22nd September 2011 Archive

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  • Aussies’ password habits still slack, says study

    Defibrillate me now

    Security 22 00:03

  • Microsoft: Mango arrives in two weeks

    Windows Phone 7 facelift imminent

    Phones 22 00:26

  • Hackers of Japanese military contractor fluent in Chinese

    83 infected machines in 11 locations

    Security 22 00:28

  • Schmidt ducks antitrust questions lobbed from Congress

    'I'm not sure Google is trying to maximize profits'

    Media 22 00:31

  • Red Hat swells sales and profits in fiscal Q2

    So much Unix to eat, so little time

    Financial News 22 00:35

  • $20m to find 'next transistors'

    SRC and NSF sling semiconductor research dollars

    Hardware 22 01:27

  • Acid3 browser test drops DOM tripper-upper

    Real-world reflection?

    Applications 22 04:00

  • Mars trips could blind astronauts

    Lack of gravity is the main culprit

    Science 22 06:49

  • Orange Barcelona Android Qwerty phone

    City slicker?

    Phones 22 07:00

  • Scottish Boundary Commission: We don't need no stinkin' PDFs

    Scots publish constituency maps in open format to avoid data drama

    Government 22 07:13

  • EU dons kid gloves for Google competition probe

    Investigators to take 'special care' over free service

    Law 22 07:34

  • Lancs shale to yield '15 years' of gas for UK

    200 trillion cubic feet of gas will net £6bn in tax

    Science 22 08:24

  • Google cleared in ad keyword-squatting court case

    But classified ads site bitchslapped for buying up brand keywords

    Financial News 22 09:00

  • Twitter discovers MMS for photo tweeting

    That took a while...

    Mobile 22 09:10

  • Sage sells off US healthcare biz

    UK software firm offloads US unit, gives back to its shareholders

    Financial News 22 09:30

  • Flipboard

    News, from source to 'pad

    Phones 22 10:00

  • US military satellite to get attack-warning equipment

    Guarding against mysterious inopportune accidents

    Security 22 10:30

  • EMC exec flames El Reg

    Veep lashes out at our coverage

    Storage 22 10:44

  • OnLive pushes game stream service to UK punters

    Cloud play

    Games 22 10:54

  • Surviving the Facebook app 'swamp' with Azure

    Cloud platform, cloud client. Is Facebook and Microsoft Azure the perfect fit?

    Cloud 22 11:01

  • Former HP exec to run Citrix EMEA

    Carlos Sartorius set to fill the big seat in EMEA

    Business 22 11:09

  • Ministers kill off failed £12.7bn NHS IT revamp

    Doomed project's costs doubled

    Policy 22 11:22

  • Bargain-basement botnet kit – yours for just €5

    German hacker serves up the 'people's bot'

    Security 22 11:29

  • Ford spins pop-out anti-prang door shield

    Close to the edge

    Science 22 11:38

  • TalkTalk still the most whinged about telco

    Ofcom numbers show provider is most bemoaned in the second quarter

    Mobile 22 11:41

  • Acer Ethos 5951G 15.6in Core i5 notebook

    Holey moley, a detachable touchpad

    Laptops 22 12:00

  • Attention metal thieves: Buy BT, get 75 MILLION miles of copper

    Telco is worth less than its expensive assets

    Broadband 22 12:14

  • HP may NOT spin off PC biz

    'We just decided to screw our share price for a laugh'

    The Channel 22 12:30

  • Local radio stations band together against DAB

    'It's a car crash waiting to happen'

    Mobile 22 12:45

  • Isle of Man floats government IT into the cloud

    Patient records, email and more held in private system

    Policy 22 13:02

  • EC: New principles agreed for out-of-print book licensing

    Rights-holders can 'opt out'

    Law 22 13:15

  • Cyberspy attacks targeting Russians traced back to UK and US

    Re-writing the script

    Security 22 13:31

  • Gartner: Apple rivals can't touch iPad

    Forecast for Android slashed by 28 per cent

    Tablets 22 13:45

  • HP storage hobbled by board's indecision

    Instability at the very top

    Storage 22 14:00

  • Yoof survey: 'Internet as vital as air'

    Students and yuppies rate web as essential

    Software 22 14:15

  • Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking

    Agree to act, just not how

    Law 22 14:22

  • Web surfers stumble upon new planets

    Amateur astronomers sift Kepler satellite data

    Science 22 14:44

  • CERN's boson hunters tackle big data bug infestation

    It's the software or the science that's been wrong

    Developer 22 15:01

  • Cache IQ adds another NAS accelerator

    NAND cache to make filers go with a flash

    Storage 22 16:02

  • Autodesk shifts design apps to the cloud

    Looks for customers it doesn't know it has

    Cloud 22 16:23

  • Work begins on radical Gordon super flash-computer

    One of Intel's secret Xeon E5 testbeds, perhaps?

    HPC 22 16:28

  • Memo to open source moralists: Put a sock in it

    Tech is amoral. Thank God

    Software 22 16:40

  • LightSquared to magic away GPS interference in 2 weeks

    US Space Commander begs to differ

    Broadband 22 16:58

  • Inconvenient truther hints at multiple iPhone October

    Al Gore: 'new iPhones' imminent

    Mobile 22 18:27

  • Microsoft turns to FBI in hunt for Rustock ringleader

    Targets Cosma2k after botnet victory

    Security 22 19:07

  • Facebook suggests sharing everything all the time

    Your life as a 'product'

    Media 22 19:09

  • HP expected to hand Whitman full fat CEO role

    Apotheker set for nightflight to Frankfurt?

    Business 22 19:32

  • Teradata update chews up, spits out columns

    Plus: SQL-MapReduce alliance appliance

    Servers 22 20:21

  • OpenStack adds web dashboard to 'floating Linux kernel'

    Devil code does authentication too

    Cloud 22 20:38

  • Finance software bug causes $217m in investor losses

    Dev pays $2.5m for hiding decimal-percentage flaw

    Developer 22 20:46

  • HP dumps Apotheker for Whitman

    'After careful and thoughtful deliberation'

    Business 22 21:09

  • Faster-than-light back with surprising CERN discovery

    Where’d that neutrino come from? The future

    Science 22 21:39

  • Junior tech moguls rock rich list

    Australia breeds geeky gurus

    Business 22 22:30

  • Data on the couch: how analysing customers gives companies the edge

    Digging for victory

    Data Warehousing 22 23:00

  • China links with Taiwan undersea

    Cable set to be completed early 2012

    Broadband 22 23:00

  • Three more charged in Anonymous hack spree probe

    Trans-Atlantic sweep continues

    Security 22 23:26

  • Dell, Intel rope Texas-sized 10 petaflopper

    Xeon E5 and many-core MIC inside

    HPC 22 23:29