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Google+ bans real name under ‘Real Names’ policy

First, Google sparked a furor by banning pseudonyms from Google+ under its “Real Names” policy. Its next row, now warming up in Australia, is the banning of real names that happen to lie outside the programmers’ assumptions.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Aug 2011

Red Hat: Where recessions are good news

Open...and ShutWhile Silicon Valley is still bubbling like it's 1999, tech investor Mark Suster thinks the flailing job market and imploding stock market is a warning to entrepreneurs: raise what money you can as fast as you can, because life is about to get much harder, even for web companies.
Matt Asay, 18 Aug 2011

Better ATM skimming through thermal imaging

Security researchers have found that thermal cameras can be combined with computer algorithms to automate the process of stealing payment card data processed by automatic teller machines.
Dan Goodin, 18 Aug 2011
David May

David May, parallel processing pioneer

Unsung Heroes of Tech"It's very distressing - I'm watching almost with disbelief. The Americans cannot get it out of their heads that if you're trying to build machines with lots of processors, you don't assume that they all share a common memory. The world doesn't have a common database. We pass messages to one another."
Chris Bidmead, 18 Aug 2011
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Samsung offers eco-econo green DRAM

Using through-silicon vias, Samsung is stacking its memory chips higher and reducing energy consumption.
Chris Mellor, 18 Aug 2011

A first glance into Nutanix storage

What can we expect from the Nutanix Complete Cluster in a storage sense? Here's an instant review of what the documentation tells us.
Chris Mellor, 18 Aug 2011

Southwest One made overpayments of £4.6m

A software glitch has led Somerset county council to make overpayments of £3.7m, the authority has confirmed.
Intel Atom

Intel pushes back next-gen Atom release

Intel has allegedly knocked back the release of its next-gen netbook and nettop chippery, from September to November.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2011

iPhone users richer, brainier, more tasteful than Android-ers

A massive survey of smartphone users purports to show that iPhone users are sushi-eating leaders, while anyone touting an Android handset prefers steak and following others.
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2011

Community Linux support for Penguin phones floated

Plans are afoot to establish a long-term support system for new versions of the Linux kernel to help slide the penguin into more smartphones.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Aug 2011

World+Dog to get keen on consoles next year

Consumer spending on games consoles and software will begin to bounce back next year - after a slide of a few percentage points between 2010 and 2011 - thanks, in part, to the Wii U.
Hard Reg, 18 Aug 2011
vulture tv reporter

Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online users suffer outages

Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online customers stateside suffered a major outage yesterday for more than five hours.
Paul Kunert, 18 Aug 2011
Cat 5 cable

NetApp misses revenue goal

NetApp made a reduced profit in its first fiscal 2012 quarter, reflecting a sudden US sales drop-off attributed to public sector and financial services buying slowdowns.
Chris Mellor, 18 Aug 2011

UCAS website collapses - on results day

'A' level students looking to find a university place through the UCAS website had better get on the phone instead - the organisation has shut down its own website.
John Oates, 18 Aug 2011
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

iOS App of the WeekLooks like there’s trouble a-brewing in the cosy iOS ecosystem. Amazon has just rewritten its Kindle app as an HTML 5 ‘web app’ in order to circumvent the restrictions of the App Store – not to mention the 30 per cent cut that Apple skims off the top of every sale.
Cliff Joseph, 18 Aug 2011

LOHAN seeks mighty thruster for trip to heaven and back

Our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) project is beginning to gain momentum, and we reckon it's about time we looked into the explosive matter of the Vulture 2 rocket motor.
Lester Haines, 18 Aug 2011

TalkTalk, Tiscali fined £3m in bogus billing smackdown

TalkTalk and Tiscali have been hit with a big fine from Ofcom, after wrongly billing tens of thousands of customers for services they never received.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Aug 2011

White Space: The Next Big Thing in networks

AnalysisThe white spaces are filling up around Cambridge, so El Reg went up to the Fens to talk to the companies responsible about what white space is for ... and why they're sticking their masts on pubs.
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2011

Skype brings per-minute Wi-Fi to iPad and iPhone

iPhone and iPad users can now be charged by the minute for Wi-Fi access, thanks to the expanded Skype Access service which now includes fondle-slabs and Jesus mobes as well as computers.
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2011
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Sage leads bidding for Mind Your Own Business

Sage has been declared preferred bidder for Aussie small biz and accounts firm MYOB.
John Oates, 18 Aug 2011

Gerard Depardieu takes piss on plane, gets tossed off

Gerard Depardieu was kicked off a flight to Dublin, after the French actor responded to the call of nature by peeing into a bottle and reportedly overspilling an unsteady flow of piss into the aisle.
Team Register, 18 Aug 2011

Op Weeting plods cuff 13th hack in phone-hack probe

The Metropolitan police have arrested another man as part of its ongoing investigation into alleged phone-hacking at axed Sunday tabloid News of the World.
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Aug 2011

Outsourcer says rivals faked stolen database offer

eBay-style outsourcing site PeoplePerHour says a rival firm faked emails which claimed to be offering the company's customer database for sale.
John Oates, 18 Aug 2011
Nokia N8

Nokia invigorates old Symbians with Anna

Nokia's latest mobile OS, Symbian Anna, is already appearing on new handsets, but today the Finnish phone giant launched an update to bring owners of various other models up to scratch too.
Caleb Cox, 18 Aug 2011

Symbian Anna makes her debut

Owners of the latest Nokia phones can now update to Symbian Anna, assuming their operators permit it, but having caught a glimpse of her younger sister they might not be impressed.
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2011
Apple iPad 2

iPad sales shove Apple to top of mobile computing tree

You can see why Apple thinks the iPad is "magical" - the fondleslab has again mysteriously lifted the company's share of the mobile computer market above even HP and Dell.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2011
A tortoise catches an orange frisbee. Photo by Shutterstock

Fort Knox military cops disgusted with solar patrol carts

US military police stationed at Fort Knox, home among other things to the United States Bullion Depository, are reportedly none too pleased at having to patrol in rather feeble solar-powered electric golf carts in line with Pentagon efforts to be more environmentally friendly.
Lewis Page, 18 Aug 2011

Free Ride: Disney, Fela Kuti and Google's war on copyright

InterviewWars over creators' rights are pretty old – much older than copyright law. In one of the first "copyfights", in 561AD, about 3,000 people died, writes Robert Levine in his new book Free Ride. St Colmcille and St Finnian clashed over the right to make copies of the Bible, with the King castigating Colmcille for his "fancy new ideas about people's property".
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Aug 2011

Lenovo chiefs chortle over decision to buy IBM's PC biz

IBM may think it was a grand plan to exit the PC game by flogging its biz to Lenovo, but the Chinese vendor does not concur, as its Q1 sales rises show.
Paul Kunert, 18 Aug 2011

Australian bank to run trial with human teller in ATM

Australian banks may soon be rolling out new video-enabled ATMs which allow consumers to video-chat "live" with remote bank tellers.
Natalie Apostolou, 18 Aug 2011

Tech Data laughs at world market meltdown

Tech Data sailed its calendar Q2 sales and profits safely through into the sunny waters of double-digit growth aided by a favourable currency tailwind despite severe undertow from ebbing economies on both sides of the Atlantic.
Paul Kunert, 18 Aug 2011

Computacenter guru outlines new Colt not-a-cloud plan

Computacenter's former storage boss Matthew Yeager is set to join LSE-listed Colt from next month as chief technologist.
Paul Kunert, 18 Aug 2011
HP TouchPad

HP confirms faster, paler TouchPad tablet

HP may not be selling quite as many TouchPad tablets as it might want to, but it's certainly not for want of trying. Hot on the heels of last month's launch comes a new, 64GB model.
Tony Smith, 18 Aug 2011

Snap said to show iPhone 5s being stacked by bunnies

Are these handsets behind placed in palettes by workers in cleanroom clothing - aka bunny suits - actually iPhone 5s?
Hard Reg, 18 Aug 2011

Oxford adds woot! to dictionary

Today marks the launch of the centenary edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, first compiled by the Fowler brothers in 1911: an event traditionally marked by a press release including words added for the first time.
John Oates, 18 Aug 2011

DARPA shells out $21m for IBM cat brain chip

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is moving ahead with IBM in the third leg of its Synapse cat brain chip. That leaves one more leg, a tail, and nine lives to go.
fingers pointing at man

HP to 'spinoff PC biz'

Hewlett-Packard is planning to spinoff its PC business, according to Bloomberg.
Rik Myslewski, 18 Aug 2011

UK man faces five charges for repeated Facebook hacks

A 25-year-old UK man has been charged with five counts of illegal hacking for repeatedly penetrating the security defenses of Facebook.
Dan Goodin, 18 Aug 2011

Nimbula 'cloud operating system' spans data centers

Nimbula – the build-your-own-cloud outfit founded by Amazon's former vice president of engineering – has announced a new release of its Director platform, saying it will allow businesses to run a unified "infrastructure cloud" across geographically separate data centers.
Cade Metz, 18 Aug 2011
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Canonical ARMs Ubuntu for microserver wars

Canonical is suiting up for the coming microserver wars, confirming that Ubuntu Server 11.10 will run on ARM chips.

HP murders webOS tablets, phones

HP has announced that it will discontinue its webOS TouchPad and webOS phones, just weeks after the arrival of the TouchPad and a little more than a year after the company acquired the webOS mobile operating system from Palm in a $1.2bn purchase.
Cade Metz, 18 Aug 2011

Microsoft, McDonald's absolved of tracking cookie abuse

A judge has gutted a lawsuit that accused companies including Microsoft, McDonald's, and advertising network Interclick of fraud for the use of code that tracked the browsing history of website visitors, even when they took pains to keep that information private.
Dan Goodin, 18 Aug 2011
For Sale sign detail

Compellent swoops in, saves Dell storage

Dell's fiscal 2012 second quarter storage revenues, shrunk by lost EMC business, would have shown no growth or even a loss but for booming Compellent sales.
Chris Mellor, 18 Aug 2011

NetComm bags NBN device deal

Australian datacomms vendor NetComm has secured an NBN Co device supply contract via core NBN wireless vendor Ericsson.
Natalie Apostolou, 18 Aug 2011

Oz cybercrime laws in need of repair

An Australian Senate committee has recommended that law enforcement authorities should only hand information to agencies from other countries if those countries have privacy protection that matches our own.
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Aug 2011

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