14th September 2011 Archive

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  • Oz authors join book scanning lawsuit

    Our children aren’t orphans, says ASA

    Media 14 00:01

  • CPU cycles for stars: theSkyNet wants your sandbox

    And you can win a trip to the desert

    Science 14 00:30

  • Google flight search engine lifts off

    Soars into antitrust airspace

    Media 14 00:31

  • 'Find My Car' iPhone app finds anyone’s car

    Blogger tags security and privacy howler

    Security 14 02:24

  • Android banking trojan intercepts security texts

    Thought you were so clever, Mr Banker Guy

    Security 14 04:00

  • Hands on with the Windows 8 fondleslab

    Beefy tablet passes muster

    Tablets 14 04:49

  • Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV

    Mebromi rootkit also targets master boot record

    Security 14 04:53

  • Intel preps 15-Watt 'Sandy Bridge' for micro servers

    Brings back the Pentium

    Servers 14 04:57

  • Intel's Xeon E5 server chips due 'early 2012'

    Wait 'til next year

    Servers 14 05:00

  • Ten... digital voice recorders

    Modern dictators

    Top Ten 14 06:00

  • More transistors, Moore’s Law, less juice

    “Koomey’s Law” examines power per computation

    Data Centre 14 06:35

  • Overland Storage preps private cloud rescue

    Oh my white fluffy knight, take me away from all this

    Cloud 14 08:00

  • Twitter contests ad company's 'tweets' trademark

    If you aren't a bird, you can't use our word

    Law 14 08:19

  • Winklevoss twins: Zuck on our salty nuts

    Rapier wit on display as brothers stick oar in again

    Media 14 08:39

  • Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins

    Social network nearly cost Kenyan employee his job

    Networks 14 09:00

  • Virgin Media finally offers network options on SuperHub

    For best 5GHz results, get rid of your walls and doors

    Networks 14 09:01

  • Google plan to kill Javascript with Dart, fight off Apple

    Leaked email speaks of battle to save the web from iOS

    Developer 14 09:29

  • TouchPad sales doubled after it was discontinued

    Fire sale caught fire: Last chance at Carphone Warehouse

    The Channel 14 09:44

  • Star Control

    Captain's log...

    Games 14 10:00

  • Winter for webOS, winter for Droid, but springtime for iPad!

    Sing along with the fondle-slab forecast

    The Channel 14 10:13

  • Apple pulls smartphone slavery app

    Child labour exposé 'excessively objectionable'

    Phones 14 10:27

  • LOHAN to suck mighty thruster as it goes off, in a shed

    Our cunning DIY hypobaric rocket-test rig

    SPB 14 10:30

  • Moto beat Google up by a third in Googorola haggling

    Chocolateers unable to contain their lust

    Financial News 14 10:43

  • Xperia Ray beams down to Blighty

    Up for contract

    Phones 14 10:44

  • Facebook lets users have separated social, er, Circles

    You know when you said no spam? Say it again ... bitch

    Networks 14 10:56

  • ASA probes Microsoft cloud reliability claims

    It's only Office 365 if you round up

    The Channel 14 11:12

  • Feds probe eBay over Craigslist plunder allegations

    Tit-for-tat tat spat goes criminal

    Business 14 11:25

  • Report: Involve IT experts in releasing gov datasets

    All too easy to violate privacy without tech insight

    Government 14 11:42

  • Intel-Google love-in leaves MeeGo going nowhere

    Red-headed penguin stepchild Cinderella

    Developer 14 11:58

  • Defendant presents Playmobil rendering of court in court

    Creates requirement for impossible infinitesimal figures

    Bootnotes 14 12:29

  • Celebs, victims selected to join in phone-hack probe

    Rowling, Gazza, McCanns, Hugh Grant ... not Rebekah

    Security 14 12:38

  • HTC knocks out the Beats

    Sonic Sensation

    Phones 14 12:41

  • UK cyber security plan delayed till October

    'Tier 1 national priority' wasn't ready in time

    Security 14 12:52

  • Beyond WAR: How I bitchslapped Google

    Bagging the sticky eyeball

    Cloud 14 13:00

  • Securo-boffins call for 'self-aware' defensive technologies

    Say they should be used to protect 'leccy, gas, water

    Security 14 13:58

  • Romanian dragon-wolves aim for virtualised security

    BitDefender looks to build bigger with BRICs

    Virtualization 14 14:21

  • Now Windows 8 goes into the ring to face Apple's iOS

    Bloodied webOS, RIM tag in the big bruiser

    Developer 14 14:36

  • University of Tsukuba orders 800Tflop Xeon E5 hybrid

    Ceepie-Geepie splices x64, GPUs into powerful chimera

    HPC 14 15:00

  • Be chums offer 1Gbit/s fibre-to-the-premises in London

    Hyperoptic hypes its optics

    Broadband 14 15:35

  • Intel goes virtual to root out rootkits

    DeepSafe: Follow the malware

    Security 14 16:28

  • Windows Server 8 plays catch-up with VMware and Unix

    Microsoft rolls 'cloud-based operating system'

    Developer 14 16:30

  • Apple preps MacBook Pro refresh

    Sandy Bridge speed bumps ahead

    Laptops 14 16:42

  • Intel keeps mum on Ice Cream Sarnie support for Atom tablets

    Focusing on Honeycomb

    Tablets 14 18:22

  • Intel pitches netbook-cum-tablet 'hybrids'

    Best of both worlds - or neither fish nor fowl?

    Tablets 14 18:55

  • Ballmer reprises 'developers, developers, developers' chant

    Windows is a money machine, howls MS boss

    Developer 14 19:13

  • Pano Logic woos SMBs with 'one-step' VDI

    Size of step may vary

    Small Biz 14 19:42

  • Windows 8 to ship with built-in malware protection

    'Tons of security features' added

    Security 14 20:44

  • Intel demos Panel Self-Refresh power-saving tech

    DisplayPort screens store their own picture

    Laptops 14 22:05

  • Qantas trials iPad in the sky

    Apple boards the flying kangaroo

    Business 14 22:28

  • Kogan sparks new controversy

    Parallel imports into Oz to undercut local channels

    The Channel 14 22:28

  • TomorrowNow pleads guilty to illegal Oracle slurping

    Defunct SAP outfit agrees to $20m fine

    Applications 14 22:49

  • Kiwi rugby rats warned to keep eye on the hacker ball

    When PBXs go bad...

    Security 14 23:30

  • Intel laptop boss to make Ultrabooks context savvy

    Optional sensor tech to become mandatory

    Laptops 14 23:38