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Ancient auto: still running, up for sale

It’s even won a race, although it was reputedly the only contestant: a motor vehicle built in 1884 and thought to be the oldest still operating is up for sale.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Sep 2011

Oz Territory terrorized by MUTANT CANE TOADS!

Northern Territory News, usually famous for a daily diet of crocodile stories and close to Weekly World News for credibility, has unleashed a new horror on the world: the five-legged cane toad.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Sep 2011

DataDirect embulgens arrays for big data

Big-data-bound DataDirect has upped its array game, with a faster array product plus a file system-running array, and boosted its exec roster.
Chris Mellor, 26 Sep 2011

Online government services would exclude many Welsh

One in three people in Wales could get left behind as public services move online, according to a new report.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Sep 2011

Lib Dems: Gov must look at security of public data cloud

The Liberal Democrat party has said that the government should investigate the potential for abuse of data owners' rights if private companies hosted public data outside the UK. The junior Coalition partner raised the issue in in its Policies for Information Technology paper.
OUT-LAW.COM, 26 Sep 2011
Amazon Kindle 3

E Ink eyes 30m e-book reader sales in 2011

Amazon may be about to launch a Kindle-branded Android tablet, but that hasn't stopped E Ink saying it expects 25-30m old-style e-book readers to ship in 2011.
Tony Smith, 26 Sep 2011

MPs label police IT 'not fit for purpose'

The Home Affairs select committee has branded police service IT as "not fit for purpose" and claimed it is damaging the police force's ability to prevent crime and disorder.

Netflix whisks DreamWorks deal from under HBO's nose

Troubled US streaming service Netflix has bagged a deal to start piping DreamWorks Animation movies to punters.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Sep 2011
Sonim XP1301 Core NFC

Sonim nudges NFC into hard-as-nails handset

Mobile manufacturer Sonim has extended its range of hardened handsets with what it claims is the world's most rugged NFC phone: the XP1301 Core NFC
Caleb Cox, 26 Sep 2011
Techne Byte-dock MacBook Pro port replicator

Byte-dock MacBook Pro port replicator

Geek Treat of the WeekApple dallied with dockable laptops in 1992, with the first PowerBook Duo, but by 1997 the idea had fallen out of favour. Owners of laptop Macs have had to hook and un-hook cables themselves ever since.
Tony Smith, 26 Sep 2011

NASA to trial laser-powered space broadband

Impatient boffins will be able to download high resolution images and video from space probes in mere minutes if a newly approved NASA trial proves successful.
Anna Leach, 26 Sep 2011

First-person shooter swaps guns for cameras

Here's a new take on the first-person shooter videogame genre. Instead of running around capping people with guns, how about shooting them with a camera instead?
Caleb Cox, 26 Sep 2011

Swindon to get first UK 4G mobile network

Swindon council will be getting an LTE network next year, just as residents lose access to what free Wi-Fi the council's last networking project managed to provide.
Bill Ray, 26 Sep 2011

Drinking alcohol wards off asthma

Yet more splendid news for that substantial proportion of Reg readers who are familiar with the view through the bottom of a glass: Scientists have discovered that drinking booze prevents one from developing asthma.
Lewis Page, 26 Sep 2011

Red Hat engineer renews attack on Windows 8-certified secure boot

A senior Red Hat engineer has lashed back at Microsoft's attempt to downplay concerns that upcoming secure boot features will make it impossible to install Linux on Windows 8 certified systems.
John Leyden, 26 Sep 2011

Kiwis drop the ball on government server upgrade

On Saturday 26 September, while the All Blacks were flattening France (37-17) in the Rugby World Cup at Eden Park, the New Zealand government geeks were in the server rooms, upgrading machines hosting crucial government business sites.
Juha Saarinen, 26 Sep 2011

Facebook: 'We don't track logged-out users'

Facebook has attempted to shoot down claims that it leaves cookies on users' machines even after they log out of the social network. The response came after an Australian blogger alleged the site can still snoop on your web surfing after you've signed out.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Sep 2011

.Scot campaign seeks UK Gov backing

The Scottish government has asked the UK culture minister to back its bid for a .scot domain when applications for new top-level domain names open in January.
Anna Leach, 26 Sep 2011

Office of EC veep jumps gun on net privacy law

The office of the vice-president of the European Commission has withdrawn a rather extensive statement on cookies and the EU Data Protection Directive sent out last week "without authorisation".
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Sep 2011
Sony Vaio SB 13.3in laptop

Sony Vaio SB 13.3in notebook

ReviewNot everyone wants to lug a 15.6in notebook around - even less a 17-incher - so the 13.3in category has always appealed to folk keen for plenty of performance without the bulk. Sony has long offered 13.3in machines, the latest being its SB series, part of its broader S series.
Dave Stevenson, 26 Sep 2011

Samsung shifts 10 millionth Galaxy SII

Samsung has reportedly sold 10 million Galaxy SIIs, despite only recently launching in the USA, tying a lot of customers into contracts that will take them well beyond the next iPhone launch.
Bill Ray, 26 Sep 2011

Banks face e-payments antitrust probe

The European Commission has launched an antitrust probe into e-payments in Europe to find out if a group of banks – including Santander, HSBC and Barclays – is trying to stop new players from getting into the market.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Sep 2011

EMC supremo Joe Tucci to quit as CEO

EMC CEO Joe Tucci, the long-serving boss of the world's largest storage company, has confirmed he will step down by the end of next year.
Chris Mellor, 26 Sep 2011

Huawei gets charged with juicy Android handset

Huawei has bumped up the battery life with its latest Android smartphone, unveiling an energetic handset which'll keep running for up to three days.
Caleb Cox, 26 Sep 2011

HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest

HideMyAss has defended its role in handing over evidence that resulted in the arrest of a suspected LulzSec member last week.
John Leyden, 26 Sep 2011

Verizon: Samsung 4G ban not in our, er, public interest

Verizon Wireless has taken a legal stand on the side of Samsung in the ongoing war between the South Korean company and Apple over smartphones and fondleslabs.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Sep 2011

Virtualising your infrastructure? Get your numbers right

Virtualisation can be a powerful tool for your IT department, making your infrastructure far more efficient. But without proper planning it is easy to trip yourself up by not scaling the system properly.
Danny Bradbury, 26 Sep 2011

Watchdog takes aim at premium-rate phone apps

Mobile phone apps that send premium-rate texts, or make premium-rate calls, could be subject to fresh guidelines that have been drafted and published for public consideration.
Bill Ray, 26 Sep 2011

Google unfurls Dead Sea Scrolls

As if there weren't enough strange rantings on the internet already, Google has just uploaded five of the Dead Sea Scrolls in super high resolution.
Anna Leach, 26 Sep 2011
Panasonic Hospo-Rimo

Panasonic beckons forth beneficial robot buddies

Panasonic has reached to the future, announcing development of a communication assistance robot, as well as fresh models of its hair-washing droid and robo-bed.
Caleb Cox, 26 Sep 2011

Sites downed by 1&1 web outage

German web hosting and server provider 1&1 Internet is currently experiencing an outage, which started around 13.30 BST this afternoon, leaving customers without access to their websites.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 26 Sep 2011
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars MMO subscriptions match Warcraft outlay

Bioware's upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally been given a release date, as well as official pricing, which World of Warcraft subscribers will find all too similar.
Caleb Cox, 26 Sep 2011

Panda Security axes jobs, gets new chief exec

Spanish anti-virus firm Panda Security has announced plans to cut its workforce in response to a sustained drop in sales.
John Leyden, 26 Sep 2011

Dell resells SeaMicro 'Atom smasher' servers

SeaMicro, the upstart maker of Atom-based microservers, has a new salesperson: server rival Dell.

Samsung signals HD smartphones with supersize screens

Samsung had its hands full today, launching several phones, including this refreshed Galaxy S II with a large HD screen.
Caleb Cox, 26 Sep 2011

USA Today pwned by s'kiddies on Twitter

A group of mischievous hackers who target the Twitter feeds of news organisations claimed a fresh victim on Sunday when they hijacked the micro-blogging feed of USA Today.
John Leyden, 26 Sep 2011

IEEE task force massages 100GE for backplanes

The IEEE standards body has set up a task force of industry vendors to start work on the four-lane, 25Gb/sec signaling that will be required for future 100 Gigabit Ethernet.
homeless man with sign

AMD creates server division, loses chip head

AMD is creating a new server division to try to do a better job taking on Intel in the x86 server racket and has said goodbye to general manager of its Products Group, Rick Bergman, who is leaving the company "to pursue a new opportunity".

Internet fails to dethrone TV news (so far)

Television news may still be the most popular local-news source for most people in the US, but it's losing ground to internet news and social networking, and in some cases even failing to outpace traditional newspapers.
Iain Thomson, 26 Sep 2011

MySQL.com breach leaves visitors exposed to malware

Hackers recently compromised the website hosting the open-source MySQL database management system and caused it to infect the PCs of visitors who used unpatched browsers and plug-ins, security researchers said.
Dan Goodin, 26 Sep 2011

4G or 'faux G', it's a mealy-mouthed marketing mishmash

If you find yourself a bit unsure as to exactly what marketeers mean when they use the term "4G", you're not alone – telecom and research execs are equally unhappy with the fog surrounding that term.
Rik Myslewski, 26 Sep 2011

Virtual cloud monkeys go bananas writing Shakespeare

A developer and Simpsons fan has reported his first success in an experiment to test the infinite monkey theorem: that primates could produce Shakespeare by randomly pressing keys.
Iain Thomson, 26 Sep 2011

Aussie fans of old BBC fodder get paid iPlayer offering

Australians who have lived a lifetime in the shadow of BBC reruns can now ignore them on the Internet, thanks to the launch of the Australian version of the Beeb’s iPlayer app.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Sep 2011

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