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Ten years after the Twin Towers: What's the Reg angle?

In one of the first stories The Reg posted following the attack on September 11, 2001, then-reporter Kieren McCarthy said the internet had faced its first real test as a communicator – and failed.
Team Register, 11 Sep 2011
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Telstra's branding plans leaked to El Reg

What do you do if you’re the most-attacked name in the least-liked industry? Pitch a new campaign. In an internal e-mail that went out to staff last week, The Register has learned that Telstra wants to position itself as “Australia’s best loved brand.”
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Industry pitches piracy research ahead of Attorney General meeting

Sixty percent of Australians don’t use downloading or streaming sites, but that’s not the way the latest research into piracy activity in this country is being spun.
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Google Ventures invests in friend finder app

Google’s investment arm, Google Ventures, has contributed to a round of seed funding for location-based, mobile friend finder app Echoecho. The investment was part of a $US750,000 funding round that included investors UK-based venture firm PROfounders Capital and a select group of angel investors.
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Asia Pac app-gasm to hit five billion this year

Mobile phone app downloads are forecast to reach 14 billion in the Asia Pacific by 2016 with revenues of $US2.2 billion, according to the latest research from Ovum.
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Cancellation technique doubles wireless throughput

Researchers at Rice University have pulled a neat trick of noise cancellation which they say could double the throughput of wireless systems, by allowing full-duplex communications using a single frequency.