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3D printing for artificial blood vessels

In Pay the Printer, Philip K Dick imagined a species called “Printers” who could organically create perfect copies of complex objects. In this world, the increasingly-popular 3D printer can’t create a car, but its ability to produce simple 3D objects is being used to create blood vessels.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Sep 2011

Diminutive robot to attempt Iron Man Triathalon

A 20-inch robot powered by just three rechargeable batteries will take on the gruelling Iron Man triathlon course. Because it can.
Anna Leach, 19 Sep 2011

Anobit brings out second generation of Genesis SSD

Anobit's second-generation Genesis solid-state drive has pretty much double the performance of its first-gen sibling.
Chris Mellor, 19 Sep 2011

Buckinghamshire council seeks managed ICT deal

Buckinghamshire County Council has invited tenders for a wide range of managed ICT services which will be underpinned by the Public Services Network (PSN).
SGI logo hardware close-up

Google reveals 'leap smear' NTP technique

Google has to lie to computers in order not to upset them with the vagaries of earthly time.
Anna Leach, 19 Sep 2011

New Intel 710: The numbers don't look good

Intel's delayed 710 SSD, its X25-E replacement, has arrived at last, after having been initially outed back in July.
Chris Mellor, 19 Sep 2011
server room

Intel: You may already be using Xeon E5 without knowing it

IDF 2011Do you know why Intel hasn't launched the Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon E5 processor for two-socket servers? Neither do we, but after attending Intel Developer Forum last week, we have some pretty good guesses.

Verity's secret shame revealed

StobI defrosted my ideas box, and found several morsels which wouldn't make a whole meal in themselves, but nonetheless needed eating.
Verity Stob, 19 Sep 2011
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

Geek Treat of the WeekIt always pays to read the fine print, especially when it’s to be found on the bottom of a box, while on the top the label says, ‘Works with iPad’. Such is the case with M-Audio’s Keystation Mini 32, a really rather good portable keyboard controller for mobile musos and the classroom.
Bob Dormon, 19 Sep 2011

Samsung preps anti-iPhone 5 lawsuit before it's even out

Samsung will try to get the iPhone 5 banned in Korea by using a patent lawsuit to block the phone, a source has told the Korean Times.
Anna Leach, 19 Sep 2011

Google now a serious rival to Microsoft in cloud email

Gmail is emerging as a threat to the big boys in the enterprise email industry, despite holding just one per cent of the market and Google's refusal to tweak its service to suit individual customers. The Chocolate Factory also faces a bitter battle with Microsoft in the email cloud space - a war that could trample over other providers, an analyst has warned.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Sep 2011

Oracle rushes out emergency Apache DoS patch

Oracle broke with tradition with the publication of an unscheduled security update last weekend.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2011

Computacenter networking boss Godwin heads to Avnet

Avnet Technology Solutions has plucked Computacenter's (CC) data centre and networking boss Henry Godwin from the UK to run its Middle East and Africa operation.
Paul Kunert, 19 Sep 2011
Angry Birds

Angry Birds theme park takes off in China

An Angry Birds theme park has opened in China where punters can literally catapult cuddly squawkers at green pig balloons scattered among delicately built toy castles.
Caleb Cox, 19 Sep 2011

Chinese bloke gets eel lodged up todger

A Chinese man who slid into a spa tub full of eels to enjoy some rejuvenating piscine exfoliation ended up in hospital with one of the slippery customers lodged firmly up his todger.
Lester Haines, 19 Sep 2011

Drupal's Torvalds figure gets life-sucking Android app

"Is this for real?" the Torvalds of Drupal tweeted this weekend, before continuing: "Dries Buytaert Android App". Yes, Dries, it is real.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Sep 2011

Give me 10 gig Ethernet now!

Data storage demands within the enterprise grow every year. Managing this data is a challenge for organisations of all sizes, writes Trevor Pott.
Trevor Pott, 19 Sep 2011

Pirate party hauls in Berlin state election booty

Piratenpartei Deutschland, the German Pirate Party, has won 8.9 per cent of votes cast in Berlin's state elections. It is the highest vote share the oddballs have ever received in Germany, and early estimates suggest the vote earns it 14 or 15 seats in the 130-seat Berlin regional parliament. The vote also saw a 17.6 per cent vote for the Greens in a strong gesture against the established parties.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2011

Royal rugby star bar snog CCTV upload - bouncer in court

A man has appeared in court after allegedly uploading CCTV footage that apparently showed England rugby star Mike Tindall being kissed by a blonde woman.
Team Register, 19 Sep 2011

Gaps in the apps mean shops miss out on sales

UK shops in every industry are missing out on millions of pounds in additional sales because they don't have online services, or the ones they do have aren't good enough to close out sales, according to a new study.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Sep 2011

Qualcomm showing signs of turning soft with age

AnalysisThere's more to learn from the absences at Qualcomm's annual showcase than from what's actually on the shelves, with colour screens and wireless charging pushed out by social networking and augmented reality.
Bill Ray, 19 Sep 2011
Apple MacBook Air 11in mid 2011

Apple MacBook Air 11in Core i5 notebook

ReviewFor years this particular Mac user preferred to carry around an X-Series ThinkPad, despite having a house full of Apple laptops. That's because Apple could offer nothing with comparable size and weight. It was worth putting up with Windows or Ubuntu to gain the convenience of a smaller lighter machine.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2011
Container Vessel at Sea

The amazing shipping container: How it changed the world

Keith Tantlinger has just died. He's someone you almost certainly haven't heard of and someone who – along with Malcolm McLean (no, not McLaren) – changed our world to the extent that it would have been almost unrecognisable to our forefathers. They also – if you want to squint at it – made the European Union redundant six months before it even started.
Tim Worstall, 19 Sep 2011

Google grasps German Groupon-a-like

Google has acquired coupon site, DailyDeal.de, according to a statement on the German company's website.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Sep 2011
For Sale sign detail

Lanci's Lenovo move 'negative' for Acer – Morgan Stanley

Lenovo's appointment of PC industry big hitter Gianfranco Lanci will heap further pressure on his former employer Acer, according to Morgan Stanley.
Paul Kunert, 19 Sep 2011

Go Daddy mass hack points surfers towards malware

Hundreds of Go Daddy sites were compromised to point towards a site hosting malware last weekend.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2011
vulture tv reporter

Maxima turns to M&A veteran after sale talks go stale

Maxima has hired buy-and-build specialist Ian Smith as a non-exec director in the wake of its failed attempt to sell the business.
Paul Kunert, 19 Sep 2011

Online gamers strike major blow in battle against AIDS

A bunch of gamers have untangled the structure of a key protein in the virus that causes AIDS, a mystery that has left scientists stumped for decades.
Anna Leach, 19 Sep 2011

Avere menaces NetApp with accelerators

Avere says it is capturing business that would have gone to NetApp because its clustered accelerators cost less than NetApp storage upgrades, and run faster.
Chris Mellor, 19 Sep 2011

NASA releases asteroid flyby video from Dawn probe

NASA has released a new video showing Vesta, giant queen of the asteroid belt, in unprecedented detail.
Lewis Page, 19 Sep 2011

Blighty's Android fans get British English voice control

Google has revealed that Voice Actions, the series of spoken commands that allows users to control their Android phone just by talking to it, now supports good ol' British English.
Caleb Cox, 19 Sep 2011

Dell: HP's PC exit is an opportunity, not a death knell

It doesn't want to buy out Hewlett Packard's PC business, but Dell is going to keep making and selling computers – Michael Dell told FT.com yesterday. Dell sees HP's surprise exit from the field as an opportunity for Dell rather than a harbinger of doom for the industry.
Anna Leach, 19 Sep 2011

Japan's biggest defence contractor hit by hackers

Japan's biggest defence contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has become the victim of a malware-based hack attack.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2011

NASA: Beam me up some power, Scotty

NASA boffins are looking into making a science-fiction staple - the idea of transmitting power to spacecraft using lasers or microwaves - into reality.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 19 Sep 2011
Battery Windows 7

Boffins crack smartphone Wi-Fi for greater battery life

Researchers have worked out another method for dramatically boosting a smartphone's battery life, by devising a new "subconscious" mode of operation.
Caleb Cox, 19 Sep 2011

Fox turns LightSquared political

Wannabe network operator LightSquared is under attack from Republicans who have asked for an investigation into whether the White House pressured its Air Force Space Commander into changing his testimony on possible GPS interference caused by LightSquared's activities.
Bill Ray, 19 Sep 2011

Microsoft's high-risk Windows 8 .NET switch

Microsoft spooked .NET developers earlier this year by emphasising HTML and JavaScript as the programming platform for Windows 8. Any questions were met with the answer: "Wait until BUILD." Well, BUILD took place last week, so what is happening with .NET and Windows?
Tim Anderson, 19 Sep 2011

Netflix: How to completely screw up

As recently as June, Netflix looked like one of the biggest consumer success stories in digital media. The company was already synonymous with DVDs-by-email, an idea imitated worldwide, and was bundling on-demand TV and movie streaming at an incredibly low price. By May, Netflix traffic had overtaken Bittorrent volumes in the USA. accounting for a quarter of US IP packets. After years of prattle, somebody had persuaded the mass market to pay for video on demand over the internet.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2011
graph up

IBM pitches overclocked Xeons to Wall Street

Big Blue has joined the ranks of server makers that are pitching servers using over-clocked processors to latency-sensitive financial services companies.

Apple makes a hash of password security (again)

Apple has dropped a couple of monumental password security clangers with the release on OS X Lion, according to security blogger Patrick Dunstan.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2011

Microsoft 'paid over £1m to silence UK exec over sexism'

Microsoft has been accused of paying a senior executive over a million pounds in a settlement to silence claims that she was passed over for promotion to the head of Redmond’s UK operations.
Iain Thomson, 19 Sep 2011

Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites

Researchers have discovered a serious weakness in virtually all websites protected by the secure sockets layer protocol that allows attackers to silently decrypt data that's passing between a webserver and an end-user browser.
Dan Goodin, 19 Sep 2011

Craig Wireless splashes $US5.5m on Woosh

New Zealand wireless ISP, Woosh, has been snapped up by Californian headquartered telecommunications company Craig Wireless Systems for $US5.5m.
Natalie Apostolou, 19 Sep 2011

Red Hat's open virtualization mob signs up 200 members

The Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA) – the Red Hat-led corsortium that's campaigning for open source alternatives to the VMware hypervisor – has grown to 200 members since its launch in May.
Iain Thomson, 19 Sep 2011

Samsung fights back downunder

The ongoing Apple vs Samsung Electronics tablet patent battle has taken a new twist with Samsung filing a counter lawsuit in Australia.
Natalie Apostolou, 19 Sep 2011

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