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Philips BDP7600 Blu-ray player with Net TV

Philips BDP7600 Blu-ray player with Net TV

ReviewSidestepping the cheap black plastic approach of even some mid market Blu-ray Disc players, the BDP7600 from Philips has a robust metallic build. Its smooth and quiet disc tray emerges from a mirrored front panel, which is otherwise interrupted only by a USB port to the right. Beneath the fascia is a curved control strip with illuminated touch sensitive controls.
Ian Calcutt, 23 Jul 2011

Cellular network hijacking for fun and profit

WeekendFollowing the success of hijacked network Free Libyana, we took the opportunity to talk to some engineers about the complexity of lifting someone else's infrastructure, and discovered there isn't much.
Bill Ray, 23 Jul 2011

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