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Facebook pays bounties of $40,000 in first 3 weeks

A new Facebook program that pays cash rewards to people who report security bugs on the social networking site doled out more than $40,000 in its first three weeks.
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Wikileaks shock: US watches tech news as well

In yet another round of stunning revelations, leaked cables published on Wikileaks demonstrate clearly that US embassies assign staff to read newspapers and send digests back to America, and wherever possible, they toe the party line.
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Google's anonymity ban defied by Thomas Jefferson

Open...and Shut The technology world loves to navel-gaze and think it's constantly breaking new ground, but as in the case of the recent debate over real names and anonymity on Google+, technology often plods over well-trodden ground.
Matt Asay, 30 2011
Paper Camera icon

Paper Camera

Android App of the Week I’m not a big enthusiast of mobile phone photography. As long as the end result is in focus and the lighting doesn’t make it look like it was taken on the surface of some distant planet orbiting a green sun, I’m happy. If I want better, I use a real camera.

NHS digital pens: The 'Total Solution'

An NHS procurement organisation has tendered for the first framework contract for the supply of digital pen technology, making it available to the wider public sector.
Samsung Wave 3

Samsung outs Bada 2.0 smartphone trio

Having unveiled new Galaxy M, W and Y Android smartphones last week, the South Korean giant today updated its Wave line with similar suffixes.
Hard Reg, 30 2011
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Tribunal: ICO was wrong to bin angry man's FOI request

The UK's freedom of information (FOI) law watchdog was wrong to rule that an FOI request was vexatious, the Information Rights Tribunal – formerly the Information Tribunal – has ruled.
HP Logo

HP Pre 3 punters peeved as expected price cut is a no show

HP attempted to sell off the remaining stocks of its Pre 3 WebOS smartphone last week, but eager anticipation that it would do so at a dirt cheap price were not met, much to annoyance of a number of Reg Hardware readers who were told they'll have to cough up the full price.

RAM prices set to 'free fall'

Not content with merely rolling downhill, the price of RAM is set to drop off a cliff as the PC market slows, according to IHS iSuppli.
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Red Hat's Aeolus to 'out-Linux' Rackspace's cloud

Red Hat is leading a Fedora-like effort to succeed where OpenStack has struggled in building an open-source cloud founded on broad community input.
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Pirate Bay founders launch new cyberlocker

The founders of The Pirate Bay have launched a Rapidshare knock-off called BayFiles. Anyone can upload material to the cyberlocker without creating an account. The site does not appear to be scanning for infringement.
Sony Reader PRS-T1 e-book reader

Sony e-book reader line to get multi-touch screen

Sony's next e-book reader has slipped out, courtesy of a Dutch retailer.
Hard Reg, 30 2011
Intel Atom

Next-gen Atom benchmarks show big boost for GPU

Netbooks based on Intel's upcoming 'Cedar Trail' Atom CPUs - the N2600 and N2800 - may not show a big processing performance leap over their predecessors, but they will sport smart graphics core.
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Fake Facebook spam cannon fires double-shotted malware

Malicious spam messages generated by the infamous Cutwail botnet are targeting Facebook users as potential banking Trojan victims.

Foxconn reports $17.6m 1st-half loss as robot legion grows

Foxconn International, which makes components for Apple, Motorola Mobility and Nokia products, has seen considerably reduced first-half losses this year, though its outlook is still uncertain.
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Virtualization is the new hardware, says virt kingpin

VMworld Paul Maritz has been CEO at server virtualization juggernaut and cloud computing contender VMware for three years, and he has not forgotten – despite his long experience running divisions of Microsoft – that he got his first job at a mainframe company at the beginning of the minicomputer and PC revolutions. This was back in 1978, after he got his computer science degree.
Wacom Inkling digital pen

Wacom intros scribble-saving wireless ink pen

Wacom wants 150 quid for its upcoming Inkling - a pen capable of saving on a computer what you draw on paper.
Hard Reg, 30 2011
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Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft

Microsoft is tangled up in ribbons again. This time its plan to expand the Office 2007 look-and-feel in Windows 8 is putting its Windows group president on the defensive.
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AT&T merger with T-mobile countdown restarted

The FCC has restarted the review process looking at the impact of AT&T's merger with T-Mobile USA, which should now complete in early December if nothing else goes wrong.
Bill Ray, 30 2011
Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma

Ten... gaming headsets

Product Round-up I wish I had my own flat, but I don’t. Cue Slayer Reign in Blood thundering from upstairs. Six hours into a raid and my housemate comes home and turns the volume up on their shitty boombox above my head and I have completely lost any sense of immersion. Yes I could get into a ‘speaker-off’ with them but luckily I have some of the best headsets around to hook up and bring back my suspension of disbelief.
Lucy Orr, 30 2011
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VMware reaches deeper into iPad, Android, desktop

VMworld VMware is updating its View virtual desktop infrastructure stack as well as expanding coverage for its "Project Horizon" application manager – including a rebranding of its virtualization layer for Android mobile devices, formerly known as MVP and now known as Horizon Mobile.
PC Authority Toshiba Tablet Pic

Toshiba gen-three tablet set for IFA intro

Third time lucky for Toshiba? Its Folio 100 Android tablet was a failure and its second attempt, the Thrive, didn't make it across the Atlantic to the UK and suffered sleep problems. So it's having another go, with a thinner model said to be shown at the IFA show later this week.
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DARPA wants a working manned starship for $500k

Bad-boy Pentagon boffinry bureau DARPA has now released the official solicitation for its "100 Year Starship" project, intended to get human beings making interstellar voyages within a century.
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Beyonce's belly: Most important thing ever, on Twitter

The Twitterati were in a frenzy after Beyonce's big news last night, setting a new Tweets Per Second (TPS) record.
Amazon Kindle

Tablet wars set for Apple vs Amazon head-to-head

If Amazon makes enough tablets and prices them right, the company will sell lots of the gadgets, according to Forrester Research's Sarah Rotman Epps.
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Commentard-triggered and Web-2.0 lawsuits on the rise

The number of online defamation cases brought to English and Welsh courts has more than doubled in the past year, a new report has said.
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What vegetables are best for growing in Spaaace?

It's a question that must have vexed many space-loving gardeners over the years: Just what kinds of vegetables are most suitable for growing in space or at far-flung bases on alien worlds?
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Schmidt bewails Blighty's boffin-v-luvvie culture clash

Comment "The more one pleases generally, the less one pleases profoundly" – Stendahl
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We didn't leak names of US agents, insists WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has sprung a "leak" that has reportedly resulted in the availability of unredacted copies of US diplomatic cables, according to German media outlets. WikiLeaks has admitted some sort of unspecified infosec problem while denying suggestions that its cache of US diplomatic cables has been exposed.
Sky's Sainsbury's iPad shopping trolley

Sky makes iPad trolley for square-eyed shoppers

No, despite Sky's effulgent press release, you are not going to be able to watch Sky while you wheel a trolley round Sainsbury's - thank the beardy bloke up there - for some time, if ever.
Elgato EyeTV Mobile Freeview TV dongle for iPad 2

Elgato readies iPad 2 TV tuner dongle

TV tuner specialist Elgato has come up with a plug-on Freeview pick-up for the iPad 2.
Hard Reg, 30 2011
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Pre-paid Chinese users still anonymous despite new law

For the last 12 months it has been illegal to buy a mobile phone in China without presenting ID, but Chinese customers seem as reluctant to be identified as everyone else.
Bill Ray, 30 2011
£69 Pre 3 on HP UK website

£69 Pre 3 spied on HP UK website

HP's Pre 3 smartphone has made an appearance on the company's website priced at a mere £69 including VAT.
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Tony Sale, 'Colossus' crypto machine rebuilder, dies at 80

Obituary Tony Sale, the leader of the project to rebuild the code-breaking Colossus computer, has died at the age of 80.
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World ostracizes firm that issued bogus Google credential

A counterfeit credential authenticating Gmail and other sensitive Google services was the result of a network intrusion suffered by DigiNotar, the parent company of the Netherlands-based certificate authority said in a press release that raised disturbing new questions about security on the internet.
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Apple's iTunes Match music service goes beta

Apple's iTunes Match service – which, as its name implies, matches your music collection with tunes in Apple's iCloud – has gone beta to US developers.
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VMware, Cisco stretch virtual LANs across the heavens

VMworld 2011 VMware and Cisco have teamed up with a quartet of fellow industry heavyweights to attack a vexing virtual-network configuration problem by proposing a solution that takes its inspiration from – of all places – cell phones.
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Apache squashes 'devastating' bug under attack

Maintainers of the open-source Apache webserver have fixed a severe weakness that attackers are exploiting to crash websites.
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VMware sneak-peeks future 'disruptive' cloudy tech

VMworld 2011 In a tech tease at the VMworld extravaganza in Las Vegas, VMware CTO Steve Herrod gave a sneak peek at two projects aimed at giving end users "universal cloud access".
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Accenture and Telstra open cloud lab

Fresh from securing a multi-million dollar national government e-health contract, Accenture, along with Telstra, has invested in a new Product Innovation Lab in Melbourne to develop cloud-computing solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand.
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Did Google certificate forgers hit hundreds more sites?

The hack attack that minted a fraudulent authentication credential for Google.com may have affected hundreds of other websites, a review of source code for Google's Chromium browser suggests.
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Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music

Apple's long-awaited iCloud music-streaming service won't actually stream your iTunes music collection. Instead, it will download tunes to your device, though you'll be able to listen to them while they are being downloaded.