29th August 2011 Archive

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  • Verizon buys up cloud start-up

    Will borg CloudSwitch into Terramark biz

    Cloud 29 00:30

  • How to... re-energise your Android smartphone's OS

    Customise your phone with CynanogenMod

    Phones 29 08:00

  • VMware turns self into (virtual) database co.

    Rolls own PostgreSQL

    Developer 29 12:00

  • VMware orders vCloud army across five continents

    World domination by fluffiness

    Cloud 29 12:00

  • Cloud.com goes open source

    Citrix sets cloud builder free

    Cloud 29 12:00

  • HP mates blades with VMware vSphere


    Servers 29 13:00

  • Dell floats cloud built on ... VMware

    Azure, 'open cloud' on the way

    Cloud 29 13:30

  • Samsung 'mulls bid for' HP's orphaned webOS

    Smart smackback at Apple, Googorola

    Mobile 29 16:37

  • Seven lessons from the HP Touchpad fire sale

    The tablet effect is real. Really

    Management 29 18:36

  • Sprint issues iPhone 5 gag rule to staff

    'iPhone? What iPhone?'

    Mobile 29 18:39

  • Hackers penetrate website for Nokia developers

    Named and shamed by Homer Simpson

    Security 29 18:45

  • Fraudulent Google credential found in the wild

    Did counterfeit SSL cert target Iranians?

    Security 29 20:54

  • Russian rocket flub threatens to empty ISS

    Current residents must come down. New ones can't go up

    Science 29 23:03

  • Aussie satellite company scores $US134m capacity deal

    Second multi-million contract in a month

    Business 29 23:11

  • Samsung will add cross-suits in Oz

    Court stalls fondleslab release again

    Business 29 23:45