9th September 2011 Archive

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  • ‘We save trips to the library’ – Google

    Greenwashing the Chocolate Factory’s vast power bill

    Management 09 00:30

  • HP, Microsoft dumped from Dow Jones 'green' list

    $8 billion at risk

    The Channel 09 00:34

  • 'Lost' dollars turn up in gaming outfit

    JJ Abrams backs FactoryMade in digital content play

    Business 09 01:00

  • Vale Michael Stern Hart

    Project Gutenberg founder is dead

    Bootnotes 09 02:00

  • Firesheep addon updated to exploit Google info leak

    Your click history revealed

    Security 09 04:24

  • Intel kicks dough to cloud, analytics startups

    Daddy Chipbucks

    Financial News 09 04:33

  • PC sales tank on fears of Meltdown, Part Deux

    Gartner: 'Take two tablets and call me in 2012'

    Hardware 09 05:00

  • Onkyo TX-NR609 AV network receiver

    Multichannel maestro

    Hardware 09 06:00

  • Big Blue hits DataDirect box with spade

    Rolls corpse behind hedge, introduces new NetApp lovely

    Storage 09 07:58

  • Hey Commentards! [This title is optional]

    Reg forum tweaks

    Site News 09 08:27

  • Public-sector software and services looking limp

    Outsourcing IT departments the only bright spot

    The Channel 09 08:28

  • Parliament has no time for 100,000+ signature e-petitions

    You wouldn't believe how busy we are

    Government 09 08:57

  • Twitter reaches 100 million active users

    Not a little blue sparrow can fall without being tweeted

    Networks 09 09:12

  • Office and Windows fixes star in quiet Patch Tuesday

    No criticals for once among the backdoor plugs

    Security 09 09:38

  • Panasonic DMW-LVF1 clip-on viewfinder

    Get an eye-full

    Hardware 09 10:00

  • Office 365, Hotmail and SkyDrive hit by outage

    Microsoft clouds go dark

    The Channel 09 10:05

  • Windows 8 to boot in 8 seconds

    Save our kernel sessions

    Software 09 10:06

  • HP gets ready to make a cloud ... by boiling the ocean

    If only it was Sun, we'd have a headline hat-trick

    Cloud 09 10:14

  • ChaCha promises answers-by-SMS for free, sort of

    Race to the bottom of vanishing old-fashioned market

    Mobile 09 10:29

  • Yahoo! 'f**ked me over'! says! Carol! Bartz!

    May have to put $10m in Purple Palace swear-box

    Business 09 10:43

  • Apple plan to rate shops etc by number of iPhones visiting

    Why has the butcher started selling turtlenecks?

    Mobile 09 10:57

  • UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'

    Hope for self-powering bucket of sunshine in California

    Science 09 11:15

  • Nike auctions Back to the Future trainers

    Replica Air Mags going, going...

    Hardware 09 11:19

  • Waterstone's to take on Kindle and Nook with own reader

    Another chance to buy someone's cash register for them

    Media 09 11:27

  • Google brings out new programming language

    Strongtalk duo to pitch Dart at browser app bullseye

    Developer 09 11:42

  • Driver San Francisco

    Speedy detective work

    Games 09 12:00

  • Java on the Windows Azure Cloud

    Pros and cons

    Cloud Developer 09 12:03

  • Galaxy Tab remains illegal in Germany

    Judge: Non-iPad fondleslabs must be rough and complicated

    Law 09 12:04

  • HP PC boss: I'm so loving being spun off

    Tablets? Pff. Dell? They speak with forked tongue

    The Channel 09 12:05

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany

    Court sides with Apple, but ban not pan-European

    Tablets 09 12:17

  • VMware 'to work with just five storage companies'

    Is EMC's stepchild golden, or red-headed?

    Storage 09 12:25

  • Al Gore wants to borrow your Facebook and Twitter accounts

    Plans 72-hour green spam avalanche for your followers

    Networks 09 12:37

  • Google tells Iranians: Change your Gmail password

    And check for forwarding to the Revolutionary Guards

    Security 09 12:43

  • Fujitsu strike to hit back-office across UK.gov

    1,057 to walk out across Revenue, Defence, DVLA, ONS

    Policy 09 13:36

  • W3C announces web-tracking privacy protection group

    Google, Opera do not back Do Not Track

    Networks 09 14:01

  • British warming to NUKES after Fukushima meltdown

    Wizz for atomms!

    Science 09 14:04

  • Movie model maker pitches steampunk iPhone case

    Prop forward

    Phones 09 14:18

  • Typo-squatting domains can harvest corporate emails

    Executive butterfingers get slurped by honeypots

    Security 09 14:26

  • Brit tech brings in-stream ads to Canadian TV webcast

    Works on iPads without app, lets you fast-forward

    Media 09 15:13

  • Apollo 17 Moon landing: Shock revelations

    New photographic evidence blows lid on massive cover-up

    Bootnotes 09 15:35

  • Apple finally purges Mac OS of disgraced DigiNotar certs

    iPhone and iPad users still wide open

    Security 09 18:35

  • Unisys gets 'stealthy' with secure virtual terminal

    Military-grade encryption on a USB stick

    Security 09 19:44

  • Man sentenced to 14 years for mass credit card theft

    $3 million in losses

    Security 09 23:48