16th September 2011 Archive

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  • After hack nightmare, Sony bars lawsuits with new TOS

    Class actions verboten

    Security 16 Sep 00:52

  • RIM profits nearly sliced in half

    Blackberry maker circles the drain

    Financial News 16 Sep 03:00

  • How gizmo maker's hack outflanked copyright trolls

    Chumby NeTV: A triumph for mankind

    Hardware 16 Sep 04:00

  • Google shamed by Apple in race to HTML5

    Now that's embarrassing

    Developer 16 Sep 04:23

  • Windows 8: Half million previews downloaded in 24 hours

    Ballmer chuffed with Windows for Fondleslabs

    Developer 16 Sep 05:00

  • Sixty-seven WIMPs spotted in the wild, maybe

    Dark matter has slim evidence, cautious optimism

    Science 16 Sep 05:54

  • Dell XPS 15z 15.6in Core i5 notebook

    How to clone a MacBook...

    Laptops 16 Sep 06:00

  • ICO slates local authorities on data protection compliance

    Graham: You've been 'very bad'. Bend over

    Government 16 Sep 08:01

  • Newzbin2 pirates prepare to sink BT web block

    App weighs anchor to scuttle censoring landlubbers

    Broadband 16 Sep 08:28

  • Privacy watchdog publishes e-privacy laws compliance guidance

    No help for biz on getting users to accept their nasty cookies

    Law 16 Sep 08:58

  • App lets NFC BlackBerrys open electronic locks

    Now you can lose phone, wallet and keys in one go

    Security 16 Sep 09:14

  • PayPal's 'delightful' intrusion into meatspace: You wish

    It's not like this stuff hasn't been tried

    Financial News 16 Sep 09:32

  • Microsoft merges Windows 8 with Xbox Live

    Mental multiplayer

    Games 16 Sep 09:44

  • BOFH: I'll get my bonus even if it kills, well, someone

    Goals, reviews ... unexpected tragedies

    BOFH 16 Sep 09:54

  • Scosche BoomCan mini travel speaker

    Tubular belle?

    Hardware 16 Sep 10:00

  • LOHAN deluged with Reg readers' interjections in REHAB

    Revised hypobaric chamber plan for your delectation

    SPB 16 Sep 10:11

  • Judge gives Google more time for digital library talks

    Web giant's plan to make orphans work for it delayed

    Law 16 Sep 10:24

  • Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8

    Please turn me off then on again :(

    Operating Systems 16 Sep 10:30

  • Schoolkids learn coding at GCSE level in curriculum trial

    'Basic skill for 21st century human beings' - Willetts

    Developer 16 Sep 10:43

  • Nokia dumps Dragon in major UK channel revamp

    Rumours aswirl of attempts to lock down distributors

    The Channel 16 Sep 10:57

  • Flattening Ethernet

    Moving back to Layer 2

    Data Networking 16 Sep 11:00

  • First Google Plus API released to developers

    'People.get' lets you trawl the public shoals

    Developer 16 Sep 11:10

  • Canon perks up Powershot pair

    CMOS in, CCD out

    Hardware 16 Sep 11:20

  • Poskett signs up to lead Huawei UK enterprise channel

    Enter(prise) the Dragon

    The Channel 16 Sep 11:29

  • Firm claims it can put NFC tap-cash tech in a SIM card

    And that it will still work buried in a phone's guts

    Mobile 16 Sep 11:43

  • Resistance 3

    Hostile virus

    Games 16 Sep 12:00

  • Nigerians panic over killer calls

    Unlucky numbers

    Mobile 16 Sep 12:19

  • Spanish feds mend website clobbered by Anonymous

    Prime ministerial bodyguards outed by hacktivistas

    Security 16 Sep 12:29

  • Big Apple fake Apple stores agree to rat out suppliers

    Yes it's made in China, that doesn't mean it's genuine

    The Channel 16 Sep 12:44

  • Former Acer CEO heads to Lenovo as a consultant

    Lanci knows how to handle big Germans

    The Channel 16 Sep 13:25

  • Smut domain scores big bucks for not handling smut

    If you exist, there might be porn of you

    Networks 16 Sep 13:38

  • Celebrating the 55th anniversary of the hard disk

    The platters of Big Blue spawn that changed the world

    Storage 16 Sep 14:00

  • VMware juices Roo for big Java clouds

    Hypervisor hammering in the Cloud Foundry

    Cloud 16 Sep 14:27

  • 'Leaked' FBI Anonymous/LulzSec psych profile is bogus

    Feds say Anons wrote it: 'narcissism' comment may be true

    Security 16 Sep 14:58

  • Valve pushes Portal freebie

    Doors open for game giveaway

    Games 16 Sep 15:15

  • RIM share price nosedives following stinky numbers

    PlayBook suffers fruity fondleslab smackdown

    Financial News 16 Sep 15:24

  • Reseller biz faces winding up order

    ITopia owes us cash, alleges distie

    The Channel 16 Sep 15:28

  • Mozilla co-founder quits Firefox veep role

    'You were like a brick through a window' says, er, a mate

    Software 16 Sep 15:41

  • Fujitsu gov workers strike Monday: Unite on, PCS off

    PCS: 'Solidarity to Unite, but we're all right thanks'

    Government 16 Sep 15:55

  • HP sued by investor over PC and TouchPad antics

    Didn't reveal shares were bumwad from Bank of Toyland

    Financial News 16 Sep 15:57

  • Yahoo, Microsoft's Bing display toxic ads

    These aren't the downloads you're looking for

    Security 16 Sep 18:44

  • Irishman's coke-packed abdomen poses for police

    Impressive scan of São Paulo narcomule's light lunch

    Bootnotes 16 Sep 18:54

  • Facebook plugs developer site into Heroku code cloud

    Sky-high app host debuts PHP, Python

    Cloud 16 Sep 18:55

  • Oracle offers commercial extensions to MySQL

    'It’s not the apocalypse'

    Applications 16 Sep 19:49

  • Oracle slates 'extreme' system kickoff

    Ellison vows to 'change the dynamics of the datacenter'

    Servers 16 Sep 20:53

  • Intel demos ultra low-juice chippery

    Pentium rises from the dustbin of history

    Hardware 16 Sep 20:58

  • Google's Native Client goes live in Chrome

    The C++ code Mozilla never wants on web

    Applications 16 Sep 21:00

  • Boffins boost battery life with underclocked Wi-Fi

    Removing the idle listening energy tax

    Mobile 16 Sep 23:38