12th August 2011 Archive

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  • Equinix opens 3rd data centre in Sydney

    More clouds to gather in Melbourne, Japan, India and China

    Cloud 12 00:01

  • DARPA drops another HTV-2

    To lose one is unfortunate, two looks like carelessness

    Science 12 00:01

  • University rats on Sydney suburb

    Rodent reintroduction reverses ratbags' rampage

    Science 12 01:00

  • MacBook Pro turns to golden Apple

    24-carat upgrade

    Laptops 12 04:50

  • The IBM PC is 30

    On 12 August 1981, the world changed

    Vintage 12 06:00

  • Software maker fingered in Korean hackocalypse

    ESTsoft flub spawns nation's worst breach

    Security 12 06:18

  • Google lands patent for, um, estimating shipment time

    'Telling a customer when their goodies will arrive? We own that'

    Media 12 06:19

  • National police procurement hub goes live

    Best laid plans of mice and NPIA

    Law 12 08:00

  • Traumatic scenes for car geeks as forum falls over

    Man made cake, spoke to wife

    Security 12 08:59

  • Android respawn horror: Hacker says hackers' phones hacked

    Defcon visitors see handsets being scoped

    Operating Systems 12 09:17

  • Joe Public invited to hunt God particle

    CERN needs your PC to help nail Higgs boson

    Science 12 09:37

  • MySpace site glitch mistaken for hack attack

    OMG! Must've been Anonymous. LOL

    Security 12 09:39

  • LinkedIn U-turns to appease peeved users

    But privacy policy stays the same

    Small Biz 12 09:54

  • Amazon web services back up and running

    But reasons for outage still being investigated

    Cloud 12 09:57

  • Mango release rumours leave Nokia behind

    1 September release looking international

    Developer 12 10:33

  • Apple shines light on iOS projector tech

    Illuminating patents discovery

    Tablets 12 10:42

  • Neighbours cop an earful from screaming Swedish w*nker

    Malmö onanist 'moans louder than an animal'

    Bootnotes 12 10:52

  • Jeff Bezos patents retro jets, and airbags, for telephones

    Amazon man protecting your pocket tech

    Mobile 12 10:55

  • Samsung plops out waterproof smartphone

    Touch and flow

    Phones 12 11:00

  • Hey dumbo, Facebook isn't sharing telephone numbers

    Publish and be damned... bitch

    Security 12 11:02

  • Bytes hungry for more buys

    Looking at storage and virtualisation

    The Channel 12 11:13

  • Twitter 'Stalker app' just a phishing scam

    A stalker, a phisher, a stealer o' beef

    Security 12 11:56

  • German court bans sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1, says Apple

    Temporary ban on the sale of Samsung tablet in all but one EU country

    Hardware 12 11:58

  • Star Wars fans offered Blu-ray deals and previews

    Panasonic uses 'the force' to sell format

    Hardware 12 12:23

  • Icebergs measured in Manhattans: Official

    Antarctic tsunami event spawns new standard

    Bootnotes 12 12:38

  • Gary McKinnon support website defaced

    Serial graffiti splasher TurkGuvenligi strikes again

    Security 12 12:39

  • Essex police charge BlackBerry user over inciting violent disorder

    BBM lets England shake

    Law 12 12:41

  • Bloody Moon stuffs the Perseids

    Annual meteor shower set to be a wash-out

    Science 12 12:50

  • iLuv iPad 2 case and Bluetooth keyboard

    Winning combination?

    Tablets 12 13:04

  • Counter-Strike sequel aims for 2012 target

    Back with a bang

    Games 12 13:20

  • iPhone 5 less than a month away

    Apple event hints at handset

    Phones 12 13:32

  • Fujitsu staff vote on strikes

    Government contracts could be hit

    Government 12 15:03

  • LightSquared blasts GPS naysayers in FCC letter

    Is GPS too important to be restricted by law?

    Mobile 12 15:04

  • IPCC probes alleged Milly Dowler/NotW leak

    Independent investigation is go

    Law 12 15:16

  • Layar gets a Vision, and a revenue stream

    We could make some money!

    Developer 12 15:28

  • IBM PC daddy: 'The PC era is over'

    Chucks own invention into vinyl record bin

    Hardware 12 16:39

  • Google Chrome beta turns on native code machine

    Native Client in the chute

    Developer 12 17:58

  • iPad accessorizer gets into Bernie Madoff's pants

    Own a bit of butt-hugging history

    Media 12 18:06

  • Man admits to running $800,000 carder ring

    Cops to aggravated identity theft

    Security 12 18:17

  • Police kill mobile phone service to squelch protest

    San Francisco shutdown

    Mobile 12 22:41

  • Mozilla to auto-block unwanted Firefox add-ons

    Revenge of the force-fed browser users

    Security 12 22:44

  • Dell puts gun to Streak 5 tablet, pulls trigger

    Five-inch experiment dead

    Tablets 12 22:50

  • Stars Wars icons join Queen Elizabeth on Pacific Island coin

    R2D2 meets QEII

    Bootnotes 12 23:59