21st September 2011 Archive

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  • Oracle defies the economy – and the curse of Sun

    Preps four new systems

    Servers 21 00:00

  • TiVo chief downunder ejects to the US

    Kicked upstairs

    Business 21 00:02

  • Zendesk adds Melbourne

    Melbourne to get own BOFH-in-the-cloud

    Cloud 21 00:30

  • Greenplum appliances swing both ways

    Spinning up data warehouses and Hadoop

    Servers 21 04:01

  • MySQL founder savages Oracle’s move to 'open core'

    Monty yearns for the good old days

    Applications 21 06:34

  • Nissan Micra DIG-S

    Diesel economy meets petrol refinement

    Science 21 07:00

  • Google Android Market fee favours big brands

    Andy Pad maker coughs to using unlicensed app store

    Tablets 21 07:22

  • Hynix gets out tiny NAND cell

    Mine's smaller than yours

    Storage 21 07:30

  • O2 tries to one-up the Apple store with SMB lounge

    Facemail hookup hangout for those who don't have offices

    Small Biz 21 07:58

  • Will SaaS make you more efficient?

    If so, how?

    Business 21 08:10

  • Samsung may try to block next iPhone in Europe too

    Jesus mobe's fifth coming could see fanboi frustration

    Mobile 21 08:28

  • Why do these traders get billions to play with, unchecked?

    Because they're supposed to be hedging every bet

    Business 21 08:39

  • BBC website ditches modules in facelift

    In come fondle-inspired slides and carousels. Really.

    Media 21 09:03

  • Blighty's slow-crawling broadband streets revealed

    Live in Halesworth if you wanna party like it's 1999

    Broadband 21 09:19

  • HTC to bring souped-up Sense to handbag handset

    Rhyme and reason

    Phones 21 09:44

  • Self-planting plant discovered in Brazil

    The ultimate gift for lazy gardeners

    Science 21 09:50

  • World's Smallest Camera gives big snappers the finger

    Honey, I shrunk the DSLR

    Hardware 21 09:52

  • 'Angry Bird in the Sky' spotted by astronomers

    Glowing red space chicken features in 'scope snap

    Science 21 10:00

  • Sepaton recruits ex-Quantum CTO

    Where to now for the 'no tapes' company?

    Storage 21 10:19

  • Microsoft bumps up dividend by 25 per cent

    Redmond raises divvy to calm restless investors

    Financial News 21 10:28

  • Mathematicians slam UK.gov plans to fund statistics only

    Strips all proper boffinry of its foundations

    Science 21 10:42

  • BT bitchslapped for misleading 'Join now' Infinity ad

    ASA ruling after Virgin Media complains to watchdog

    Networks 21 10:53

  • Why Samsung won't open the Bada OS box

    Closed nature is its greatest strength

    Developer 21 11:03

  • Nikon sticks it to Sony Nex with serious snappers

    Premium compacts

    Hardware 21 11:14

  • Interoute Communications snaps up Quantix

    Cloud providers merge to form slightly larger cloud

    The Channel 21 11:19

  • Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux

    Microsoft wants firmware to only start authorised OSes

    Developer 21 11:20

  • Microsoft cloud evaporated by one busted file

    Services failed for hours

    The Channel 21 11:31

  • Kingston Technology HyperX 240GB SSD

    May the SandForce be with you

    Hardware 21 12:00

  • Dinosaur-murdering space boulder family found innocent

    NASA discovers alibi for the Baptistinas

    Science 21 12:19

  • Apple to unveil white iPod Touch alongside iPhone 5

    No 3G support?

    Hardware 21 12:22

  • Facebook 'personal' news feed gets algorithm rejig

    Angry faces say that this is not a Plus ... on Twitter

    Networks 21 12:38

  • GM OnStar cars will upload all data unless owners opt out

    It's coming: Your car will rat you out to insurers

    Security 21 12:58

  • Capital gets trendy address: .London on its way

    But not in time for the Olympics ...

    Hosting 21 13:04

  • Amazon staff toiled in 100°F+ warehouse

    Temps stretchered out, local paper reports

    Financial News 21 13:18

  • UK firm denies supplying spyware to Mubarak's secret police

    RATs nest found in Egyptian spook HQ

    Security 21 13:37

  • 1-in-3,200 chance* that a fiery satellite chunk will hit someone on Friday

    Defunct climate probe to make dramatic re-entry

    Science 21 14:06

  • Microsoft emits WinPhone seduction pack

    Calling those abandoning the good ship Symbian

    Developer 21 14:21

  • Adobe bets on Flash 11 to fend off HTML5 invasion

    Hardware acceleration woos 3D game makers

    Developer 21 14:41

  • Microsoft dumps Gold partner accused of scamming customers

    Leave the badge on the table on your way out

    The Channel 21 14:56

  • Boffins step closer to steam-powered Babbage computer

    Analytical Engine designs digitised by Science Museum for steampunk project

    Science 21 15:04

  • Booze giant's Facebook tie-up sparks ad concerns

    Won't somebody please think of the children?

    Media 21 15:24

  • Huawei targets UK with sub-£100 smartphone

    Set Blighty a-Blaze

    Phones 21 15:47

  • Assange™ pens world's first unauthorised autobiography

    WikiLeaks supremo's bid to censor self fails as book goes on sale

    Media 21 15:50

  • Virtual and real worlds collide in gamers' minds

    Boss levels... with the boss?

    Games 21 16:13

  • Rumor: HP giving Apotheker Das Boot

    Former eBay CEO Whitman to step in?

    Business 21 16:59

  • Yahoo! apologizes for blocking Wall Street protest emails

    Spam! mistake! not! censorship! says! Yahoo!

    Media 21 17:32

  • Google preps Chrome fix to slay SSL-attacking BEAST

    20-line patch targets plaintext recovery exploit

    Security 21 17:36

  • RBS megahack maestro sells flats to pay fine

    Crime and punishment

    Security 21 18:00

  • No more tiers for flatter networks

    Solving the east-west traffic problem

    Network Futures 21 18:19

  • Police authority loves Sprint ii buying regime

    Too expensive? Did we say that?

    Law 21 18:34

  • DataStax goes 'open core' with Facebook's Cassandra

    NoSQL meets the enterprise

    Developer 21 20:58

  • Adobe rushes out emergency fix for critical bug in Flash

    'Zero-day' attacks already underway

    Security 21 21:00

  • Oracle 'engineers' SMB database appliance

    'Smaller, tighter package'

    Servers 21 21:07

  • Georgia Parole Board blocks Amnesty email campaign

    Servers hosed by 800 messages, it seems

    Government 21 21:46

  • Aussie e-com start-up buyster gets bought

    US e-tailer Wayfair in dotcom deal

    Financial News 21 22:55