23rd September 2011 Archive

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  • Spanish boffins unwrap anti-magnetic cloak

    How to hide a magnet

    Science 23 00:03

  • Sydney Uni hosts virgin hackathon

    Hacking for good..well at least for dosh

    Developer 23 00:30

  • Put your hard drives into the cloud


    Cloud 23 01:00

  • Apple sued for iPhone, iPad chip 'patent rip-off'

    Efficient loading of data? That's ours, says VIA

    Tablets 23 03:52

  • HP: Still choosing the wrong women

    Ann Livermore and the road untraveled

    Business 23 03:58

  • Acer Iconia A100 7in Android tablet

    Pocket-sized and throbbing with power

    Tablets 23 07:00

  • Boffins play ping-pong with single electron

    Sounds more like pinball to us, but they're the boffins

    Science 23 07:58

  • Ofcom asks Arqiva to stick price on 600MHz spectrum

    Six new HD Freeview channels up for grabs

    Broadband 23 08:26

  • Play.com swallowed by Rakuten

    Zero resistance as Japan invades Channel Islands

    The Channel 23 08:38

  • Brits registering .uk domains mostly get first choice

    Don't fancy yours much

    Hosting 23 09:01

  • Oracle looking for $1.16bn, not $2.2bn, in Java patent case

    Stop whining Google, we're not looking for that much money

    Law 23 09:25

  • Samsung-Apple patent lawsuit tally hits 21, and counting

    WHOLE WORLD to end up locked in the walled orchard?

    Operating Systems 23 09:38

  • Designer pitches game arcade laundry


    Hardware 23 09:41

  • Lingo iMini DAB/FM iOS pocket tuner

    Digital switchover

    Hardware 23 10:00

  • OCZ flashes its cache at hard drives

    SSD has got the write stuff

    Storage 23 10:14

  • BOFH: No, the Fabinocci sequence

    Joo Janta Peril Sensitive Windows™

    BOFH 23 10:28

  • LaCie releases Thunderbolt HDD, SSD boxes

    While WD revamps Mac drive line

    Hardware 23 10:41

  • Lady Gaga loses squatting complaint

    Object of adoration will stay up

    Hosting 23 10:43

  • Microsoft moots mobiles with interchangeable accessories

    One for all

    Phones 23 10:43

  • Tech City UK quango rearranges Shoreditch

    Couldn't find a*se with both hands and their map

    Bootnotes 23 11:01

  • Avast buys Android thiefbuster developer

    Reset-proof tech combats smartphone thieves

    Security 23 11:21

  • Intel rejects Atom rename claim

    No plan to change the brand, says chip giant

    Laptops 23 11:27

  • Oracle's UK server bellyache continues

    Gobbled up something that didn't agree with it

    The Channel 23 11:42

  • MS denies secure boot will exclude Linux

    Lock-out security tech can be disabled, if OEMs want

    Operating Systems 23 11:53

  • F1 2011

    Lap it up

    Games 23 12:00

  • Rogue toilet takes out Norfolk server

    Crazy crapper's crippling crash

    Servers 23 12:18

  • Red Hat signs giants to anti-VMware open-source project

    CoVirt operations

    Developer 23 12:39

  • I saw Facebook's music service 3 years ago. Done properly

    Why have engineering values gone AWOL?

    Media 23 12:57

  • 45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes

    Apple fans very keen to stick with their favoured brand

    Phones 23 13:25

  • Who owns 4G mobile technology?

    Patent pie-slice analysis gives LG a gutbuster portion

    Mobile 23 13:26

  • PC games to outsell console software in 2014

    But not if Sony, MS, Nintendo have any say in the matter...

    Games 23 13:43

  • Bot spanking for social network ranking

    Blabber tracker exposed as load of old Klout

    Media 23 14:02

  • Laptops en route to Europe by rail for first time

    Silk Road back in bid to avoid seaborne computer glut

    The Channel 23 14:28

  • Tokyo trains get lightsabre handrails

    Star Wars weapons charm commuters

    Hardware 23 14:47

  • Wyse does a cloud on the desk for iPad, iPhone

    $1/month to fondleslab all your stuff - ahead of iCloud

    Cloud 23 14:58

  • Samsung plots 3G iPhone, iPad bans in the Netherlands

    How d'you like them Apples

    Financial News 23 15:14

  • Missing moon rock found among Clinton's knickknacks

    Rare lunar souvenir spent decades gathering dust

    Government 23 15:25

  • Second Ubuntu Ocelot beta slips in some Xen

    KVM is not the only fruit

    Developer 23 15:47

  • Apple staff in UK told to cancel holiday in early October

    Could be The Fifth Coming of the Jesus Phone

    The Channel 23 16:02

  • Mac malware uses Windows-style PDF camouflage ruse

    Pops open fanboi backdoors as they look at Chinese island

    Security 23 16:03

  • Display defect may crimp iPhone 5 shipments

    EVE Online addicts, take note

    Mobile 23 16:21

  • Xbox Live patrols hit by ugly SWAT attacks

    Spoofed emergency texts draw armed cops

    Security 23 18:28

  • Ingres rebrands as Actian, tackles low-end BI apps

    Big BI goes boutique

    Software 23 19:13

  • Neil Armstrong: US space program 'embarrassing'

    Aging moonmen denounce NASA, Obama

    Science 23 19:25

  • How the Yahoo! homepage predicts your clicks

    We! Know! You! Want! To! Click! Here!

    Media 23 21:00

  • Experts suggest SSL changes to keep BEAST at bay

    Google protected. PayPal? Not so much

    Security 23 21:15

  • Amazon settles sales tax spat with Governor Moonbeam

    etailer drops ballots to get one year tax break

    Financial News 23 21:43

  • FCC's net-neut rules now official

    Let the lawsuits begin

    Networks 23 22:13