16th August 2011 Archive

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  • Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom

    And it's Apple's own fault

    Phones 16 01:03

  • AFL boss: NBN could let us bypass broadcasters

    ‘Give me more money, you bastard. Boom-shanka’*

    Business 16 02:00

  • Man reveals secret recipe behind undeletable cookies

    New and improved cookie 'respawning' revealed

    Security 16 04:00

  • ScaleBase shatters MySQL for scalability

    And glues it back together for speed

    Cloud 16 05:00

  • Apple delays 'retina display' iPad 3 to 2012

    Screens still too costly

    Tablets 16 05:20

  • Acer Aspire 5755G 15in Core i7 laptop

    Solid option?

    Laptops 16 06:00

  • Smartphones rain on Sony PS Vita parade

    Pricey handheld console will struggle

    Games 16 07:30

  • Permabit goes into dedupe hyperdrive

    'Primary, secondary, any-ary - it rocks'

    Storage 16 08:00

  • £4.4m gov wad to get all Northern Ireland up to 2 Mbit/s

    Ulster bands still not broad enough

    Networks 16 08:28

  • Mag bitchslapped in Duchess Kate digi-slimming case

    'We only meant to delete Wills', blubs glossy Grazia

    Media 16 08:54

  • Rights Commish warns of creeping gov data menace

    'Need for personal info has to be clearly justified'

    Policy 16 09:18

  • BT wholesale boss bails out, cites personal reasons

    'Competing demands on her time'

    Broadband 16 09:42

  • UN ICT agency asks world yoof, geeks for great tech ideas

    Hefty cash prizes, free trips to Switzerland on offer

    Networks 16 10:02

  • DeskSMS

    Manage your texts on Gmail

    Phones 16 10:07

  • Motorola beefs up rugged Android smartphone

    Defy+ hits the 'G' spot?

    Phones 16 10:16

  • Recovery-ware startup Zerto uncloaks, scoops $15m

    Virty disasterproofing brothers back in the game

    Virtualization 16 10:18

  • RIM emits 100-BlackBerry cloud for small biz

    Not enough minions to bother with your own server?

    Cloud 16 10:26

  • Just 0.2% of Facebook flogged for $133m

    Means it's worth 20% of Apple ... or ALL of HP

    Business 16 10:35

  • Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing

    Looks exactly like an iPad - if you stretch the truth a bit

    Business 16 10:53

  • Hunt empties broadband funding pot across Blighty

    Euro speed dominance by 2015 as promised? Unlikely

    Broadband 16 11:05

  • HARRY POTTER CHAINED to new Sony reader

    Boy wizard to levitate gadgets off shelves this Xmas

    Media 16 11:19

  • Vodafone signals low-cost Facebook ringer

    Status updater

    Phones 16 11:33

  • Microsoft begins cagey Windows 8 disclosures

    'We want to know we know what we're talking about'

    Developer 16 11:43

  • Chinese giant figures to muscle into UK mobe market

    No more partnering: It's my way or the Huawei

    Mobile 16 11:50

  • Intel says no to massive ultrabook CPU price cut

    Notebook makers demand cheaper chips

    Laptops 16 11:58

  • Office 365 in a private cloud

    Office by design

    Cloud 16 12:18

  • BBC explains 'All your Twitter pics are belong to us' gaffe

    Property is theft, man. So we're taking yours

    Media 16 12:25

  • Google gets UK OK on privacy in slurping probe

    'Not a rubber stamp' insists kid-glove-clad regulator

    Government 16 12:35

  • Europe's PC mountain barely dented in price slash bloodbath

    Biz still buying boxes, but consumers go slab-happy

    The Channel 16 13:23

  • PETA to launch .xxx smut site 'to help animals'

    Naked celebrity campaign moves to next level

    Hosting 16 14:21

  • Sage looking to mind Mind Your Own Business' business

    Looking for a bit of down-under gobblement

    Business 16 15:01

  • Injunction suspended: EU can buy Galaxy Tabs again

    Non-iPad slabfondle fun still verboten in Germany though

    Business 16 15:30

  • News International mail server password FAIL exposed

    Full login details published along with damning letters

    Media 16 15:40

  • Apple sells world's most expensive flash drive

    The $40 Lion convenience fee

    Software 16 16:29

  • Giant iPhone 4 brings Mac OS X to the table

    Honey, I blew up the blower

    Hardware 16 17:02

  • AutoCAD LT arrives on the Mac

    App Store embrace

    Applications 16 18:44

  • Cloud box does virtualization sans SAN

    Practice safe SOCS

    Cloud 16 19:05

  • Malware mints virtual currency using victim's GPU

    Bitcoin mining meets parallel computing

    Security 16 20:00

  • HTC hurls more patent spew on Apple

    Mobile biz stuck on repeat

    Media 16 20:44

  • Mac OS X Lion gets bug-squashing update

    HDMI, Wi-Fi fixes

    Software 16 21:59

  • MacTel, Verizon score AGIMO gig

    Panel adds another two to coveted gov roster

    Business 16 22:04

  • Mozilla strokes coders with Firefox 6

    JavaScript Scratchpad

    Developer 16 22:05

  • Popular Android modder takes job with Samsung Mobile

    Cyanogen to make Android 'more awesome'

    Mobile 16 22:52

  • Australia Institute: we’re all mindless sheep

    What, there’s a second page of search results?

    Business 16 23:00