26th August 2011 Archive

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  • Telstra adds Red Hat to cloud offering

    Also signals local hosting of Office 365

    Cloud 26 00:30

  • Cloud now top of Mac Tel’s list

    Bit-pipe no more

    Financial News 26 01:30

  • Java arrives on Heroku code cloud

    J2EE containers snuffed

    Cloud 26 06:49

  • Gov outlines Criminal Records Bureau successor

    Here comes the Protecting Your Freedom Bureau. Outsourced

    Policy 26 07:58

  • Vogel's RingO iPad mounting system

    Fix your fondleslab to the wall, to the car

    Tablets 26 08:00

  • IDLENESS sees Brits haemorrhage cash to mobe firms

    Refuse to switch, wander into shops like mooncalves

    Mobile 26 08:29

  • Nikon reheats Coolpix range

    See no EVIL

    Hardware 26 08:47

  • HP's UK PC boss: We're going nowhere

    TouchPad's on fire since we cancelled it!

    Hardware 26 09:01

  • World telly shipments stall

    Q2 not good for set makers

    Hardware 26 09:43

  • Cyber cops arrest man, 61, for menacing chick-lit MP

    Perhaps not an Anonymous/LulzSec kiddy after all

    Law 26 09:47

  • Google slides Slide into the bin after spending $228m

    Levchin refuses to mourn as he drives off in gold car

    Applications 26 10:16

  • Samsung to show Galaxy Tab revamp next week

    The mysterious 'Galaxy Note' too

    Tablets 26 10:26

  • After Jobs: Apple and the Cult of Disruption

    There'll be another one along in a minute

    Business 26 10:41

  • Post-Jobs Apple: New research shows Cook will do fine

    Performance as CEO all a matter of how wide your head is

    Bootnotes 26 11:02

  • A Farewell to Oates: Adios, El Reg

    <Gets his coat>

    Site News 26 11:24

  • Community Radio: On the wavelength of hopeless dreams

    New players crowd in to set up hobbyist stations

    Media 26 11:43

  • Game denies Steam threat claims

    Allegations that retailer pressured publishers are just hot air

    Games 26 11:52

  • Network switching is having a light bulb moment

    Adapting to server density

    Data Networking 26 12:00

  • Samsung SH100 14Mp Wi-Fi compact camera

    Call the shots from your smartphone

    Hardware 26 12:00

  • Ferocious Asian mindshare assault preserves Asus

    Hopes that aggressively penetrated China will go Eee

    Business 26 12:28

  • BlackBerry handsets will be able to run Android apps

    Hope to make the RIM job trivially easy for devs

    Developer 26 12:58

  • Android bakes bitter 20th birthday cake for Linux

    The fork's tines are forking: This is a tree, not cutlery

    Operating Systems 26 13:05

  • Silence ≠ 'yes', watchdog tells lustful ad-biz bakers

    You can't just force cookies down people

    Law 26 13:45

  • eBay biz millionaires proliferate as high street suffers

    Only infested rugs and defective lava lamps can save us

    Business 26 13:49

  • Stephen on Steve: The most important man on Earth

    'He completely changed the way that human beings live'

    Bootnotes 26 14:38

  • Nokia dishes out $10m in developer prizes

    Finns' sparkly balls come top

    Developer 26 15:37

  • Acer to announce ultrabook at IFA

    Skinny laptop inbound

    Laptops 26 15:39

  • Google dumps TV flop on UK

    US users spat out the Chocolate box

    Media 26 15:55

  • Google+ offers new 'Ignore' feature

    Talk to the hand option

    Networks 26 16:02

  • Mac Lion blindly accepts any LDAP password

    'Huge hole' threatens enterprise networks

    Security 26 16:43

  • Mozilla WebAPI: Champion of open source freedom

    Google? Not so much – but who cares?

    Developer 26 18:54

  • Phishing email used in serious RSA attack surfaces

    13 words upend the world's security

    Security 26 21:04

  • Supercomputer and superboffins spot rare baby supernova

    Dark matter secrets probed

    Science 26 23:16