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eBay shopping lands wild colonial in lock-up

A 35-year-old man from the country town of Castlemaine in Victoria has been remanded in custody to face court after spending $AU17,000 on eBay buying bomb-making equipment.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Jul 2011
Google UK office logos

Feds take closer look at Google plans to buy AdMeld

The US Department of Justice is taking a closer look at Google's proposed $400 million acquisition of AdMeld, a move that could delay completion of the deal.
Dan Goodin, 28 Jul 2011

Cabinet Office government-by-Facebook plans probed

MPs have called on the government to work with the Information Commissioner on how to implement the Cabinet Office's personal data proposals, which include the possibility of farming out its ID-handling to third parties such as banks and Facebook.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jul 2011
Call of Juarez: The Cartel

Call of Juarez: The Cartel

ReviewIn theory, The Cartel's contemporary setting is a wise move for the Call of Juarez series. The moderate success of the first two Western-themed games was instantly undone when Red Dead Redemption moseyed into the overlooked genre, rounded up the pretenders and rode them out of town. By relocating to the present day, developer Techland shifts the series away from comparison with Rockstar's inimitable classic. But in doing so, The Cartel strays into the sights of modern Triple-A shooters, and the comparisons are no more favourable.
Andrew Bailey, 28 Jul 2011

Birmingham council backtracks on moving IT jobs to India

Service Birmingham, the joint venture with Capita that provides services for Birmingham city council, has been asked to abandon plans to offshore IT and other jobs.

HP's fondle-slab dilemma: What to do when you're No 2

AnalysisAfter just one year, the iPad is making more revenue than Apple's 30-year-old personal computer division. It's almost bringing in as much as Dell brings in from PCs. This is a huge business, already. And nobody can quite say what their iPad is good for. If ever a computer was a means to an end, then the iPad is it – rather than doing anything uniquely iPad-ish, it takes lots of "ends" a laptop (or Kindle, or smartphone) gets you to, and just gets you there slightly more conveniently. PCs are going to be around a long time; the iPad will be right there alongside them.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jul 2011

MPs slam government's 'obscene' IT spend

An all-party committee of MPs has found that successive governments' over-reliance on big IT companies and poor in-house skills, has led to a "perverse situation" in which governments have wasted "obscene" amounts of public money.

News leech loses appeal on High Court copyright case

Commercial news parasite Meltwater has lost an appeal in the High Court against the newspaper industry. The company provided a commercial headline-scraping service to clients in PR and marketing agencies. But a landmark judgment in the High Court last November decreed that it would require a licence, ruling that newspaper story headlines were effectively separate literary works.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jul 2011

ICO probes Tory minister PI blagging allegations

The ICO is making enquiries into Tory justice minister Jonathan Djanogly's hiring a firm of private detectives to blag information from his own constituents.
John Oates, 28 Jul 2011
Camera Prime

Camera Prime

iOS App of the WeekAfter taking some really rubbish photos at a friend’s birthday recently, I decided I needed some sort of timer app for the camera on my iPhone.
Cliff Joseph, 28 Jul 2011

Revenues down at BT for Q1, share price up

BT reported a 5 per cent decline in revenues for its first quarter ended 30 June, while pre-tax profit climbed 20 per cent.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jul 2011

Three prunes prices of smartphone contracts

Three has encouraged consumers to join the smartphone bandwagon today by slashing prices on five models and removing upfront handset costs.
Caleb Cox, 28 Jul 2011

Symantec bubbles up, though services revenue deflates

Although services revenue was a blot on the earnings landscape, Symantec revenues and profits increased nicely in its first fiscal 2011 quarter.
Chris Mellor, 28 Jul 2011

Last day on the job for Phoenix IT Group boss

Phoenix IT Group's long-serving chief exec Nick Robinson is hanging up his boots today after attending his last Annual General Meeting in the role.
Paul Kunert, 28 Jul 2011

Jupiter spacecraft mounted atop bloody big rocket

NASA's Juno spacecraft has been mated to an United Launch Alliance Atlas V 551 rocket ahead of its forthcoming trip to Jupiter.
Lester Haines, 28 Jul 2011

Pwned HBGary Federal boss cancels debate after threats

Ex–HBGary Federal chief exec Aaron Barr has abandoned plans to speak at the DefCon security conference in Vegas next week.
John Leyden, 28 Jul 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo cuts cost of 3DS by a third

Nintendo has confirmed it will slash prices of the 3DS by a third next month and offer current owners 20 free games, so early adopters don't end up feeling shortchanged.
Caleb Cox, 28 Jul 2011

Film studios thrash BT in Newzbin site-block test case

AnalysisIn a landmark test case, the High Court in the UK has ordered BT to block access to the pirate site Newzbin2. The site makes movies, music and applications available and describes itself as "the Google of Usenet". It's a stunning victory for six major Hollywood film studios who brought the case, with counsel from the Motion Picture Association.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Jul 2011

ICO won't investigate Tory minister

Tory justice minister Jonathan Djanogly will not be investigated for setting a team of private investigators on his own constituency staff.
John Oates, 28 Jul 2011

Ashley Highfield quits Microsoft, becomes Scotsman boss

Ashley Highfield is leaving Microsoft following a management restructure at the company.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jul 2011

Naughty JavaScript can be planted in IM status messages

Security shortcomings in both ICQ instant messenger for Windows and the ICQ website create a possible mechanism for account hijacking, a security researcher warns.
John Leyden, 28 Jul 2011
Shure SE535

Ten... in-ear headphones

Product round-upIt's time for another headphone roundup and considering we've already covered the bulkier over-ear and on-ear models, it was inevitable that in-ears would follow. After all, not everyone likes walking the streets, turning heads with a pair of oversized Mickey Mousers on.
Caleb Cox, 28 Jul 2011


Personal information on as many as 35 million users of a South Korean social network site may have been exposed as the result of what has been described as the country's biggest ever hack attack.
John Leyden, 28 Jul 2011

Intel: SSD 320 power loss bricking bug can be fixed

The bug making Intel SSD 320s shrink to 8MB bricks is close to being fixed, according to Intel.
Chris Mellor, 28 Jul 2011

UK's first Stealth fighter in successful catapult test

VidThe tailhook version of the F-35 Lightning II stealth combat aircraft – which, following the recent UK defence review, is now planned to fly from new Royal Navy carriers in years to come – has successfully completed its first catapult launch test.
Lewis Page, 28 Jul 2011

Beeb rolls out global paid iPlayer app in €urope

Expats or foreigners who own an Apple iPad and are interested in a weekly dose of Brit TV gruel – grisly East End folk, crappy daytime shows or pointless period dramas – should rejoice, as the Beeb is launching an international version of iPlayer.
Paul Kunert, 28 Jul 2011
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Vanishing OEM robs Quantum of black ink

If sales revenue had been just 3 per cent higher, Quantum would have broken even. Instead its first fiscal 2012 quarter showed a $5m loss on revenues of $154m – instead of the expected $160m.
Chris Mellor, 28 Jul 2011

World first: UK boffins print out working 3D aeroplane

A team from the University of Southampton has produced the world's first fully "printed" airworthy plane – a 1.5-metre-wingspan UAV created in just five days by selective laser sintering (SLS).
Lester Haines, 28 Jul 2011

Lithium cells take salt to extend life

Li-ion battery technology looks set to be given a new lease of life with the emergence of an improved electrolyte process that promises increased heat tolerance and a significantly longer lifespan.
Caleb Cox, 28 Jul 2011

Ubuntu dressed in cheap elastic support, sent out in public

Canonical's Ubuntu Linux variant is popular out there on the public clouds of the world, but there is a serious mismatch between how support contracts are sold for bare-metal servers used inside corporate data centers and how virtual servers are deployed and used out there on the cloud. And Canonical wants to fix that and make a bit of money, too.

Ubisoft revisits Internet-at-all-times DRM

Ubisoft has revealed that in order to play its forthcoming title Driver: San Francisco on a PC, users will require a permanent internet connection.
Caleb Cox, 28 Jul 2011

DHS scraps nukes-in-cargo-containers scan plan

Plans to install nuclear radiation detectors at all US ports of entry have been dropped.
John Leyden, 28 Jul 2011

Microsoft boffins propose cloudy home furnaces

A team of Microsoft and academic researchers has come up with a proposal for using cloud computing not as an energy drain, but as a source of country-wide energy savings by turning cloudy servers into home and office furnaces.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Jul 2011

ElasticStack 2.0 allows clouds to catapult SANs

ElasticStack has just revved its eponymous infrastructure cloud software with a 2.0 release that lets it run more cheaply than the prior release and gives its more attention grabbing rivals a run for the money.

Bulgarian coeds exposed in hidden camera stuffed apartment

A brace of Bulgarian coeds have been left shaken after discovering that their Florida apartment was bristling with hidden spy cams.
Joe Fay, 28 Jul 2011

UK Cops 'duped' into arresting wrong LulzSec suspect

The 19-year-old Scotsman fingered Wednesday as a central figure of the LulzSec hacking crew is a fall guy who was framed to take the heat off the real culprit, according to unconfirmed claims from a rival group.
Dan Goodin, 28 Jul 2011

Dell PowerEdgies built like Marilyn Monroe

A lot of new hardware features were rolled up into Dell's PowerEdge 11G servers, which came out in 2009 and were enhanced throughout 2010.

NEC squeezes out Aussie blackspots

NEC Australia has made the first significant investment in its Nextep network in five years with the upgrade of its regional DSLAM and MPLS core networks.
Natalie Apostolou, 28 Jul 2011

Pacnet adds Honkers datacentre

Pacnet is continuing its Asia-Pacific data centre expansion with a new Hong Kong data landing station (DLS), which the company says provides a one-stop collocation and connectivity solution.
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Jul 2011

Intel: Apple has online app sales exactly backwards

Apple may be having phenomenal success with its iOS App Store ecosystem, but Intel thinks it's going about online app sales in the wrong way.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Jul 2011

Sony brings its online bank to Aus

Sony’s financial arm is moving into Australia opening a Sony Bank representative office in Sydney in August.
Natalie Apostolou, 28 Jul 2011

Cray gears up for big Q4, shrugs off US.gov debt worries

Trying to cram a half year's worth of business into the final few weeks is no mean feat. And if it were not for the fact that supercomputer maker Cray already did it once already, in 2010, then Wall Street would probably be all kinds of jumpy about Cray trying to do it again here in 2011.

Novell's Vibe Cloud floats away

After floating it around the market for only three months, Novell has decided to evaporate its Vibe Cloud web-based "social collaboration platform for the enterprise".
Rik Myslewski, 28 Jul 2011

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