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Does white space need to be Weightless?

Next week will see the formal launch of the Weightless radio protocol, designed for use in the soon-to-be-available white space frequencies. But can a protocol without weight really do it all?
Bill Ray, 25 Sep 2011

99designs launches Oz local site

Australian design crowdsourcing pioneers 99designs have embarked on a localization strategy and will soon be offering a new range of professional tools for designers.
Natalie Apostolou, 25 Sep 2011
Watson Power7 cluster. Pic: IBM

Trust me, I'm a computer: Watson takes on health care challenge

BlogIBM’s game show-topping Watson system is starting its first real job early next year. Fresh from its triumphant drubbing of the human race on US quiz show Jeopardy, Watson is now being outfitted to help us slack-jawed dim-witted humans live better and longer.
Dan Olds, 25 Sep 2011

Google lets newsmakers tag favourite stories

Google has added a feature to its news search that will allow publishers to elevate some stories over others in their stable.
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Sep 2011

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