26th July 2011 Archive

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  • Adobe InMarket out of market

    AirMarketplace also suffocates

    Applications 26 00:30

  • Sorry, time travelers, you’re still just fiction

    If a photon can’t outrun light, none of us can

    Science 26 02:30

  • Crypto shocker: 'Perfect cipher' dates back to telegraphs

    35 years prior to being invented

    Security 26 05:12

  • HTC Salsa Android smartphone

    Facebook fandango

    Phones 26 06:00

  • Why should storage arrays manage server flash?

    One butt to kick if it all goes, erm, pear-shaped

    Storage 26 08:00

  • Hague promises Foreign Office cyber confab in London

    Bringing down governments online. Not us, obviously

    Government 26 08:27

  • Utah cops baffled in case of mysterious anonymous cuffee

    'Well-spoken ... just doesn't want to be found'

    Bootnotes 26 08:53

  • Mystery data centre snag floors LiveJournal

    Eyes crossed out, tongue protruding

    Networks 26 09:05

  • EMC boss Tucci in lucky escape from poverty

    $1m here, $1m there, soon you're talking real money

    Storage 26 09:17

  • Lost 1967 spacecraft FOUND CRASHED ON MOON

    Probe wrecked on farside snapped 'the pic of the century'

    Science 26 09:30

  • Historypin

    ...and over there by the gas works used to be the leper colony

    Phones 26 10:00

  • Ofcom told to use 4G auctions to complete UK coverage

    Bring voice if not data to the unconnected, says CCP

    Mobile 26 10:01

  • Ofcom extends deadline for interferers, those who fear them

    4G vs granny-alarm deathmatch rumbles on

    Broadband 26 10:02

  • Mozilla moots open source web OS for mobiles

    Chrome for phones?

    Phones 26 10:14

  • Songwriters bite Grooveshark

    Been a load of compromisin' on the road to my horizon ...

    Media 26 10:21

  • Rogue kangaroo floors broom-wielding 94-year-old

    Berserk marsupial takes on cops, cops a peppering

    Bootnotes 26 10:38

  • OS X Lion paves way for "Retina Display" monitors


    Hardware 26 10:56

  • Tactile feedback suit interacts with Kinect

    Good vibrations

    Hardware 26 10:59

  • IT boss jailed for plundering Scottish library

    Of money, not books

    Management 26 11:02

  • Dead bloke reanimates in mortuary

    Terrified attendants flee ghostly screaming

    Bootnotes 26 11:19

  • PC mountain accumulates in Blighty

    Biz-crushing computer avalanches feared

    The Channel 26 11:28

  • Dongling P2P downloaders 2nd-biggest mobe data users

    Operators seeking to charge by content type

    Mobile 26 11:32

  • Phishers go after your Google AdWords account

    Clone website slurps Chocolate logins

    Security 26 11:43

  • Ex-Microsoft bigwig Bob Muglia joins Juniper Networks

    Ballmer's reject - or Ballmer's point man?

    Cloud 26 12:01

  • ARM scooping in cash but remains cautious

    From iPhone A4 and rivals' Snapdragon to washing machines

    Hardware 26 12:19

  • Hacking scandal starts to spread beyond News Corp

    Uneasy faces and sweaty palms all along Fleet Street

    Media 26 12:19

  • Space scope spies soggy, stupendous Saturnian doughnut

    Incontinent moon squirts wetly onto ringed giant

    Science 26 12:54

  • Legal expert: Letters can be evidence, so can Facebook

    As stalksite-using forklift driver finds ...

    Law 26 13:25

  • Departing Acer chief Lanci will not go to Samsung

    Rumours not worth the electrons they're printed on

    The Channel 26 13:31

  • BET24 warns over data breach – 19 months later

    Don't look back in anger, begs bookie

    Security 26 13:57

  • Apple MacBook Air 13in Core i5 laptop

    Pricey, but nifty

    Laptops 26 14:30

  • Amazon recruiting for Indian conquest campaign

    Can it subdue the subcontinent?

    Business 26 14:44

  • NAB digs in to fight Congressional land grab

    Pry mah spectrum from m'cold dead fingers

    Broadband 26 15:27

  • Xbox update sets Avatar Kinect in motion

    Quite a gesture

    Games 26 15:55

  • UK Govt refuses to ban shale gas 'fracking'

    Flaming tapwater risks 'hypothetical and unproven'

    Science 26 16:20

  • Note to Apple: Be more like Microsoft

    One (astronomically successful) company is not an ecosystem

    Business 26 16:57

  • Kit steals Mac login passwords through FireWire port

    OS X vulnerable even when locked, FileVaulted

    Security 26 18:19

  • One-third of US consumers will buy an iPhone 5

    Touchdown in first week of September?

    Phones 26 19:26

  • Suspects in PayPal web attack not so anonymous after all

    DDoS as civil disobedience

    Security 26 20:33

  • 'Evil' truckie charged with NBN provider attack

    Media falls into NBN security-gasm; did AFP also nab Distribute.IT attacker?

    Security 26 21:07

  • Dell puffs up OpenStack clouds

    Rackspace providing backstop support

    Cloud 26 21:34

  • WorldTradeCenter.com on the block

    Domain name sale just weeks before 9/11 anniversary

    Hosting 26 22:12

  • Aussie online shoppers take $AU6 billion offshore

    PWC report says the devil is in the etail

    Business 26 23:05

  • Juniper profits pinched by economy, product transitions

    Pulling back on 2011's prospects

    Financial News 26 23:10

  • Intel gives former CFO Bryant the chair

    Well, the vice chair, for starters

    Business 26 23:29