15th August 2011 Archive

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  • Curved light drives boffin one-upmanship

    Get bent

    Science 15 00:30

  • How expensive are Australian NBN services?

    Depends on how you measure it

    Broadband 15 01:00

  • Nvidia enlists Cray CTO for Tesla GPU assault

    HPC biz all lumpy

    HPC 15 02:07

  • A-level results accidentally put on interwebs a week early

    Schoolboy error

    Bootnotes 15 08:58

  • Apple ups iPhone production 'by 12%'

    56 million units to be churned out in H2 2011

    Phones 15 09:05

  • FLASH: The Disruptening

    Who will tame this mighty beast and ride it into town?

    Storage 15 09:12

  • Firefox 6 silently released ahead of official unwrap date

    Mozilla FTP server cares naught for release schedule

    Applications 15 09:23

  • Orange signals mobile broadband tariff tweaks

    Box of MiFi tricks up its sleeve

    Broadband 15 09:59

  • Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know

    Even without injunctions, it's a hard sell

    Hardware 15 10:28

  • Wikipedia: It's not for girls

    Woeful Sex and the City coverage, lady nerditors bullied

    Bootnotes 15 10:31

  • Ex Cisco UK reseller boss returns from Excellent Clouds

    You can take the girl out of the channel ...

    The Channel 15 10:35

  • PlayStation Network content in-store at Game

    Shoppy digital

    Games 15 10:41

  • Galaxy Tab still legal in the Netherlands

    Keen to fondle a new slab? Bless the open-minded Dutch

    Hardware 15 11:06

  • HP to bring next WebOS blower to Blighty

    Pre 3 coming to Orange

    Phones 15 11:15

  • Lawyer touts new legal time-bomb for Android

    Phones and slab makers in peril, says 'totally bogus' attorney

    Phones 15 11:17

  • Audio Technica ANC7b noise-cancelling headphones

    Journey into sound

    Hardware 15 11:34

  • Dynamic Languages Conference: it's an Edinburgh thing

    Stallman speaks at free one-dayer

    Developer 15 11:52

  • Google plus Google Plus: You give us info, we sell it!

    'Oh, my mouth is watering', murmurs Choc Factory exec

    Networks 15 11:54

  • Microsoft loses grip on slippery Mango

    Windows Phone 7.5: Slurp this leak at your phone risk

    Operating Systems 15 12:13

  • Google SHOCK! Snaps up Motorola phone biz for $12.5bn

    Are you a Droid handset maker? You were

    Mobile 15 12:21

  • Adobe automates website design for arty Luddites

    Like crayons, hate keyboards?

    Applications 15 12:23

  • People don't want tablets, they want iPads

    Mountain of unsold fondle-slabs piles up, prices slashed

    Tablets 15 12:29

  • WinPho 7.5 leaked in unofficial update

    Mango out early

    Phones 15 12:54

  • Virgin Media flogs off UKTV stake for £339m

    Dave gobbled by Food Network

    Media 15 12:59

  • InMage dumps CEO

    Co-founder takes over

    Storage 15 13:04

  • TwitPic founder tries to pull rug from under Twitter

    Revenge rug-tug bid against colossus probably doomed

    Networks 15 13:32

  • Apple Mac Mini 2011

    Style over substance?

    Hardware 15 13:55

  • Has Google wasted $12bn on a dud patent poker-chip?

    Larry Page's Moto bluff fails to convince

    Business 15 15:17

  • 'Major' C++ revision receives standards blessing

    Mind your language

    Developer 15 17:20

  • Innocent passengers targeted to protest subway agency

    Anonymous punishes THE PEOPLE to protect them

    Security 15 18:34

  • Xsigo automagically floats cloud east and west

    Not just north and south

    Cloud 15 19:58

  • Googorola versus the Android ecosystem

    The war Google won't admit

    Mobile 15 21:14

  • US breakthrough in Oz bomb hoax case

    Louisville not far enough away for accused attacker

    Security 15 22:04

  • ESPN buys Aussie tipping site

    Footy platform goes global

    Business 15 22:30

  • SGI slurps OpenFoam

    Going with the CFD flow

    HPC 15 23:29

  • Shuttered SETI reboots ET pursuit

    Thanks to Jodie Foster

    Science 15 23:32

  • Carosa invests in more Oz online start-ups

    VC activity heats up: is this what a bubble sounds like?

    Financial News 15 23:40

  • Son of Solaris raids Linux for KVM hypervisor

    Joyent erects 'first major hypervisor' in half decade

    Cloud 15 23:53