle attack is 'significant'

    Security 28 Sep 20:22

  • US tops the class in IT competitiveness

    Blowing the curve, apparently

    CIO 28 Sep 20:52

  • Fixed broadband rules downloads, mobile rules new services

    Nuggets in new Oz broadband stats

    Networks 28 Sep 22:30

  • AMD misses Q3 revenue targets

    Lays the blame on GlobalFoundries wafer baker

    Financial News 28 Sep 22:36

  • Linux Foundation merges MeeGo into Tizen

    Linux OS always the bridesmaid

    Operating Systems 28 Sep 22:37

  • Global data center building booms

    Three Googleplexes coming to Asia/Pacific

    Cloud 28 Sep 23:58