1st August 2011 Archive

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  • DIDO: snake oil or wireless salvation?

    Parsing the Perlman paper

    Broadband 01 Aug 00:53

  • PLCs a prison vulnerability: researchers

    Now there’s a jailbreak

    Security 01 Aug 02:28

  • Adobe outs un-Flash web animation tool

    HTML5 on the Edge

    Developer 01 Aug 05:30

  • Police charge Scottish teen over Soca attack

    Hearing today

    Security 01 Aug 08:08

  • OCZ unsheathes Talos flash talons

    Another flash drive clawing into HDD business

    Storage 01 Aug 08:27

  • iPad maker to replace 1 million staff with robots

    Foxconn to get automated in next 3 years

    Hardware 01 Aug 08:35

  • Thousands of gb.com sites go dark

    Domain fight claims UK small biz victims

    Small Biz 01 Aug 08:51

  • Dawn creeps closer to Clanger homeworld Vesta

    Another fine snap from asteroid-hunting spacecraft

    Science 01 Aug 09:02

  • Acer turns to trains for imports

    All aboard the Silk Road Express

    Hardware 01 Aug 09:41

  • Schmaltz-powered Chrome overtakes morally superior Firefox

    Google's TV blitz pays off

    Applications 01 Aug 09:50

  • PlayStation Vita release leaked

    Blockbuster roster reveals all

    Games 01 Aug 10:05

  • Fanboys find way to NFC an iPhone

    Anything Android can do...

    Mobile 01 Aug 10:14

  • Button brushes off 'car accident' website defacement to claim GP win


    Security 01 Aug 10:16

  • Cabinet Office ends website test

    We built it...they didn't come

    Government 01 Aug 11:00

  • Telecity in talks to acquires Data Electronics Group

    One wannabe cloud biz chats up another

    Cloud 01 Aug 11:01

  • Diary of a not-spot: Breaking the BT barrier

    Life with broadband, but without BT

    Broadband 01 Aug 11:10

  • Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB audio interface

    Solid sender

    Hardware 01 Aug 11:30

  • Network quality of service: making the switch

    Trevor Pott scales up

    Data Networking 01 Aug 12:00

  • Former UK.gov CIO takes top security job at Huawei

    John Suffolk in surprise move to company whose alleged ties are feared by US

    CIO 01 Aug 12:05

  • Nokia N9 joins next month's mobile match

    Meego ahead anyway

    Phones 01 Aug 12:13

  • Who needs a million NFC tags?

    Someone has bought them, but what for?

    Mobile 01 Aug 12:31

  • Skype/Facebook integration spawns hijack risk

    Don't talk to strangers...

    Security 01 Aug 12:48

  • T-Mobile rolls out contract-PAYG combo

    Paying for time

    Mobile 01 Aug 13:30

  • HP to axe sales staff found pilfering dealers

    Rules change on 1 November

    Hardware 01 Aug 13:32

  • Samsung-Apple Wars: Galaxy blocked Down Under

    Another shot fired in the mobile patent wars

    Hardware 01 Aug 14:17

  • Doom dude says violent games lower aggression

    Anger management

    Games 01 Aug 14:49

  • Scotland Yard probes News of the World computer hacking claims

    Considers 'breach of privacy' allegations

    Law 01 Aug 14:58

  • 'Topiary' suspect bailed

    Stays on the mainland

    Security 01 Aug 15:00

  • Amazon hunts for a few good startups

    Winner takes $100,000 in currency, cloud capacity

    Cloud 01 Aug 15:08

  • iPhone 5 now set for October launch

    Rumour discredits rumours

    Phones 01 Aug 15:16

  • Sneaky Trojan exploits e-commerce flaws

    Cache-probing, cookie-touching, self-deleting malware

    Security 01 Aug 15:55

  • Paying for software

    Readers spill the beans on licensing and cloud commercials

    Cloud 01 Aug 15:56

  • Are you slaving away on the wrong projects?

    Get your priorities straight

    Service Assurance 01 Aug 15:58

  • Googlenet runs on '900,000 servers'

    Spanner in the works

    Servers 01 Aug 19:23

  • Hackers dump secret info for thousands of cops

    String of embarrassing attacks continues

    Security 01 Aug 19:53

  • World o' data centers burns less juice than expected

    Great Recession power diet

    Servers 01 Aug 20:30

  • NextDC raises AU$50m for growth

    Investors dig datacentres

    Business 01 Aug 22:05

  • Telstra offers separation proposal

    Public prices, Chinese walls and ring fences

    Networks 01 Aug 22:30

  • HP sics Spaniards on Larry Ellison

    Itanic rescue mission

    Applications 01 Aug 22:54

  • Rural white space wireless standard signed off

    After seven years, 802.22 is official

    Networks 01 Aug 23:30

  • Google cuts deal for Dealmap

    Can I get a discount for some Groupon envy treatment?

    Financial News 01 Aug 23:52