22nd August 2011 Archive

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  • Telecom NZ invokes wrath of frisky rugby fans

    No sex please, we’re All Blacks supporters

    Business 22 00:01

  • Sulphur-loving microbes might be oldest life

    Life at Marble Bar close to life on Mars

    Science 22 01:00

  • Oracle's Sparc T4 chip: Will you pay Larry's premium?

    Oomph for one thread. Or many

    Hardware 22 04:12

  • Sneaky tracking code (finally) purged from Microsoft sites

    'Supercookies' eluded user privacy choices

    Security 22 04:15

  • Former Insight veep Akkerman rocks up at Rackspace

    Channel warhorse gallops into the cloud

    Cloud 22 07:36

  • Big pharma discredited by Twitter drug-pushing: Official

    Not supposed to punt prescription stuff to the public

    Media 22 08:01

  • Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

    Contention ratio an issue, possibly?

    Broadband 22 08:26

  • Sony Ericsson outs social music smartphone

    Walkman + Facebook + Android

    Phones 22 08:34

  • TVOnics to add BBC iPlayer to DVRs

    Catching up

    Hardware 22 08:48

  • Cabinet Office shuns open-source in IT-tracking deal

    Maude's dept applies locks to 'level playing field' gate

    Operating Systems 22 08:58

  • UK, German Android-ers can buy apps on phone bills

    Vodafone is the first domino to fall

    Business 22 09:19

  • LG lights up smartphone for the sunshine

    Phones 22 09:38

  • Sage stuffed in Mind Your Own Business bid

    Geordies scuppered by share prices

    Business 22 09:42

  • 2012 to be year of the ultrabook

    Notebook makers desperately seek novelty

    Laptops 22 09:53

  • Networks, handset makers vie for mobile dominance

    Who's left standing following the WebOS train crash?

    Developer 22 10:01

  • Skype gulps group app as it is swallowed by Microsoft

    Redmond's in-house 'We're In' may in fact not be any more

    Business 22 10:14

  • Hotboxer Xiotech drops the 'tech', goes all-caps

    No need to SHOUT

    Storage 22 10:26

  • Osun MushRoom Green Zero USB charger

    Cute carbon cutter

    Hardware 22 10:30

  • Detective on phone-hacking probe team is arrested

    Dick cuffed after messy leaks

    Law 22 10:43

  • LOHAN rival to inflate bulging orbs with hydrogen

    Trifling explosion hazard outweighed by greater buoyancy

    SPB 22 10:58

  • Cookie respawning, history sniffing case dropped

    Ad network didn't cause enough harm, says US judge

    Law 22 11:19

  • National web-2.0 dogturd photo scheme goes live

    UK to collect mighty archive of poo snaps

    Government 22 11:31

  • Google unleashes Street View upon the Amazon

    River, not webshop. Spy cars also to slurp Israel

    Cloud 22 11:38

  • iPhone 5 to include Japanese earthquake warning system

    Jesus Phone saves

    Operating Systems 22 11:57

  • Neato Robotics XV-15 vacuum cleaner

    Another sucker joins the robot wars

    Hardware 22 12:06

  • Here lies /^v.+b$/i

    Which programming language to use on one's headstone?

    Developer 22 12:20

  • Bundled music newbie Boinc aims for year-end launch

    Remains to be seen if Beyond Oblivion actually is

    Media 22 12:42

  • How to get a firm grip of applications performance

    Monitoring for good behaviour

    Service Assurance 22 13:00

  • Afghan coppers trained with Playmobil

    Lego Taliban daren't mess with tiny no-nonsense lawmen

    Bootnotes 22 13:24

  • Rebel hackers seize Libyan domain name registry

    Also much of meatspace capital

    Hosting 22 13:24

  • Windows Phone may be cheaper than Android - Inq boss

    Free operating systems not unlike lunches, apparently

    Phones 22 13:40

  • Marriage makes women get fat, divorce does same to men

    Lonely swingbellies scoff chips once wife departs

    Science 22 13:57

  • WikiLeaks admits insider deleted loads of its data

    We do have more than one source, honest. Well, we did

    Media 22 14:19

  • Celebrity Google+rs do need steenkin' badges

    Choc Factory ID police erase 'Creepy Eric Schmidt'

    Networks 22 14:56

  • Anonymous/LulzSec chick-lit MP kid threat pooh-poohed

    Hacktivists would never use email; too nerdy for violence

    Security 22 15:07

  • German authorities park tanks on Facebook's lawn

    Wir verlangen ein Abneigungsknopf … weibchen

    Government 22 15:22

  • Ultra-cheap HP TouchPads to hit UK at 6pm

    Put it on the slate

    Tablets 22 16:14

  • IBM's BlueGene/Q super chip grows 18th core

    It's nice to have a spare

    HPC 22 17:00

  • Coders breathe Android into dead HP fondleslab

    Resuscitation by Google desserts

    Mobile 22 17:36

  • NetApp Flash Cache for no cash

    FAS 6000s only

    Storage 22 18:45

  • PHP users warned to stay away from latest update

    5.3.7 marred by serious crypto bug

    Security 22 20:26

  • Poulson Itaniums hit 'Replay' for reliability

    New instructions, better HyperThreading

    Servers 22 20:37

  • Skitch gets stitched by Evernote

    Another Aussie digital start-up heads to the Valley

    Business 22 22:19

  • Skype bug may expose users to malicious code

    Skype: Does not. Researcher: Does so

    Security 22 22:28

  • AMD gooses low-power Fusion chips

    Faster clocks, better graphics, improved battery life

    Hardware 22 22:31

  • Apple rumor mill predicts 'all new Mac'

    Un-Mac Mac arrives 'this year'

    Hardware 22 23:13

  • CSC secures A$25m utility deal

    10-year history stays electric

    Business 22 23:30

  • Ukrainian authorities charge four in huge carder ring

    $20 million in alleged harm

    Security 22 23:30