19th July 2011 Archive

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  • Medvet board to investigate privacy breach

    More faces meet palms in South Australia

    Security 19 00:01

  • iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives

    Parachutist able to locate it with 'Find my iPhone'

    Phones 19 00:17

  • Sydney newspaper hacks Wi-Fi networks!

    A security study, not a scandal

    Security 19 01:00

  • Energy scavenger eats leftover wireless signals

    Nikola Tesla high-fives from the grave

    Science 19 02:00

  • Captain Kirk's Google+ account gets zapped

    Phasers fortunately set only to stun

    Media 19 05:00

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Android smartphone

    Ticks a lot of boxes

    Phones 19 06:00

  • Huawei Symantec spawns flash-y Dorado

    'The lowest dollar/IOPS device is OURS, mwahahaha'

    Storage 19 07:30

  • Ordnance Survey, other gov databases move to Biz dept

    Public Data Corporation begins to morph under Cable

    Government 19 08:02

  • So what can't you do with VMware's VSA?

    NFS only and not for app use

    Storage 19 08:29

  • Atlantis undocks from station ready for Thursday landing

    Crew snap unprecedented pics of orbiting outpost

    Science 19 08:53

  • Pick a winner: The Sarah Hunter Google competition

    The misunderstanding of science

    Bootnotes 19 09:00

  • Firms fight over universal remote control patents

    One For All vs Harmony

    Hardware 19 09:08

  • X2 triplex super-chopper in final flight

    Prototype retires: Military 'Raider' version forthcoming

    Science 19 09:27

  • ARM to wrestle quarter of laptop market from Intel

    Windows 8 to lead smartbook revival

    Laptops 19 09:50

  • NASA

    Revealed! US space agency's facility in... er... Stoke-on-Trent

    Phones 19 10:00

  • How LulzSec pwned The Sun

    'Walnut-faced Murdoch' prompts pranktivist encore

    Security 19 10:01

  • Baidu inks deal with 'Big Music'

    When pirates become partners

    Media 19 10:18

  • Cloud changes shape in a crystal ball

    What the future holds

    Cloud 19 10:30

  • Get your kit off for Putin, win an iPad 2, Russian ladies told

    Muscovite minx shows the way (largely SFW)

    Bootnotes 19 10:37

  • Toshiba pledges fix for sleepy tablets

    Dozy Thrives to be revived

    Tablets 19 10:47

  • Nokia WinPho handset resurfaces in factory flick

    N9 gets Mango

    Phones 19 10:52

  • Google erects Colombian 'g.co' URL shortener for Google+

    Copies Twitter trick - goo.gl simply too long

    Networks 19 10:58

  • World of StarCraft MMO continues minus Activision legal beef

    Mod moves forward

    Games 19 11:01

  • English, Welsh cops get mobile fingerprint-check tech

    Keeps plods outdoors, puts crims inside

    Law 19 11:18

  • Reg Hardware expands Twitter presence

    More µblogs

    Phones 19 11:40

  • DARPA project seeks immortality, suspended animation

    Shot? Blown up? Chill out until you reach hospital

    Science 19 11:41

  • First snap of giant asteroid Vesta from orbiting probe

    NASA ion-engine craft Dawn surveys juggernaut of space

    Science 19 11:53

  • Toshiba Satellite P775 17.3in Core i7 laptop

    The Young Ones' notebook?

    Laptops 19 12:00

  • Bill seeks to decriminalise pianos in pubs and schools

    NuLab crackdown on unlicenced joannas, trumpets to end

    Media 19 12:17

  • UK top cop: Coulson 'blindingly obviously' mixed up in hacking

    Regrets hiring Murdoch man at Scotland Yard

    Government 19 12:22

  • Apple said to be sampling Samsung, LG iPad 'retina' screens

    Pixel testing in progress?

    Tablets 19 12:27

  • Popstar hackers snaffle Lady GaGa fans' email addresses

    Mutter about gayness in incomprehensible yoof jargon

    Security 19 12:51

  • Robots form band, rock out to Marilyn Manson

    Droids are back in town

    Hardware 19 12:53

  • Complexity killed the IT quality of service ...

    So many dependencies, so much to go wrong

    Service Assurance 19 13:00

  • LulzSec say they'll release big Murdoch email archive

    Rebekah Brooks apparently not a password genius

    Security 19 13:30

  • NASA eyes Atlas V for 'naut-lifting duties

    Goodbye shuttle, hello big rocket

    Science 19 13:58

  • TSG gets its lips round Rocket

    Geordie gobbles fellow Northeasterner

    The Channel 19 14:12

  • 'Wilful blindness? We've heard of it,' says Murdoch

    Table-banging biz tyrant and son grilled by MPs

    Media 19 14:53

  • Skype: XSS vuln fix is on the way

    Backend backdoor to be firmly plugged

    Security 19 15:21

  • RIM updates PlayBook OS

    BlackBerry Corporation

    Tablets 19 15:31

  • Atlantis crew wrap heatshield inspection

    Shuttle robot arm exits world stage

    Science 19 16:18


    Activist ladyslapped by Wendi Murdoch, now in custardy

    Media 19 16:27

  • Apps overrated in mobile web wars

    Can't we all just get along?

    Mobile 19 16:50

  • Oracle revs VirtualBox, mushrooms memory

    Virtual iron more supple than real iron

    Virtualization 19 17:34

  • Reddit programmer charged with massive data theft

    Harvard ethics fellow accused of hacking MIT

    Security 19 17:43

  • Ex–News International boss Brooks denies bribing cops

    Says she only recently learned of Milly Dowler phone hacking

    Media 19 17:50

  • Intel snaps up network chipper Fulcrum

    Low-power chores to which Xeons won't stoop

    Business 19 19:05

  • 14 arrested in crackdown targeting Anonymous

    Computers seized in early morning raids

    Security 19 20:11

  • Apple annihilates Wall Street performance estimates

    Third fiscal quarter results 'best quarter ever' (again)

    Financial News 19 21:00

  • VMware crushes Q2 despite looming vSphere 5.0

    Sitting pretty on a big pile of cash

    Financial News 19 22:52

  • Huawei circling NZ’s UltraFast Broadband contract

    Buttering up the Kiwis

    Business 19 23:33

  • Quantum crypto for consumer GPON

    It can be done, say Irish researchers

    Science 19 23:34

  • Apple to release Mac OS X Lion on Wednesday

    Unnamed 'future product transition' coming soon

    Hardware 19 23:48

  • Feds arrest 16 in Anonymous hack probe

    PayPal avenged for 'Operation Avenge Assange'

    Security 19 23:50