18th August 2011 Archive

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  • Google+ bans real name under ‘Real Names’ policy

    Don’t be evil different

    Bootnotes 18 01:00

  • Red Hat: Where recessions are good news

    Economic downturn antidote

    Operating Systems 18 04:00

  • Better ATM skimming through thermal imaging

    Technique automates PIN theft

    Security 18 05:00

  • David May, parallel processing pioneer

    We salute the architect of the Transputer

    Hardware 18 07:00

  • Samsung offers eco-econo green DRAM

    It's like making a computer out of rainbows

    Storage 18 07:34

  • A first glance into Nutanix storage

    Once over lightly

    Storage 18 07:52

  • Southwest One made overpayments of £4.6m

    Glitch had staff chucking cheques out of town hall windows

    Government 18 07:58

  • Intel pushes back next-gen Atom release

    Cedar Trail trials

    Laptops 18 08:04

  • iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

    Connoisseurs of fine wine, gourmets, lovers etc etc

    Operating Systems 18 08:28

  • Community Linux support for Penguin phones floated

    'Let's all pick one kernel and stick with it for a bit'

    Developer 18 09:03

  • World+Dog to get keen on consoles next year

    PS3 to host 'most active' fanbase by 2015

    Games 18 09:06

  • Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online users suffer outages

    'They should call it Office 364, really'

    The Channel 18 09:08

  • NetApp misses revenue goal

    'We're in unprecedented waters right now'

    Storage 18 09:28

  • UCAS website collapses - on results day

    Who could have predicted such massive traffic? Er ...

    Policy 18 09:31

  • Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

    Retailer breaks out of the App Store. Hurrah

    Phones 18 10:00

  • LOHAN seeks mighty thruster for trip to heaven and back

    Special Projects to attend International Rocket Week

    SPB 18 10:00

  • TalkTalk, Tiscali fined £3m in bogus billing smackdown

    Telcos set bailiffs on people who owed them nothing

    Broadband 18 10:19

  • White Space: The Next Big Thing in networks

    Among the mystery pub antennas of the Silicon Fens

    Networks 18 10:25

  • Skype brings per-minute Wi-Fi to iPad and iPhone

    Who here remembers mobile dial-up? Great days

    Phones 18 10:36

  • Sage leads bidding for Mind Your Own Business

    Geordie move into Antipodes looking good

    Business 18 11:01

  • Gerard Depardieu takes piss on plane, gets tossed off

    'Je veux pisser', thunders bottle spatter mishap thesp

    Bootnotes 18 11:23

  • Op Weeting plods cuff 13th hack in phone-hack probe

    Reportedly former NotW showbiz bin-rifler

    Security 18 11:32

  • Outsourcer says rivals faked stolen database offer

    'Envious competitor in lame attempt to hurt us'

    Security 18 11:41

  • Data centre networking - the view from your seat

    Are you coping with service demands?

    Reg Technology Panel 18 12:00

  • Nokia invigorates old Symbians with Anna

    Belle slips out too

    Phones 18 12:07

  • Symbian Anna makes her debut

    Younger, prettier sister still not allowed out in public

    Developer 18 12:24

  • iPad sales shove Apple to top of mobile computing tree

    Jobs mob looks down on HP, Dell et al

    Tablets 18 12:24

  • Fort Knox military cops disgusted with solar patrol carts

    Sluggish 'leccy buggies unpopular with bullion base plods

    Law 18 12:26

  • Free Ride: Disney, Fela Kuti and Google's war on copyright

    Lawrence Lessig's work 'isn't worthy of a Harvard prof'

    Media 18 12:59

  • Lenovo chiefs chortle over decision to buy IBM's PC biz

    Fat numbers from reorg'd Big Blue boxes

    Business 18 13:27

  • Australian bank to run trial with human teller in ATM

    Video link, not dwarf or brain in jar

    Bootnotes 18 13:41

  • Tech Data laughs at world market meltdown

    Tweaks nose of global macro-economic woe

    The Channel 18 13:54

  • Computacenter guru outlines new Colt not-a-cloud plan

    How do you draw a 'delivery platform' on a whiteboard?

    Cloud 18 14:33

  • HP confirms faster, paler TouchPad tablet

    64GB Wi-Fi model out in two weeks

    Tablets 18 15:00

  • Snap said to show iPhone 5s being stacked by bunnies

    Panels on parade

    Phones 18 15:19

  • Oxford adds woot! to dictionary

    Hello? 1994 wants its word back

    Bootnotes 18 15:39

  • DARPA shells out $21m for IBM cat brain chip

    Here, Skynet Skynet

    Science 18 16:27

  • HP to 'spinoff PC biz'

    $10bn Autonomy buy rumored

    Hardware 18 17:01

  • UK man faces five charges for repeated Facebook hacks

    Phabricator penetrated

    Security 18 17:37

  • Nimbula 'cloud operating system' spans data centers

    Ex-Amazon man transcends geography

    Cloud 18 18:46

  • Canonical ARMs Ubuntu for microserver wars

    Oneiric Ocelot runs un-x86

    Servers 18 19:19

  • HP murders webOS tablets, phones

    Confirms PC biz spinoff 'discussion'

    Hardware 18 19:49

  • Microsoft, McDonald's absolved of tracking cookie abuse

    Redmond and Ronald victorious

    Security 18 21:50

  • Compellent swoops in, saves Dell storage

    Nearly doubled revenue

    Storage 18 21:51

  • NetComm bags NBN device deal

    Ericsson shares the A$1.1bn love

    Business 18 22:28

  • Oz cybercrime laws in need of repair

    Sent back under warranty

    Government 18 23:30