18th July 2011 Archive

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  • TPG swoops on cloud hosting firm

    Makes generous bid for IntraPower

    Business 18 00:01

  • Fun and games in userland

    A brief history of virtualisation

    Enterprise Tech 18 01:00

  • Google gets Punchd

    $10m for compsci graduates

    Business 18 01:00

  • Is Anon ready for the social network?

    Rules without tyranny is harder than it seems

    Security 18 02:00

  • Google: The one trick pony learns a second trick

    It sells ads. And it clones other people's products

    Business 18 03:40

  • World's first turbine powered Batmobile hits roads

    Bang. Pow. Boom ting!

    Science 18 08:53

  • SpaceShipOne designer produces hybrid flying car

    Famous engineer Burt Rutan's swan song

    Science 18 09:11

  • Azure: it's Windows but not as we know it

    Moving an application to the cloud

    Cloud Developer 18 09:24

  • NASA 'nauts wrap box-shifting duties at space station

    Raffaello module ready for return to Earth

    Science 18 09:29

  • Blighty's top cop quits over phone-hacking scandal

    'Severe discomfort' as Rebekah Brooks cuffed by police

    Media 18 09:44

  • Tosh admits customer accounts pillaged

    Everything but credit card details snaffled

    Security 18 09:51

  • Ion Audio iCade arcade-style iPad cabinet

    I game therefore iPad

    Games 18 10:00

  • Educating Verity the OU way

    'The skin of my C++ custard remained unruffled'

    Verity Stob 18 10:00

  • Valve strengthens Steam setup

    System of a download

    Games 18 10:38

  • VeriSign to raise .com, .net prices

    57 billion lookups a day don't come for free

    Hosting 18 10:52

  • Ofcom ignores radio in annual report

    Here's our carbon footprint, though...

    Media 18 11:13

  • AMD says Xbox 720 graphics to be good as Avatar

    Hardware is hardcore, exec hints

    Games 18 11:15

  • Cost-cutting spurs PC sales in Europe: UK stuck in a rut

    Analysts don't understand how bad it is, says analyst

    The Channel 18 11:46

  • HP TouchPad 32GB WebOS tablet

    Cross my Palm...

    Tablets 18 12:00

  • CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment

    What do these results mean? Not allowed to tell you

    Science 18 12:01

  • Everything Everywhere boss jacks it in

    Personal reasons

    Business 18 12:35

  • HTC loses prelim patent ruling to Apple, takes stock hit

    Early goal for Jobs in patent battle

    Business 18 12:58

  • MPs round on plans to offshore gov IT work

    DWP bods to move from being employees to customers

    Government 18 13:05

  • SeaMicro pushes 'Atom smasher' to 768 cores in 10U box

    A lot more bang for some more bucks

    Servers 18 13:08

  • Yates of the Yard quits Met over phone-hacking scandal

    Last man out, leave your resignation on the desk

    Media 18 13:38

  • UK dodgy-political-donor watch database canned

    Like we need a list to find corruption

    Government 18 14:01

  • Asda offloads affordable Archos fondleslabs

    Tablets for budget shoppers

    Tablets 18 14:08

  • Atlantis bids final farewell to space station

    Hatches closed as last shuttle mission draws to a close

    Science 18 14:44

  • Dixons Retail boss pockets £1m in face of consumer meltdown

    Browett takes big pay cut but walks away with a smile

    The Channel 18 15:27

  • Toshiba Tablet 2.0 struck with 'sleep of death' bug

    Some Thrive fail to wake up

    Tablets 18 15:36

  • Nokia reportedly readies mass price cuts

    Cheap phones to pave way for WinPho?

    Phones 18 15:42

  • Oracle bestows Sparc T4 beta on 'select' customers

    Sparc T4 server chip not slipping into 2012

    Servers 18 16:22

  • Apple plans to prune iPhone 3GS price

    Budget oldie to tackle low-end Androids?

    Phones 18 16:34

  • Adobe snarfs up electronic signature automator

    EchoSign to bolster PDF inventor's online doc services

    Software 18 17:58

  • Seagate ships slim, fast Pulsar XT SSD

    Slower, fatter version in the wings

    Storage 18 18:20

  • Cisco doubles Catalyst Ethernet ports to 60 watts of juicy juice

    More power to ya'

    Data Networking 18 19:51

  • Pacific Fibre signs up undersea cable supplier

    TE SubCom cordage to link Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles

    Business 18 20:00

  • Microsoft turns screws on bot herders with hefty reward

    $250,000 for arrest of notorious Rustock operators

    Security 18 20:32

  • Amazon tackles soaring textbook prices

    Kindle ebook rentals boost beer bucks

    Media 18 20:58

  • Cisco lays off 6,500 workers, execs

    And sells off another 5,000 to Foxconn

    Financial News 18 21:37

  • Hacked Sun site greatly exaggerates Murdoch's death

    Sunday Times, other Murdoch sites, also down

    Security 18 23:11

  • IBM profits hum along nicely in second quarter

    Centenarian mints money like prime-of-life mogul

    Financial News 18 23:33

  • Cellnet moves into online retail

    Nearly a million for a startup equals Off Your Trolley

    Business 18 23:34