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Medvet board to investigate privacy breach

Medvet, the paternity-and-drug-testing laboratory owned by the South Australian Government that allowed Google to index its customer records until last weekend, says it will investigate how the breach occurred.
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iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives

A Minnesota skydiver's iPhone 4 slipped out of his pocket at 13,500 feet, landed on a factory rooftop, and lived to tell the tale.
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Sydney newspaper hacks Wi-Fi networks!

Here’s a surprise: according to a recent sample of Wi-Fi networks around Sydney, only 2.6 percent were operating without a password.
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Energy scavenger eats leftover wireless signals

No, it’s not another cute-but-useless contactless charger: a group of researchers led by Manos Tentzeris at Georgia Tech are working on antennae that could scavenge stray wireless signals to power small sensors or microprocessors.
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Captain Kirk's Google+ account gets zapped

William Shatner's Google+ account was suspended on Monday and later restored for reasons Google won't divulge.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Android smartphone

Review Sony Ericsson’s top of the range Xperia Arc was a bold move, cramming a feast of the company’s very latest technology into a case seemingly not a whole lot thicker than a credit card. The Xperia Neo winds things down a notch, not least the price, and the style, but this Android mid-ranger still manages to pack a serious punch.

Huawei Symantec spawns flash-y Dorado

Huawei Symantec (HS) has added an all-flash array to its product set, the OceanSpace Dorado S2100. This is one of an accelerating stream of flash announcements as the storage industry looks beyond spinning disks.
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Ordnance Survey, other gov databases move to Biz dept

Whitehall announced yesterday that it had shunted the Ordnance Survey, Met Office and Land Registry agencies over to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

So what can't you do with VMware's VSA?

VMware's vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) has restrictions. It is a virtual NFS filer only, not a block-level storage facility as VMWare implied, and it is not accessible by apps.
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Atlantis undocks from station ready for Thursday landing

Space shuttle Atlantis has undocked from the International Space Station, as commander Chris Ferguson, pilot Doug Hurley, and mission specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim prepare to fly the venerable vehicle into history.
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Pick a winner: The Sarah Hunter Google competition

Competition A couple of weeks ago we reported what an impression Sarah Hunter, Google's top lobbying person and Head of UK Public Policy, had made at a public event.
Logitech Harmony 650

Firms fight over universal remote control patents

One For All remote control maker Universal Electronics (UEI) has begun legal action against Logitech after the manufacturer of Harmony remote controls refused to re-license a number of its patents.
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X2 triplex super-chopper in final flight

The (ahem) revolutionary X2 prototype copter, which can fly much faster than a normal helicopter but still make vertical landings and takeoffs, has made its last flight. Manufacturer Sikorsky now plans to produce an S-97 military version of the speedy chopper for sale to the US Army.

ARM to wrestle quarter of laptop market from Intel

Give it four years and ARM-based processors will be found in almost a quarter of all notebooks sold.


Android App of the Week Arriving on Android and iOS to coincide with the last mission of the Space Shuttle, NASA's new official app is a must-have for anyone with even a passing interest in humankind's efforts to reach for the stars.
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How LulzSec pwned The Sun

Infamous pranktivist hackers LulzSec exploited basic security mistakes on a News International website to redirect users towards a fake story on the supposed death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, it has emerged.
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Baidu inks deal with 'Big Music'

Chinese search giant Baidu has done a deal with three of the biggest Western music labels.
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Cloud changes shape in a crystal ball

“The mark of a successful technology,” says Simon May, tech evangelist at Microsoft, “is that it vanishes.”
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Get your kit off for Putin, win an iPad 2, Russian ladies told

Vid Backers of Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin have hit upon a perhaps not-so-novel means of bolstering his political support: they have offered young Russian women the chance to win an iPad 2 by "stripping for Putin".
PC Authority Toshiba Tablet Pic

Toshiba pledges fix for sleepy tablets

Toshiba has confirmed the 'Sleep of Death' bug affecting some of its Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablets.
Hard Reg, 19 2011

Nokia WinPho handset resurfaces in factory flick

The Nokia 'Sea Ray' has surfaced again today, showing the Windows Phone 7 device running the upcoming Mango update in a grainy video from the production line.
Caleb Cox, 19 2011
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Google erects Colombian 'g.co' URL shortener for Google+

Google has followed in the footsteps of Twitter by buying a Colombian internet address to use as a corporate URL shortener.
Starcraft II

World of StarCraft MMO continues minus Activision legal beef

World of Starcraft is back on the map this week, with a fresh video showing off more of the mod's features, gameplay and levels.
Caleb Cox, 19 2011
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English, Welsh cops get mobile fingerprint-check tech

The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has rolled out mobile devices that allow the police to scan a person's fingerprints and check them against information from the national fingerprint database for verification.
Twitter Bird

Reg Hardware expands Twitter presence

Site News Twittering Reg Hardware readers know the site's @reghardware content feed, but we're now increasing our presence on the social network with new micro-blogs from our journalists.
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DARPA project seeks immortality, suspended animation

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is offering money to researchers looking at identifying and controlling timing mechanisms in cells, including those of the human body.
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First snap of giant asteroid Vesta from orbiting probe

NASA's Dawn asteroid hunter has returned the first photo of Vesta since achieving orbit around the giant object at the end of last week.
Toshiba Satellite P775

Toshiba Satellite P775 17.3in Core i7 laptop

Review As laptops become ever more identical on the inside, it's the stuff on the outside that now differentiates one from another.
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Bill seeks to decriminalise pianos in pubs and schools

A private member's bill proposing to decriminalise offering musical instruments without a licence received its second reading on Friday. The, er... what? You may well ask.
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UK top cop: Coulson 'blindingly obviously' mixed up in hacking

Sir Paul Stephenson, who resigned from his job as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police on Sunday, has told MPs that he "regretted" the "embarrassing contract" in which he had hired a News of the World executive, Neil Wallis, as a PR consultant. But the outgoing top policeman of the UK said that it was "blindingly obvious" that Andy Coulson, hired at No. 10 Downing Street by Prime Minister David Cameron, had previously been mixed up in phone hacking.
Apple iPad 2

Apple said to be sampling Samsung, LG iPad 'retina' screens

Evidence that a future iPad - possibly even the next one - will feature a 2048 x 1536 display is growing.
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Popstar hackers snaffle Lady GaGa fans' email addresses

Hackers claim to have broken into the UK fansite of Lady GaGa before extracting the names and email addresses of thousands of her fans.

Robots form band, rock out to Marilyn Manson

The music world is a difficult cookie to crack. In most cases, all revenue is funnelled into a cigar-smoking businessman's pocket after a group of robots churn out some pre-programmed bollocks.
Caleb Cox, 19 2011
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Complexity killed the IT quality of service ...

“Ring, ring...”
Dale Vile, 19 2011
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LulzSec say they'll release big Murdoch email archive

The hacktivists behind a hack on The Sun's website claim to have extracted an email archive which they plan to release later on Tuesday.
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NASA eyes Atlas V for 'naut-lifting duties

NASA has welcomed United Launch Alliance aboard its Commercial Crew Program, and the two organisations will investigate the possibility of using the Atlas V lifter (see pic*) to launch astronauts into low-Earth orbit.

TSG gets its lips round Rocket

Acquisitive reseller Technology Services Group (TSG) has snapped up fellow Geordie Microsoft SharePoint consultancy Rocket Solutions.
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'Wilful blindness? We've heard of it,' says Murdoch

A "humbled" Rupert Murdoch appeared before a committee of MPs this afternoon as a witness on the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed the News Corp boss' media empire.
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Skype: XSS vuln fix is on the way

Updated Skype has promised to fix a cross-site scripting flaw that exposes Windows users of VoIP technology to potential attack.
RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM updates PlayBook OS

Got a BlackBerry PlayBook? Research in Motion is starting to push out version 1.0.7 of its QNX-derived tablet OS.
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Atlantis crew wrap heatshield inspection

The crew of space shuttle Atlantis have wrapped an inspection of the spacecraft's thermal protection system, ahead of the veteran spaceplane's planned return to Kennedy Space Center on Thursday morning.
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News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch was attacked by a protestor during a parliamentary hearing into the phone-hacking allegations at his sister company News International this afternoon.
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Apps overrated in mobile web wars

Open...and Shut Apple' iOS has over 425,000 apps, with over 15 billion downloaded, according to Apple. Google Android? It has 250,000-plus, but that number is growing at a faster pace than iOS. According to research by Adobe and Forrester, however, a rising number of developers may decide to forego the arms apps race entirely, preferring instead to optimize their mobile web presences.
Matt Asay, 19 2011

Oracle revs VirtualBox, mushrooms memory

The open source VirtualBox hypervisor for PCs and servers got a major release on Tuesday when Oracle – which controls the VirtualBox project – kicked out version 4.1.
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Reddit programmer charged with massive data theft

A former employee of Reddit has been accused of hacking into the computer systems of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and downloading almost 5 million scholarly documents from a nonprofit archive service.
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Ex–News International boss Brooks denies bribing cops

News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch stood by Rebekah Brooks this afternoon at a parliamentary hearing about the phone-hacking scandal at his sister company News International.

Intel snaps up network chipper Fulcrum

As good as Xeon chips might be for lots of things, Intel obviously believes that it needs some other silicon: the chip giant bought privately held networking ASIC maker Fulcrum Microsystems on Tuesday.
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14 arrested in crackdown targeting Anonymous

More than a dozen people were arrested in early morning raids Tuesday in what was described as a major legal offensive against the Anonymous hacker collective, it was widely reported.
For Sale sign detail

Apple annihilates Wall Street performance estimates

With another fiscal quarter now in the bank, Apple has again embarrassed Wall Street analysts.
graph up

VMware crushes Q2 despite looming vSphere 5.0

Server virtualization juggernaut VMware smashed through the upper range of its guidance in its second quarter and just kept on going, with sales of $921.2m, which were up 36.7 per cent.
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Huawei circling NZ’s UltraFast Broadband contract

Huawei Technologies could soon be named as preferred supplier for New Zealand’s NZ$1.5 billion Ultrafast Broadband Network deployment.
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Quantum crypto for consumer GPON

Get ready to add another gadget to your Jetsons want-it-one-day list: personal quantum encryption.
Cat 5 cable

Apple to release Mac OS X Lion on Wednesday

"We are very excited to be launching Mac OS Lion tomorrow," Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer told reporters and analysts during a conference call on Tuesday, when discussing his company's most-recent financial results.
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Feds arrest 16 in Anonymous hack probe

Federal officials arrested 16 people accused of carrying out computer crimes that damaged or breached protected systems, including a December attack organized by the Anonymous hacker collective on PayPal that caused numerous service disruptions.