3rd August 2011 Archive

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  • Aussie nano tech project gets AU$15m in global VC funding

    Needle-free drug patches set to go commercial

    Science 03 Aug 00:01

  • Internet use ‘rampant’: ASIO boss

    And ideas are ‘unfettered’; whatever next?

    Security 03 Aug 01:00

  • Net economy bigger than Ben Hur

    Internet worth $AU50 billion to GDP, says Access Economics

    Business 03 Aug 01:30

  • Apple job post hints at office web apps

    Jobsian browser love shocker

    Cloud 03 Aug 02:02

  • Game graphics could be 100,000 times better

    Polygon count becomes atomic number

    Games 03 Aug 05:00

  • Pure Sirocco 550 music combo

    Hi-fi with Wi-Fi

    Hardware 03 Aug 06:00

  • UK software and services market wedged in U-bend

    Two years of misery ahead

    Cloud 03 Aug 08:00

  • HMRC online tax systems slammed by Private Forum for Biz

    SME trade body brands tax system 'complex and unwieldy'

    Small Biz 03 Aug 08:12

  • Reg readers ponder LOHAN's substantial globes

    One balloon or three for ballocket spaceplane mission?

    SPB 03 Aug 08:36

  • EMC gets acceleration injection from Asankya

    Mystery app delivery speed-up buy

    Cloud 03 Aug 08:41

  • Dragon Bannatyne threatens to break arms of 'Russian' bloke

    Twitter squeals at pub-like outburst

    Security 03 Aug 09:22

  • Samsung dives into spin-transfer torque

    Next generation tech: Korean company buys DARPA-funded Grandis

    Storage 03 Aug 09:26

  • Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick

    It's an ill wind ...

    Science 03 Aug 09:31

  • Belt and braces stop the network falling down

    Count everything, then double it

    Data Networking 03 Aug 09:34

  • Ofcom says no to web-blocking

    Freetards must cough up a refundable-£20 for each appeal, though

    Law 03 Aug 10:06

  • Columbia debris emerges from Texas lake

    Drought reveals doomed shuttle's reactant tank

    Science 03 Aug 10:08

  • Microsoft man saves drowning woman

    iPodestrians miss cries for help

    Bootnotes 03 Aug 10:35

  • Bullfrog Syndicate

    Persuadertron = win

    Games 03 Aug 10:51

  • State-sponsored 5-year global cyberattack uncovered

    Spy agency probably the real (cyber) slim shady

    Security 03 Aug 11:03

  • MPs slam 'unworkable' one-size-fits-all NHS care records' system

    Concludes £7bn project failed, calls for 'urgent' review

    Government 03 Aug 11:06

  • Sony Vita to control PlayStation 3

    Wii U, me too

    Games 03 Aug 11:14

  • Two solicitors fined and suspended for file-sharer letters

    Tribunal calls them out for greed, poor judgment

    Law 03 Aug 11:59

  • First smut site erected on .xxx address

    Finally, somewhere safe to w*nk

    Cloud 03 Aug 12:03

  • RIM launches five BlackBerry smarties

    BB 7 OS on-board

    Phones 03 Aug 12:16

  • Patriot Wildfire 120GB Sata 3 SSD

    Upgrades all round

    Hardware 03 Aug 13:07

  • Union talks up offshoring dangers to UK economy

    HP PCS members vote for industrial action over job cuts

    Government 03 Aug 13:49

  • UK police warns off hacktivists

    Oi, you lot ... behave!

    Law 03 Aug 13:51

  • Apple resellers squeezed out of volume licensing model

    Vendor 'turns its back' on software channel

    The Channel 03 Aug 13:54

  • Ofcom clears 4G for maritime navigation

    3,000+-tonne ships clear for transmission...

    Mobile 03 Aug 13:57

  • Oops! Ofcom's DCMS's own blocking easily visible to world+dog

    Redact... redact... er... undo... ah... oops!

    Government 03 Aug 14:20

  • Facebook buys ebook startup

    Takes a design leaf out of Apple's book book

    Applications 03 Aug 14:34

  • Twitter-control botnet mines Bitcoins

    Digital cash from chaos

    Security 03 Aug 14:37

  • Amazon Free Apps start to rile developers

    Free, as in no revenue kicked back

    Small Biz 03 Aug 14:46

  • Yahoo! Mail! users! complain! of! server! flatline!

    Purple Palace remains silent, apart from the odd strangulated tweet

    Cloud 03 Aug 15:31

  • Exam results texted out early in Scotland

    Early access to pub Ucas for those using txt spk

    Mobile 03 Aug 15:41

  • Mainframers drop EU antitrust complaints against IBM


    Servers 03 Aug 16:12

  • Pure revamps portable DAB

    Fresh tuner

    Hardware 03 Aug 17:13

  • It's official: Journos are dumb as a bag of IE users

    100,000 fake browser IQ tests can't be wrong

    Applications 03 Aug 17:21

  • OCZ jumps harder on enterprise PCIe bandwagon

    Z-Drive R4 beefs VeloDrive, RevoDrive

    Storage 03 Aug 18:41

  • Researchers poke gaping holes in Google Chrome OS

    Chromebook only as safe as its weakest apps

    Laptops 03 Aug 18:45

  • Google waggles free* Android phones at Americans

    * 2-year wireless and small piece of your soul required

    Mobile 03 Aug 19:50

  • Aussie court denies bail to accused hacker 'Evil' Cecil

    Wistful magistrate wishes he'd used his skills for good

    Security 03 Aug 22:15

  • Turnbull lays out alternative architecture

    Keep the cable nets, seek local build bids

    Government 03 Aug 22:33

  • Google claims 'bogus patent' conspiracy against Android

    Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle in 'hostile, organized campaign'

    Mobile 03 Aug 22:41

  • Hobbyist killed by home-made hovercraft

    Don’t try this. Anywhere.

    Bootnotes 03 Aug 23:00