10th August 2011 Archive

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  • Google promises fix for jittery Usenet addicts

    Newsgroups never die. They only fade away. And come back again

    Media 10 Aug 00:18

  • Senetas gets UK foothold for crypto kit

    SELEX Elsag targeting gov.uk customers

    Business 10 Aug 00:30

  • Hackers crack crypto for GPRS mobile networks

    Your cellphone data intercepted

    Security 10 Aug 04:00

  • Five... freshly picked iOS gaming apps

    The latest from Apple's amusement arcade

    Games 10 Aug 06:00

  • Microsoft gives BPOS customers credit note for latest crash

    Voucher for flakey service designed to appease clients

    Cloud 10 Aug 08:00

  • Glaswegian arrested for pro-riot Facebook posts


    Law 10 Aug 08:32

  • US Air Force in a seriously stealthless state

    F-22s and F-35s grounded

    Government 10 Aug 08:43

  • Local TV pioneers sought by Ministry of Fun

    65 possibilities, 20 pioneers

    Government 10 Aug 09:07

  • Seagate's flash-disk hybrid crosses the chasm

    One million shipped

    Storage 10 Aug 09:31

  • Deduplication’s Role in Disaster Recovery

    The SNIA speaks

    Storage 10 Aug 09:35

  • Rootkit gangs fight for control of infected PCs

    Malware that seeks and destroys other malware

    Security 10 Aug 09:53

  • Motorola hints at Microsoft deal

    Hello WinPho

    Phones 10 Aug 10:17

  • Falling axe strikes space shuttle workers

    Services no longer required

    Science 10 Aug 10:32

  • Indie fans urged to shop to help Sony-signed labels

    Small labels hit hard by Enfield arson

    Media 10 Aug 10:51

  • Apple nudges out Exxon Mobil for top spot on Wall Street

    iSlick move in volatile trading market

    Financial News 10 Aug 10:59

  • iPad threatened by young pretenders

    New wave of vendors to take on Apple where others failed

    Hardware 10 Aug 11:10

  • Essex cops slaps cuffs on social media riot crusaders

    Fiendish Facebook users suspected of inciting violence

    Law 10 Aug 11:23

  • Security watchers question supposed Facebook hack

    Claims of new hacktivist target look like a hoax

    Security 10 Aug 11:48

  • Google kills off app maker

    Android click-to-program heading for open source?

    Applications 10 Aug 11:55

  • Watchdog washes hands of Lush hack

    Soft soap for hippy soap seller

    Security 10 Aug 11:57

  • Facebook gets creative with mobile phone data harvesting app

    Contact-tapping Messenger coming to Europe 'very soon'...

    Applications 10 Aug 12:08

  • Nintendo 3DS gets Cloud cover

    Wi-Fi freebies now

    Games 10 Aug 12:20

  • Ofcom checks up on mobile coverage

    Smartphones = crap at making calls

    Government 10 Aug 12:31

  • Panasonic preps Pocket Server

    I wandered wirelessly as a cloud

    Hardware 10 Aug 12:50

  • Nokia's software exits the US market

    It's Windows Phone or bust

    Mobile 10 Aug 13:41

  • Heavily-looted mobile phone barns issue 'safety first' missives to staff

    Carphone Warehouse, Phones4u urge caution as DC readies water cannon

    Law 10 Aug 13:51

  • Phone hacking arrest: Police cuff 61-year-old man

    Suspected of alleged interception of communications

    Law 10 Aug 13:57

  • Amazon web services customers vent spleen

    Cloud giant says sorry for outage and resulting issues

    Cloud 10 Aug 14:29

  • Avnet sales dampened by slippery EMEA market

    Acquisition integration and "tepid market" blamed

    The Channel 10 Aug 14:46

  • Who'd buy a fake battery?

    Booze, tobacco and gadget fakes in police probe

    Government 10 Aug 15:03

  • Hauppauge Colossus HD PCIe card

    TV and gaming captured

    Hardware 10 Aug 15:09

  • Lossless music goes High Street

    Quality downloads for the masses

    Media 10 Aug 15:13

  • Apple injunction startles Samsung

    Settling the Tab

    Tablets 10 Aug 15:16

  • Chinese government under cyber siege

    'We're the victims not the perps'

    Security 10 Aug 15:31

  • Nokia snubs UK with N9

    No plans to bring contractual obligation phone

    Mobile 10 Aug 15:33

  • London rioters should 'loose all benefits'

    Angry e-petition demands serious, if misspelled, action

    Bootnotes 10 Aug 15:42

  • Trojan script gets stuck on superglue site

    Sticky situation for malware

    Security 10 Aug 16:03

  • Hack on Hong Kong Stock Exchange disrupts trading

    'Malicious attack' keeps traders in dark

    Security 10 Aug 17:31

  • Red Hat dev cloud welcomes Java EE 6

    JBoss floated to 10,000 feet

    Cloud 10 Aug 19:09

  • New York police launch Facebook perp watch unit

    Take aim at Idiots 2.0

    Media 10 Aug 21:12

  • Fake collar bomb victim back in lock down

    Police suspect further threats to IT millionaire’s family

    Security 10 Aug 22:00

  • Kogan plugs 'cheap stuff' bug

    Customers get hug

    Business 10 Aug 22:30

  • VMware lets Rabbit loose on open source code cloud

    Cloud Foundry gets the messaging

    Cloud 10 Aug 22:50