20th July 2011 Archive

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  • Optus turns mobiles into PVRs

    Launches Optus TV Now

    Mobile 20 00:00

  • Russia’s space telescope in orbit

    Spektr-R begins five-year mission

    Science 20 01:30

  • X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown

    Mars attacks

    Games 20 06:00

  • Data Robotics gives up and changes name to Drobo

    It's what the kids are calling us, baby

    Storage 20 08:00

  • Japanese erections named 'Bollox', 'Wonder Device'

    Enough wood to satisfy the most demanding customer

    Bootnotes 20 08:28

  • Dell considers Google+ for video customer support

    This rain backdrop clearly shows I am in the UK, sir

    Business 20 08:30

  • UK gov 'Spads' hefty salaries released/buried

    The most powerful people you've never heard of

    Government 20 09:00

  • Lenovo unwraps trio of ten-inch tablets

    Two Androids and a Windows job

    Tablets 20 09:02

  • '3-2-1 ... Good Morning Atlantis!'

    Kennedy workers' emotional salute to last ever shuttle crew

    Science 20 09:06

  • Apprentice runner-up becomes Greggs bigshot

    Mince-inna-bun firm bitchslaps Sugar's biz judgement

    Bootnotes 20 09:20

  • LaCie reduced Rugged HDD size not capacity

    SuperSpeed USB 3.0 included

    Hardware 20 09:21

  • UK, Dutch cops cuff 5 more in Anonymous-LulzSec raids

    Bag now totals 20 following US braceletings

    Security 20 09:22

  • Jobs: Apple succession plans are 'hogwash'

    Who can fill the great leader's turtleneck?

    Business 20 09:29

  • Steady as she goes at Datatec

    Logicalis, Westcon daddy cautiously chuffed

    The Channel 20 09:30

  • Lancs plods exposed complainant on website

    Left details up for days after being informed

    Security 20 09:42

  • Apple Store down for Lion tweakage

    New MacBook Air details being uploaded too?

    Software 20 09:54

  • MPs probe science behind bogus gov booze guidelines

    Write in to save your pub, and maybe lower beer prices!

    Government 20 09:58

  • Are your secrets safe with SaaS providers?

    Plugging the leaks

    Cloud 20 10:30

  • Nepalese gov to nail Everest's bigness in row with China

    May be stymied by mountain's tectonic rise

    Science 20 10:32

  • Virgin confirms only half of UK will get its 100MB/s broadband

    No more than 13m homes

    Broadband 20 10:40

  • Baidu apes Google with Chinese Chrome

    You want web stuff that works behind the Great Firewall?

    Software 20 10:41

  • UK Serious Fraud Office mulls News Corp probe

    'We are in touch with US feds, will assist as required'

    Law 20 10:44

  • Samsung torn over Galaxy S II sibling UK launch

    Brits R left out?

    Phones 20 10:59

  • STUDENTS EXPOSED in university IT blunder

    Lithe youngsters' records on internet for all to see

    Security 20 11:01

  • Samsung rolls out Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Korea choice

    Tablets 20 11:11

  • TalkTalk watchdog smackdown after ad complaint

    Pullout ordered following BT moanings

    Broadband 20 11:19

  • LulzSec hacker Sabu: Murdoch emails 'sometime soon'

    Secretive figure tells our man release is coming

    Security 20 11:27

  • Yahoo! loses! revenue!

    'This is good, and at the same time, unsatisfactory'

    Business 20 11:38

  • Google+ hits the iPhone

    Jesus mobe welcomes unthreatening Googly app

    Applications 20 11:59

  • Google Wallet left on margins by ISIS tap-pay hookup

    But Chocolate Factory has the only working handset

    Mobile 20 12:02

  • Microsoft apologises for yet another BPOS outage

    'What a totally useless tool'

    The Channel 20 12:09

  • Ten... Portable USB 3.0 HDDs

    SuperSpeed pocket drives tested

    Top Ten 20 12:22

  • Python orgy menaces Yorkeys Knob canoes

    Snakey Oz SWAT team collars slithering sex pests

    Science 20 12:25

  • Ofcom moves: Rural broadband price war on the cards?

    BT shrugs at wholesale price caps

    Broadband 20 12:38

  • Apple kills MacBook, soups up MacBook Air

    Forget Bluetooth 3.0, these boys have Bluetooth 4.0 on board

    Laptops 20 12:47

  • Nokia ‘giving away phones at cost’

    With margins so thin you need a microscope to see them

    Mobile 20 12:52

  • Apple ups Mac Mini spec, lowers price

    Optical drives ditched

    Hardware 20 13:08

  • Dell buys Force 10 Networks

    Storm winds to leave Brocade out in the cold?

    Business 20 13:26

  • OS X Lion roars, coughs on appearance in App Store

    Fanbois moan on Twitter at failure to get paws on

    Operating Systems 20 13:44

  • Google sends warnings to machines with infected search

    Alerts are genuine - until scareware scum get on board

    Security 20 14:16

  • EMC revenues explode in Q2

    Colossus flops out a stonker

    Business 20 14:38

  • Insight sales veep Akkerman resigns

    Eleven months in the kitchen and the heat gets to veep?

    The Channel 20 14:48

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic preps pre-order pages

    Force with us tomorrow

    Games 20 15:28

  • Riverbed pumps up software with Zeus, Aptimize buys

    US sales 'simply on fire' in Q2

    Servers 20 15:29

  • Hi-tech mobile hack spreads rumour of Taliban chief's death

    'This is the work of American intelligence'

    Security 20 16:21

  • Apple unveils 'World's First Thunderbolt Display'

    Costs as much as a wee MacBook Air

    Hardware 20 18:03

  • SUSE Studio spins up on IBM mainframes

    VMware partnership spawns ESX optimizations

    Servers 20 18:51

  • Intel reports (mostly) solid revenue growth

    Double digits across all segments – except Atom

    Financial News 20 21:28

  • Yelp clicks into Aus with Telstra

    Carrier set to Google-fy its directories arm

    Business 20 23:02

  • Boxing boomers bounced building in Seoul

    Panic! at the health club

    Bootnotes 20 23:03