29th July 2011 Archive

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  • Gun-toting meth addict gets 12 years for ID theft

    Phisher of 38,500 men

    Security 29 00:11

  • World needs needs Tequila power: report

    Agave a better biofuel than sugar cane

    Science 29 01:30

  • From Dust

    Playing God

    Games 29 06:00

  • IBM chips in with Golfball anniversary

    Revolutionary typewriter tech is 50 years old this Sunday

    Hardware 29 07:00

  • NotW 'targeted' phone of Sarah Payne's mum

    Bent PI had number of Brooks-given blower, says report

    Media 29 07:30

  • Hitachi GST plugs its areal hole with shingles

    Listens to Google, Facebook as much as HP or Dell

    Storage 29 08:00

  • Scottish TV news pumps goatse link

    Och aye the NOOO

    Bootnotes 29 08:19

  • Sci/tech MPs want peer review, not pal review

    UK science publishing not exactly scientific

    Science 29 08:37

  • Alcatel Lucent goes black

    Once you go red you sometimes go back, baby

    Financial News 29 09:01

  • Retail meltdown bitchslaps Ingram Micro profits

    Q2 revenue skirt lifted by currency updraft

    The Channel 29 09:21

  • BT on site-blocking: Every case will need a court order

    Pick on our freetards over our cold dead corpse

    Networks 29 09:23

  • APP OF DEATH plots local fatalities on demand

    Want to find the dead centre of town?

    Applications 29 09:39

  • BSkyB hands out £1bn, board backs James Murdoch

    Not even walking round the table with a baseball bat, either

    Networks 29 09:52

  • Exogear Exomount universal gadget mount

    Grips, sticks and stays stuck

    Phones 29 10:00

  • LightSquared and Sprint, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    Record pre-pay card with $4.5bn on it issued

    Mobile 29 10:18

  • Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat

    'We're absolutely delighted,' insists Beeb

    Media 29 10:30

  • Aussie ALDI withdraws infected greybox offering

    Multifunction hard drives hotching with Conficker

    Security 29 10:40

  • LOHAN spaceplane project starting to shape up nicely

    Initial thoughts on our audacious ballocket

    SPB 29 11:00

  • WinPho 7.5 captured in action

    Mango movie shakedown

    Phones 29 11:06

  • Google TV box flop costs Logitech $34m

    Ouch: More Revues returned than sold

    Business 29 11:13

  • Nokia's cheapies strategy bombs

    Shanghai surprise

    Mobile 29 11:30

  • Scumbags get sneaky with new self-robbery trojan

    Can't be bothered to steal your cash themselves

    Security 29 11:38

  • Canon EOS 600D 18Mp DSLR

    Choices, choices...

    Hardware 29 12:00

  • Chinese giant Alibaba offers 'Cloudphone'

    Apps? Get with it, grandad, time for cloudy pockets

    Cloud 29 12:01

  • Oracle warns hybrid sales model could force down revenue

    Redirecting to direct upsets indirect sector directors

    The Channel 29 12:10

  • Facebook honeytrap used in Belgian hypermart blag

    Fake lady lure saw boss snatched, safe pillaged

    Security 29 12:26

  • Lumbering STEC struggles to turn corner

    Difficult for a supertanker to win in a Flash dogfight

    Storage 29 13:02

  • Samsung gets it white with Galaxy S II

    Smart blanch

    Phones 29 13:13

  • Ubisoft insists DRM 'a success'

    Sales against pirates

    Games 29 13:15


    Tired of the Silicon Roundabout? You're tired of life

    Developer 29 13:20

  • Jesus Phone saved from being man-in-the-middled

    Slab of Jobs to get backdoor stoppered also

    Security 29 13:46

  • Ingram Micro considers job cuts on EMEA slowdown

    Buy some tech, save a man's livelihood

    The Channel 29 13:50

  • HTC delays Evo 3D release

    Vodafone says no

    Phones 29 14:00

  • 'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space?

    It's gone away somewhere, that's for sure

    Science 29 14:28

  • Shetland 'Topiary' suspect extended in custody for 3 days

    Man cuffed by airborne plods 'not local', say locals

    Security 29 15:03

  • Yahoo! ends! row! with! Alibaba! for! $6bn!

    Yahoo! shareholders: No you are not dreaming

    Financial News 29 15:20

  • Spotify smacked with patent suits in US and Netherlands

    Wait for my brother, he's much bigger

    Law 29 15:28

  • Call of Duty heats up for $1m showdown

    Mercenary business

    Games 29 15:54

  • SpaceX set to send supply ship to ISS in November

    Era of Soyuz set to be shortlived as Dragon roars ahead

    Science 29 15:58

  • Google gobbles Big Blue IP stash

    Patents: Both sword and shield in corporate combat

    Business 29 16:24

  • CA catches WatchMouse for SaaSy monitoring tools

    Cloud-on-cloud action

    Cloud 29 16:45

  • Isilon's iSCSI here to stay, insiders insist...quietly

    Rumours of its death exaggerated wrong

    Storage 29 17:00

  • Firefox maker moves towards a browser-free world

    Mobiles need 'a strong infusion of Mozilla values'

    Software 29 17:11

  • Truck nuts swing onto US freedom of speech agenda

    Forget the debt crisis, my truck's got balls

    Bootnotes 29 18:29

  • Fujitsu fluffs COBOL, Java on Azure clouds

    IT cannot code by C# and VB.NET alone

    Cloud 29 18:38

  • Facebook dangles cash rewards for bug reports

    Microsoft, Oracle, you listening?

    Security 29 19:16

  • It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers

    100,000 test subjects can't be wrong

    Applications 29 20:00

  • Amazon cloud hosts nasty banking trojan

    SpyEye taps S3, adopts 'agile' programming

    Cloud 29 21:05

  • Obama drops Twitter bombs on debt-ceiling foes

    'Call. Email. Tweet. —BO'

    Government 29 21:15

  • Ellison's NetSuite still not making money

    But SaaS apps sales are growing nicely

    Cloud 29 22:33

  • AT&T: 'Eat too much data and we'll strangle you'

    Top 5% of heavy downloaders will be throttled

    Mobile 29 23:49