1st September 2011 Archive

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  • Oz teachers lugging obsolete lappies

    Victorian departmental lease terms under attack

    Government 01 00:01

  • Antitrust nemesis accuses Google of 'WMD program'

    Algorithm update 'targets vertical search rivals'

    Media 01 01:24

  • Samsung Tocco Icon budget mobile

    Vocal style

    Phones 01 07:00

  • Sony Android tablets in-bound

    Android 3.1 now; 3.2 in November

    Tablets 01 07:48

  • Scotland Yard cancels £20m IT tender

    Plodware deal shifted onto different bureaucro-mechanism

    Law 01 07:56

  • Sony drives DAB+ motoring

    Tunes up in-car entertainment

    Science 01 08:21

  • UBS tells IT contractors: Take a 10% pay cut ... or 100%

    Gnomes of Zurich still sharing their pain generously

    Management 01 08:28

  • Sony Ericsson launches Xperia Arc S

    Its fastest Android smartie yet

    Phones 01 08:49

  • Ford readies in-car Sync for 2012 release

    MyKey to limit what the kids can do with your car, too

    Science 01 08:59

  • Haiti study: Mass mobile phone tracking can be laudable

    You'll wish the gov had huge snoop powers - in a quake

    Mobile 01 09:01

  • The real reason Google bought Motorola

    Patents are nice, but lovely tax losses are worth more

    Business 01 09:18

  • Ford unwraps Evos cloud-connected concept car

    Nice tech, nicer looks

    Science 01 09:26

  • US judge tells Levi's to take its Euro problems to Europe

    Gardening-trouser giant in row with online trader

    Law 01 09:37

  • TextGrabber

    OCR on your iPhone

    Phones 01 10:00

  • UK-US corporate world slams 'dot-brand' domain plans

    The Man lawyers up, gets in ICANN's grille

    Hosting 01 10:13

  • Apple Store newspaper headlock may be slipping

    No need to put up with Jobsian gouging, even in iOS

    Media 01 10:26

  • Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 gets aired

    The film buff's fondleslab?

    Tablets 01 10:36

  • Tricky Xbox 360 hack claimed to work 1 try in 4

    New slim Redmond console pwned like a bitch

    Games 01 10:42

  • Deciphering the secrets of network encryption

    Focus on all-round security

    Data Networking 01 11:00

  • Prototype iPhone 5 lost in bar, right on schedule

    Time for the annual Jesus-mobe-left-in-pub story already?

    Phones 01 11:01

  • Vivendi ponders EMI buy, as its games biz rivals music

    Activision Blizzard snapping at Universal's heels

    Business 01 11:17

  • IBM builds biggest-ever disk for secret customer

    120 PB monster 'for simulation'. Nuke labs?

    Storage 01 11:32

  • UK to make White Space devices legal

    Can anyone can make them practical?

    Broadband 01 11:41

  • Philips extends Fidelio sound quality to headphones

    Outs Android phone-friendly docks too

    Hardware 01 11:45

  • Crystal Video wireless HDMI kit

    5GHz WHDI video streaming made easy, ish

    Hardware 01 12:00

  • Rugby World Cup reporters swap identities in login glitch

    Rugger buggers' buggy buggerup

    Security 01 12:19

  • Samsung outs 5in Galaxy Note as new smartphone concept

    Revamping the PDA?

    Tablets 01 12:21

  • Openwave sues: Asks for halt on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry

    Long-abrew patent stormcloud finally rains down

    Mobile 01 12:38

  • TomTom fights falling satnav sales with iPad app

    Tiny, crippled nav-only fondleslabs not selling well

    Mobile 01 12:57

  • LG backs Sharp, Philips would-be TV apps standard

    Write one app, deploy on multiple tellies

    Hardware 01 13:00

  • Sharp shows off 8K4K hi-res prototype telly

    Putting on a display

    Hardware 01 13:07

  • Microsoft delivers 'copy Apple' Windows 8 message

    Sinofsky admits 'balancing act' to avoid fondle fumble

    Operating Systems 01 13:29

  • You like Flash, you like cache: Put 'em together to form ...

    Fusion produces Cheesy Peas style ioCache

    Storage 01 14:10

  • All WikiLeaks' secret US cables are on BitTorrent in full

    The Guardian published crypto password

    Security 01 14:38

  • Twitter to serve unsolicited ads in Facebook style

    Crystal stream of news to be controllably polluted

    Media 01 14:58

  • Lawsuit alleges that Windows Phone 7 tracks users

    Camera app fingered in claims

    Operating Systems 01 15:05

  • Toshiba outs 'world's thinnest, lightest' tablet

    Exite engages

    Tablets 01 15:11

  • Toshiba: Europeans to get specs-less 3D TV by year's end

    55in, 3840 x 2160 telly inbound

    Hardware 01 15:23

  • TMS adds software services to RamSans

    Bulkening should make chunks-o-Flash easier to digest

    Storage 01 15:27

  • Google App Engine exits preview and ups prices

    All grown up, with bigger costs but better service

    Cloud 01 15:47

  • First Ultrabooks surface at IFA

    Intel specs 'em - Toshiba, Lenovo announce 'em

    Laptops 01 15:52

  • Big Blue's math shows Algorithmics worth $387m

    Risky business

    Applications 01 15:58

  • VCE goes for Zaphod Beeblebrox management style

    Cisco/EMC hoopy froods know where their towels are

    Data Networking 01 16:01

  • Samsung unveils 20Mp EVIL shooter

    APS-C mirrorless marvel?

    Hardware 01 16:21

  • 'Anon member' claims credit for WikiLeaks takedown

    Friend turns foe

    Security 01 16:42

  • Apple blasted for toxic waste spewed by iDevice suppliers

    'It's not easy being green,' Cupertino replies

    Science 01 16:45

  • Apple girds loins for 'obscene iPad sales surge'

    Foxconn ships '20 million' fondleslabs

    Media 01 19:10

  • Judge kneecaps Oracle's $1.3bn triumph over SAP

    Industrial espionage award 'grossly excessive'

    Applications 01 21:40

  • Did NBN Co’s recruiters miss CFO's accident prone past?

    Tenure at Alcatel and Crédit Lyonnais unaccountably missed

    Networks 01 22:30