21st July 2011 Archive

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  • Go ahead and spy on customers, says judge

    Spyware okay on rental computers, for now

    Law 21 00:30

  • Mellanox revenues spike thanks to Voltaire

    SwitchX and Sandy Bridge profit boost on tap

    Financial News 21 01:05

  • Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security

    Windows 7, Ubuntu meet their match

    Security 21 05:00

  • Intel CEO: 'Ultrabooks' will be 'holistic' success

    Earlier slimline efforts? 'Trial runs'

    Laptops 21 06:00

  • Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

    Wing men

    Games 21 06:00

  • AGs mull fate of hard-core gaming in Oz

    Canberra could be R18+ gamer haven

    Law 21 06:09

  • Nasuni puts its cloud storage balls on the line

    100 per cent uptime guarantee

    Cloud 21 07:30

  • World o' Flash: El Reg roundup report

    A-aah! Saviour of the universe

    Storage 21 08:00

  • iPhones look good enough to eat

    Culinary case collection

    Phones 21 08:28

  • Euro beaks to rule if TVCatchup.com is legal

    Is free-to-air free as air? Or not

    Law 21 08:30

  • 'God Bless America': Atlantis prepares to return home

    Patriotic wake-up call on last day of shuttle programme

    Science 21 08:41

  • MS bashes BlackBerry in tablet fight

    PlayBook less popular than Windows tabs

    Tablets 21 08:45

  • Mounties charge Canadian IT guy over botnet scam

    Worldwide keylogger empire alleged

    Security 21 09:00

  • Superman beats up cybersquatter

    Man Of Steel takes back his web address

    Hosting 21 09:20

  • The greatest tech show on Earth

    We attend Campus Party Valencia

    Hardware 21 09:36

  • HMRC strops its chopper, eyes £235m IT slash plan

    Plans to collect more taxes, cut own costs as it does so

    Government 21 09:39

  • Google turns off sidelined Labs section altogether

    'We’re+ prioritizing+ our+ product+ efforts+'. +++!

    Applications 21 09:48

  • Panasonic pops out pair of snappers

    Super-zoom and compact sibling

    Hardware 21 10:02

  • Biggest ever jump in web, non-store retail sales for June

    Tumbleweeds in the high street, roaring trade elsewhere

    Small Biz 21 10:08

  • End of an era: Atlantis hits the tarmac

    Last of the shuttles makes last ever landing

    Science 21 10:11

  • Ghost of 'ACS:Law' threatens alleged Greek filesharers

    'Likely to be imposter' posing as bankrupt pirate-taker

    Law 21 10:25

  • Acer makes play for the cloud with iGware acquisition

    Internally troubled Taiwanese giant belches up $320m

    Cloud 21 10:43

  • GE boosts micro-holo storage to Blu-ray speed

    500GB recordable compact disc as step closer

    Hardware 21 10:43

  • Rupert Murdoch was never Keyser Soze

    Childish media and creepy politicians created this myth

    Media 21 10:48

  • Dell: Force 10 is 'shot in the arm' for networking

    US titan plots direct and indirect sales strategy

    The Channel 21 10:57

  • My Translator Pro UK

    Dove the pub, s'il vous please?

    Phones 21 11:00

  • Hubble detects new Plutonian moon

    Small fourth companion for faraway icy dwarf-world

    Science 21 11:02

  • Mobile coverage comes to embattled Misurata

    'We are experiencing an outage due to rocket attacks'

    Mobile 21 11:14

  • Seagate beats Street, but outlook's bleak

    Q4 results signal end of Golden Platter era

    Storage 21 11:41

  • Virtualisation soaks up corporate IT love

    Getting the Big Boys excited

    Enterprise Tech 21 12:00

  • Vodafone Smart Android smartphone

    Budget Googlephone, anyone?

    Phones 21 12:00

  • Shale gas frees Europe from addiction to Putin's Pipe

    Vlad won't be able to turn the heating off any more

    Government 21 12:02

  • Your mom, girlf, boyf: Spying on your phone and email

    If you don't call them that you're probably safe

    Mobile 21 12:26

  • TalkTalk drags arse in Ofcom ISP survey

    DeafDeaf, more like, say customers

    Broadband 21 12:29

  • Fujitsu installs Windows 7... on a phone


    Phones 21 12:31

  • 'There's too much climate change denial on the BBC'

    Dr Steven Jones' amazing claim - but Auntie agrees

    Science 21 12:43

  • Computacenter buys £5.4m-worth of DAMAX

    You have to keep a watch on the Swiss

    The Channel 21 13:00

  • Alcatel Lucent ponders offload of enterprise unit

    Cut this tentacle off, we could sell it for money

    Business 21 13:02

  • Nokia posts massive loss, blames 'ambiguity'

    Horrific train crash at former world leader

    Business 21 13:29

  • SaaS for speedy relief of licence headaches

    It's simpler than you think

    Cloud 21 14:00

  • LulzSec says it will partner with media on Murdoch emails

    Inspired by Assange™?

    Security 21 14:06

  • 'NATO RESTRICTED': The lowest possible classification

    Anonymous/LulzSec will have to do better than this

    Government 21 14:47

  • WD launches twin-platter 1TB monster

    Scorpio big Blue

    Storage 21 15:02

  • On counterfeits, fakes and Apple stores

    Unfair aspersions cast on good resellers of Kunming?

    Bootnotes 21 15:44

  • Gamer claims complete console collection

    Largest selection ever?

    Games 21 16:10

  • Cisco confirms new world channel structure

    Impact of job cuts on partners revealed by channel chief

    The Channel 21 16:13

  • Apple paid $2.6bn of $4.5bn Nortel patent grab

    Worth it to give Google's 'pi' a poke in the eye?

    Mobile 21 17:26

  • Adobe releases lengthy list of Apple Lion woes

    19 apps with foul-ups from fatal to decidedly annoying

    Software 21 19:22

  • 19,000 papers leaked to protest 'war against knowledge'

    Prosecution of Reddit founder cited

    Law 21 20:26

  • Clouds and server refresh pump up Intel

    Data Center Group carries its weight

    Servers 21 20:46

  • Microsoft surprises Street with double-digit growth

    Windows downturn masked by Office and giddy game gains

    Financial News 21 21:31

  • Groupon: Scoopon’s catch of the day

    Quarter of a million settles squatting, trademark lawsuit

    Business 21 22:13

  • Oz lawmakers mull Facebook parental snoop rules

    Could social networks go ‘R18+’?

    Broadband 21 22:14