7th September 2011 Archive

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  • Yahoo! fires! CEO! Carol! Bartz!

    Over the phone

    Financial News 07 00:11

  • On-chip photonics snares Eureka prize

    Oz science’s night of nights

    Science 07 00:30

  • Korean antitrust agency raids Google over Android

    Claims top dog eats competition

    Government 07 00:34

  • Digital Realty Trust adds Melbourne

    More cloud dollars for Australia

    Cloud 07 01:30

  • Can clouds ever be fully secure?

    Cloud Security Alliance talks to El Reg

    Enterprise Tech 07 02:00

  • Server sales up, but Great Recession lingers

    Europe buys like it's 2005

    Servers 07 05:00

  • Twitter users charged with terrorism for false tweets

    Mass panic over erroneous kidnap claims

    Security 07 05:00

  • Hitachi GST ships terabyte platter-spinners

    Faster to market than Seagate

    Storage 07 06:00

  • NOA: Fujitsu strike highlights perils of single-supplier deals

    Period of discontent predicted as unions get busy

    The Channel 07 06:00

  • HP Pavilion dv7 17.3in Llano notebook

    AMD's Sandy Bridge alternative?

    Laptops 07 06:00

  • UK slashes red tape in apprenticeships scheme

    'Key industries' include BT, Phones4U - and McDonalds

    Business 07 07:34

  • Acas publishes first social media guide

    UK workplace rulebook to save heartache and cash

    Business 07 07:58

  • Gov pops lid on mighty £2bn PSN procurement barrel

    Networking the networks. With a framework

    Policy 07 08:26

  • Does Cameron dare ditch poor-bashing green energy?

    Let them eat windmills

    Science 07 08:55

  • Game says sorry for site snafu

    Pre-orders vanish, wrong games ship, etc

    Games 07 09:07

  • E-cars: unaffordable until 2030 (or later)

    Big subsidies needed, even with double-price petrol

    Science 07 09:26

  • Getting the data centre running on your terms

    Four practical management tasks to help you take control

    Data Centre 07 09:33

  • Shareholder demands RIM sell itself or spin off patents

    'Seize the whip reins', cries banker

    Business 07 09:55

  • Battery deal points to thinner, lighter iPad 3

    Keeping ahead of the competition

    Tablets 07 10:01

  • iCloud Communications ditches Apple lawsuit

    Whatever could have made them do that?

    Cloud 07 10:14

  • Christ appears in phone advert, secular authorities act

    Outrage as Saviour depicted endorsing non-Jesus mobe

    Media 07 10:22

  • Phone-hack plods arrest another man in pre-dawn raid

    Scotland Yard dicks up early and out of office this time

    Media 07 10:29

  • BT Engage IT to merge with dabs.com and Biz Direct

    £400m mega-org forged, Balaam to step down

    The Channel 07 10:38

  • Would you be seen dead with a shopping computer?

    Like buying and carrying Bezos' cash register for him

    Hardware 07 10:43

  • appToyz appBlaster

    Gunning for control

    Games 07 10:46

  • Dixons predicts Olympics will boost sales

    Beach volleyball in 3D ought to shift some tellies

    Business 07 10:59

  • GlobalSign stops issuing SSL certs, probes hacker claims

    Better to do it and not need to than vice versa

    Security 07 11:12

  • Most bosses monitor or block social-network use at work

    Didn't get where they are today fooling about on Web 2.0

    Management 07 11:29

  • Most organisations just not ready for Cloud: Computacenter

    Despite 'Cloudwash' just 28% will migrate loads this year

    Cloud 07 11:39

  • Nvidia boss: Windows 8 will run Windows Phone 7 apps

    Welcome to the world after Intel

    Operating Systems 07 11:44

  • Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB wireless hard drive

    Buckets of content storage for your fondleslab

    Hardware 07 12:00

  • HP pops out all-in-one biz boxes

    Touchscreen for corporate show-offs

    Hardware 07 12:13

  • Groupon backs away from scheduled IPO

    We sell other people's stuff discounted, not ours

    Financial News 07 12:27

  • Search visionary retires from Microsoft's Bing battles

    'Last day at Microsoft. I'm one of the angels again!'

    Software 07 12:47

  • New trojan masquerades as Microsoft enforcement-ware

    Threatens to destroy everything and sue the remains

    Security 07 12:58

  • Dell woos rattled HP PC sales partners

    'We'll still be here', insists direct-sales mammoth

    The Channel 07 13:32

  • Atari-branded iPad gaming gadget debuts

    iCade alternative

    Hardware 07 14:04

  • OFT boss: 'Google is fantastic and should be applauded'

    When watchdogs lose their teeth

    Government 07 14:08

  • Cyber crime now bigger than the drugs trade

    Says cyber security firm

    Security 07 14:17

  • South Africa joins the call for BlackBerry messaging keys

    Miscreants don't care for the secure email, seemingly

    Security 07 14:44

  • Why modern music sounds rubbish

    The Loudness Wars, illustrated

    Bootnotes 07 15:01

  • Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter

    Because he is accused of being Anonymous

    Law 07 15:16

  • HP opens 'private' Cloud beta party for limited numbers

    Velvet rope briefly unhooked

    Cloud 07 15:22

  • Much of the human race made up of thieves, says BSA

    You wouldn't nick stuff out of shops, would you? Er...

    Security 07 15:31

  • How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

    The operating system for the nanny state?

    Software 07 16:02

  • Revenues double at Facebook, says source

    That's $1.6bn in the first half of the year... bitch

    Business 07 16:25

  • Seagate pulls out the biggest hard one in the industry

    Mighty 4TB fatness plonked down on desk

    Storage 07 16:28

  • Sun rises over .xxx smut domain

    Morning glory period for owner-operators

    Hosting 07 16:37

  • AMD ships 'Interlagos' Opteron 6200 chips

    Ramp to Q4 servers underway

    Servers 07 16:44

  • Skype: Microsoft's $8.5 billion identity tool

    With VoIP on the side

    Security 07 17:26

  • Ex-Microsoft accountant jailed for $1.1m Redmond theft

    Stole to 'expose flaws in system'

    Security 07 18:08

  • IBM, 3M glue chips into silicon skyscrapers

    Build tower of Power

    Hardware 07 18:31

  • DigiNotar hacker says he stole huge GlobalSign cache

    The man behind attack that minted 500 certs

    Security 07 20:48

  • Apple seeks product security boss after iPhone loss

    Horse, meet stable door

    Mobile 07 20:51

  • SAP snaps up Kiwi software firm

    Processing Right Hemisphere

    Applications 07 22:31

  • Righthaven struggles in court and at home

    Rumours of death 'exaggerated'

    Media 07 22:58

  • Oracle suit outs Google's closed source Android tactics

    'Do not develop in the open,' Google tells self

    Mobile 07 23:30