5th August 2011 Archive

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  • Linus Torvalds dubs GNOME 3 'unholy mess'

    'Head up the a*** behavior'

    Operating Systems 05 00:27

  • Spamford Wallace charged for hacking 500,000 Facebookers

    Forbidden login at 10,000 feet

    Security 05 00:32

  • ‘Pitstops’ can inhibit viruses

    Boffins propose new idea for blocking HIV, cancer

    Science 05 01:00

  • Microsoft preps 13 updates for August Patch Tuesday

    Unloads baker's dozen after quiet July

    Security 05 08:42

  • End user productivity: is technology a help or a hindrance?

    The need to look beyond IT

    Software 05 08:54

  • Insight blames public sector for sales dip

    Saved by currency tailwind and mid-market push

    The Channel 05 09:01

  • STEC stamps its mark on PCIe flash

    Meet Kronos and Kronos Turbo

    Storage 05 09:05

  • Travelodge blames 'vindictive individual' for email database breach

    Hacker or disaffected worker mystery remains

    Security 05 09:08

  • Directing Fibre Channel storage traffic over Ethernet

    The benefits of convergence

    Data Networking 05 09:19

  • Octovo Solis e-book reader lamp

    Strike a light

    Tablets 05 10:00

  • Fusion-io flash results explode

    Buys IO Turbine on the back of 556% revenue surge

    Storage 05 10:00

  • Stream vids to your laptop ON A PLANE ... but prepare to pay

    Bring your own screen along

    Hardware 05 10:03

  • Microsoft vs Google patent ding dong gets stuck on repeat

    Paranoid Android or a naughty, patent-herding Redmond? You decide

    Applications 05 10:05

  • Murdoch accused of operating illegal US air force

    Microdrone black ops threaten democracy

    SPB 05 10:09

  • E-petitions site: Death wish FAIL

    Bloody liberals ruin everything

    Government 05 10:12

  • Logica profits hit by misers in public sector

    Plan A: still hurting

    Financial News 05 10:50

  • DOH! Housing contractor loses unencrypted stick down the pub

    Stick was stuffed with tenants' personals

    Government 05 11:14

  • PlayStation phone prices plunge

    The Nintendo effect?

    Phones 05 11:15

  • 12% of UK don't carry cash

    One likes to emulate the royalty you know

    Small Biz 05 11:16

  • Can you handle LOHAN's substantial globes?

    We invite you to tackle spaceplane launch poser

    SPB 05 12:02

  • Nikon D5100 16.2Mp DSLR

    Making an entry

    Hardware 05 12:08

  • Ofcom bows to Google lobby

    How Google owned our regulator

    Law 05 12:10

  • LinkedIn smashes through dire economy with HUGE sales jump

    Social-network-for-suits on fire. But forecast dampens numbers

    Financial News 05 12:46

  • Mr Bean prangs £650k McLaren

    Rowan Atkinson 'crawls from burning supercar'

    Bootnotes 05 12:48

  • Finding the black-spots in service delivery

    And what to do when you clock them

    Service Assurance 05 13:04

  • Spanish unfurl Benny 16 banana bog roll

    Madrid to welcome Pope with open bowels

    Bootnotes 05 13:08

  • Kinect space saver on its way

    Reverse Tardis effect

    Games 05 13:30

  • Police procurement deal means cops pay more

    Handcuffing cops to one supplier means higher prices

    Law 05 13:43

  • Ray of hope for smartphone projectors

    Grain of sand sets shining example

    Phones 05 14:26

  • Cisco warns over warranty discs of EVIL

    Malicious suppository Easter Egg shenanigans

    Security 05 15:04

  • A mixed bag for IT jobs in July

    US economy adds jobs, unemployment micro-ticks down

    Government 05 15:24

  • HTC swallows cloud app biz Dashwire

    Splashes $18.5m on deal in between patent battles

    Cloud 05 15:32

  • Facial recognition tech proves Randi AND Mark are the same Zuck

    Facebook's photo-tagging service uncovers shocking truth

    Bootnotes 05 15:33

  • NASA's Juno roars off to Jupiter

    Mighty rocket lifts gas giant mission

    Science 05 16:33

  • Acer founder: 'Tablets, ultrabooks just a fad'

    Shh! Don't tell Intel

    Media 05 16:58

  • Apple, Walmart, and you: Making money in mobile

    Serving the goldfish generation

    Mobile 05 18:45

  • Google erects master API for linking web apps

    Intent on Web Intents

    Cloud 05 18:49

  • Shagbook won't take Facebook thrust lying down

    Pokes back at 'trademark bully'

    Media 05 22:51

  • DIY aerial drone monitors Wi-Fi, GSM networks

    Passwords cracked on the fly

    Science 05 22:54

  • Google points finger at human after robo car accident

    Auto not on auto. Apparently

    Science 05 22:57