30th August 2011 Archive

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  • Facebook pays bounties of $40,000 in first 3 weeks

    $5,000 'for one really good report'

    Security 30 00:00

  • Wikileaks shock: US watches tech news as well

    Turn on your irony detectors

    Broadband 30 00:30

  • Google's anonymity ban defied by Thomas Jefferson

    'Twas commentards defeated the Brits

    Media 30 05:00

  • Paper Camera

    Filter tips

    Phones 30 07:00

  • NHS digital pens: The 'Total Solution'

    Will need special software to read doctors' handwriting

    Policy 30 08:00

  • Samsung outs Bada 2.0 smartphone trio

    Tidal wave of Waves

    Phones 30 08:21

  • Tribunal: ICO was wrong to bin angry man's FOI request

    Council tenant's request wasn't 'vexatious', so there

    Government 30 08:27

  • HP Pre 3 punters peeved as expected price cut is a no show

    Pre bargains fail to materialise

    Phones 30 08:56

  • RAM prices set to 'free fall'

    Tablet love is cutting suppliers' throats

    Hardware 30 09:31

  • Red Hat's Aeolus to 'out-Linux' Rackspace's cloud

    OpenStack with a Fedora twist

    Cloud 30 09:43

  • Pirate Bay founders launch new cyberlocker

    Yarr! Sue me again

    Media 30 10:05

  • Sony e-book reader line to get multi-touch screen

    PRS-T1 specs leak

    Tablets 30 10:21

  • Next-gen Atom benchmarks show big boost for GPU

    Not much change to the CPU's abilities, mind

    Laptops 30 10:42

  • Fake Facebook spam cannon fires double-shotted malware

    Duff Flash on top of Blackhole, both packed with ZeuS

    Security 30 10:51

  • Foxconn reports $17.6m 1st-half loss as robot legion grows

    Company that actually makes everything struggles

    Business 30 10:56

  • Virtualization is the new hardware, says virt kingpin

    'I feel I can die now' - VMware chief Maritz

    Cloud 30 11:01

  • Wacom intros scribble-saving wireless ink pen

    Digitise your doodles

    Hardware 30 11:08

  • Windows 8 ribbon entangles Microsoft

    'Aargh, this crazy UI is strangling meee', wail users

    Software 30 11:28

  • AT&T merger with T-mobile countdown restarted

    AT&T&T-mobile mobezilla now to birth next year

    Business 30 11:38

  • Ten... gaming headsets

    Hear my player

    Top Ten 30 12:00

  • VMware reaches deeper into iPad, Android, desktop

    Nice View while watching the Horizon

    Cloud 30 12:00

  • Toshiba gen-three tablet set for IFA intro

    Third time lucky with Excite?

    Tablets 30 12:19

  • DARPA wants a working manned starship for $500k

    Mere seed money for mighty humanity-saving organisation

    Science 30 12:26

  • Beyonce's belly: Most important thing ever, on Twitter

    Bootylicious popster's baby bump busts all records

    Media 30 12:27

  • Tablet wars set for Apple vs Amazon head-to-head

    Content is king. Especially if it subsidises hardware

    Tablets 30 12:46

  • Commentard-triggered and Web-2.0 lawsuits on the rise

    Yow! Numbers double to, er, 16 in a year

    Law 30 13:01

  • What vegetables are best for growing in Spaaace?

    Grim diet of turd-garden cabbage, spinach for Mars 'nauts

    Science 30 13:20

  • Schmidt bewails Blighty's boffin-v-luvvie culture clash

    You Limeys and your rubbish school IT courses

    Media 30 13:48

  • We didn't leak names of US agents, insists WikiLeaks

    'Drooling, senile and evil' big media is made of lies!

    Security 30 14:16

  • Sky makes iPad trolley for square-eyed shoppers

    Supermarkets set for CHAOS

    Hardware 30 14:29

  • Elgato readies iPad 2 TV tuner dongle

    Freeview on the freeway

    Hardware 30 14:45

  • Pre-paid Chinese users still anonymous despite new law

    What countries permit you to have an ID-free phone?

    Mobile 30 14:56

  • £69 Pre 3 spied on HP UK website

    Company willing to discuss sales options

    Phones 30 15:07

  • Tony Sale, 'Colossus' crypto machine rebuilder, dies at 80

    Bletchley Park founding father and top MI5 scientist

    Security 30 15:44

  • World ostracizes firm that issued bogus Google credential

    DigiNotar says it was breached ... but little else

    Security 30 19:08

  • Apple's iTunes Match music service goes beta

    Sorry, world+dog: US developers only

    Developer 30 19:37

  • VMware, Cisco stretch virtual LANs across the heavens

    VXLAN virtualizes Layer 3 networks

    Cloud 30 20:04

  • Apache squashes 'devastating' bug under attack

    Byte range vuln exposed servers to crippling DoS exploit

    Security 30 20:57

  • VMware sneak-peeks future 'disruptive' cloudy tech

    Rein in file sharers, run vanilla desktop apps in browsers

    Cloud 30 22:24

  • Accenture and Telstra open cloud lab

    Making the cloud work for Australia

    Cloud 30 22:50

  • Did Google certificate forgers hit hundreds more sites?

    Google Chrome blacklists 247 credentials

    Security 30 22:51

  • Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music

    'Listen while you download' – with restrictions

    Cloud 30 22:56