28th July 2011 Archive

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  • eBay shopping lands wild colonial in lock-up

    Was it the potassium nitrate or the anti-personnel mines?

    Security 28 Jul 00:01

  • Feds take closer look at Google plans to buy AdMeld

    Hurry up and wait

    Media 28 Jul 00:37

  • Cabinet Office government-by-Facebook plans probed

    'Get the ICO in,' advises 'Recipe for ripoffs' report

    Government 28 Jul 05:00

  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel

    Drugs, thugs and automobiles

    Games 28 Jul 06:00

  • Birmingham council backtracks on moving IT jobs to India

    Sent an email about it, got no answer

    Government 28 Jul 08:02

  • HP's fondle-slab dilemma: What to do when you're No 2

    The TouchPad is good – but is being better good enough?

    Business 28 Jul 08:23

  • Improving service monitoring with Watermelon metrics

    When green really means red

    Service Assurance 28 Jul 08:37

  • MPs slam government's 'obscene' IT spend

    Gov pays 7 to 10 times the going rate

    Government 28 Jul 09:19

  • News leech loses appeal on High Court copyright case

    Attention scrapers: Headlines are copyright

    Law 28 Jul 09:33

  • ICO probes Tory minister PI blagging allegations

    I needed two things: a drink and a clue. I knew where to find the first...

    Government 28 Jul 09:52

  • Camera Prime

    Say, 'cheese'

    Phones 28 Jul 10:00

  • Revenues down at BT for Q1, share price up

    It sucks to be us, but it really sucks to not be us

    Financial News 28 Jul 10:04

  • Three prunes prices of smartphone contracts

    Ends call for upfront charges

    Mobile 28 Jul 10:20

  • Symantec bubbles up, though services revenue deflates

    'Threat landscape continues toxic and targeted'. Er, quite

    Storage 28 Jul 10:34

  • Last day on the job for Phoenix IT Group boss

    Robinson hanging up boots after 18 years

    The Channel 28 Jul 10:37

  • Jupiter spacecraft mounted atop bloody big rocket

    Juno to ride the thrust of five mighty strap-ons

    Science 28 Jul 10:46

  • Pwned HBGary Federal boss cancels debate after threats

    Barr barred from no-holds-barred battle

    Security 28 Jul 11:00

  • Nintendo cuts cost of 3DS by a third

    Giant game giveaway too

    Games 28 Jul 11:05

  • Film studios thrash BT in Newzbin site-block test case

    Who comes out of this looking worse?

    Media 28 Jul 11:30

  • ICO won't investigate Tory minister

    No-one will investigate his investigators

    Government 28 Jul 12:01

  • Ashley Highfield quits Microsoft, becomes Scotsman boss

    Former iPlayer overlord gets £500k hello

    Media 28 Jul 12:04

  • Naughty JavaScript can be planted in IM status messages

    Technique shown for ICQ as well as Skype

    Security 28 Jul 12:28

  • Ten... in-ear headphones

    Aural fixation

    Top Ten 28 Jul 12:28

  • Geeks Guide2... iPhone 4 Development

    40% off! Includes iPad

    Site News 28 Jul 12:41

  • Nearly everyone in SOUTH KOREA HACKED IN ONE GO

    Local equivalent of Facebook hit: Fingers point at China

    Security 28 Jul 12:54

  • Intel: SSD 320 power loss bricking bug can be fixed

    In the meantime, try not to have a power loss

    Storage 28 Jul 13:01

  • UK's first Stealth fighter in successful catapult test

    Royal Navy version of the F-35 shot into sky

    Government 28 Jul 13:26

  • Beeb rolls out global paid iPlayer app in €urope

    Slab-fondlers lured with Fawlty Towers and so on

    Media 28 Jul 13:54

  • Vanishing OEM robs Quantum of black ink

    'There's a bunch of people who need to improve'

    Storage 28 Jul 14:16

  • World first: UK boffins print out working 3D aeroplane

    Tech for difficult, shapely beauties like the Spitfire or LOHAN

    SPB 28 Jul 14:24

  • Lithium cells take salt to extend life

    Imide live longer

    Hardware 28 Jul 15:00

  • Ubuntu dressed in cheap elastic support, sent out in public

    Public cloud, that is

    Cloud 28 Jul 15:23

  • Ubisoft revisits Internet-at-all-times DRM

    Drive away the pirates

    Games 28 Jul 15:30

  • DHS scraps nukes-in-cargo-containers scan plan

    We will rely instead on Jack Bauer

    Security 28 Jul 16:03

  • Microsoft boffins propose cloudy home furnaces

    Heat your digs with a basement data center

    Cloud 28 Jul 17:23

  • ElasticStack 2.0 allows clouds to catapult SANs

    Sheepdog herds server disks

    Cloud 28 Jul 18:44

  • Bulgarian coeds exposed in hidden camera stuffed apartment

    Air-bags, pizza, Florida? You get the picture...

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 19:17

  • UK Cops 'duped' into arresting wrong LulzSec suspect

    Will the real Topiary please stand up?

    Security 28 Jul 19:41

  • Dell PowerEdgies built like Marilyn Monroe

    'Cos some like it hot

    Servers 28 Jul 21:28

  • NEC squeezes out Aussie blackspots

    Extends DSLAM network in multi-million dollar investment

    Broadband 28 Jul 21:39

  • Pacnet adds Honkers datacentre

    Rollout targets Asian cloud

    Cloud 28 Jul 22:08

  • Intel: Apple has online app sales exactly backwards

    Hipsters mixing up hats and hammers says chip giant

    Cloud 28 Jul 22:27

  • Sony brings its online bank to Aus

    No, seriously...

    Business 28 Jul 23:00

  • Cray gears up for big Q4, shrugs off US.gov debt worries

    Waiting on Opteron 6200s

    Servers 28 Jul 23:13

  • Novell's Vibe Cloud floats away

    Farewell, web-collaboration service – we hardly knew ye

    Cloud 28 Jul 23:49