14th July 2011 Archive

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  • NZ boffins take the plunge with submarine cable deal

    Splash public cash on Pacific Fibre

    Broadband 14 00:01

  • Amazon's anti-iPad arises 'in October'

    The other Jobsian nemesis

    Media 14 00:02

  • NBN Co completes 4G spectrum spend

    While ACMA is yet to resolve TV interference issues

    Business 14 00:30

  • ISPs under a wholesale price squeeze, says Hackett

    Internode forced to rejig plans

    Hosting 14 01:30

  • Microsoft COO: Our greatest enemy is old Windows

    'Windows XP, Office 2003, IE6 - you know what? Dead'

    Software 14 04:47

  • Defragger salesman frags HP

    'You need my stuff, don't listen to them,' shouts man

    Storage 14 06:30

  • Ten... wireless speakers

    In the air tonight

    Hardware 14 07:00

  • EMC intros the mini VMAX

    For those who don't want their back-ends compromised

    Storage 14 07:30

  • Cisco's new UK/Ireland channel boss confirmed

    Govbiz guvnor Richards to ascend throne

    The Channel 14 07:42

  • Sega forums still closed a month after mystery hack

    Digital pillage leaves lasting damage

    Security 14 07:43

  • Advice on offshoring issued to UK.gov IT bodies

    No particular reason ...

    Policy 14 08:00

  • Stipe croons 'Man on the Moon' to Atlantis crew

    Not that any of them ever will be

    Science 14 08:14

  • Most Adobe Reader installs are out of date

    Patchy patching leaves pdf backdoors open to intrusion

    Security 14 08:30

  • Brits lose out as iTunes prices jump

    Aussies do well

    Phones 14 08:40

  • Google muzzles political dissidents with YouTube ID tweaks

    It's about silo wars not real ones here at Google+

    Security 14 09:00

  • World+Dog to favour dual-core laptops through 2014

    Quad-core won't be big until the year after

    Laptops 14 09:11

  • California Mrs cuffed in drugged-hubby todger slash case

    Unhappy man's manhood macerated in garbage disposal

    Bootnotes 14 09:27

  • Half of Virgin Media broadband ads are wrong, says ASA

    ISP gets up to 'up to' tricks

    Broadband 14 09:43

  • Sony intros washable sports Walkman

    Take it into the shower

    Hardware 14 09:46

  • Private equity saves SeeSaw

    Michael Jackson put in charge. Woooo.

    Hardware 14 09:46

  • Before the PC: IBM invents virtualisation

    A brief history of virtualisation

    Enterprise Tech 14 10:00

  • CIA's DARPA working on human-brain-mimicking tech

    Company that built the first internet node hired

    Government 14 10:13

  • Blighty's rocketeers gather for ballistic love-in

    'It's British, naturally string is involved'

    SPB 14 10:27

  • Facebook begins to challenge Google in UK internet

    Google up, but search down overall vs Web 2.0

    Networks 14 10:42

  • Spotify to launch invite-only service in US

    Britney Spears is gagging for it

    Media 14 10:58

  • Files Connect

    Fetch files for your fondleslab

    Phones 14 11:00

  • MAJOR HACK: Voda femtocells open phones up to intercept

    Pass within 50m of one, they own your phone

    Mobile 14 11:06

  • GCHQ losing its 'internet whizzes' to Microsoft, Google

    'Mission Fantastic' tech-spooks lured away by triple pay

    Government 14 11:12

  • Official: Pastafarian strainer titfer is religious headgear

    All hail his noodly appendages, say Austrians

    Bootnotes 14 11:19

  • Acer slips to 4th place as global PC sales edge up

    Lenovo shoves onto podium alongside HP and Dell

    Hardware 14 11:28

  • Steelie Neelie: 'Help us form Brussels data breach policy'

    'Please be proportionate' begs UK ICO

    Government 14 11:56

  • Yuri Gagarin, legendary 'naut, makes London debut

    First orbital human joins Captain Cook on the Mall

    Science 14 12:10

  • Scientists snap amazing technicolour dreamtoad

    Lost, never-photographed rainbow batrachian rediscovered

    Science 14 12:23

  • Microsoft plans to open 75 retail stores in US

    Dude, let's camp outside for the Windows 8 launch

    Business 14 12:40

  • Lying Facebook app offers Google+ invites

    Trendjackers spam your friends, slurp your data

    Security 14 13:01

  • Murdochs won't talk to MPs over phone-hacking scandal

    Rebekah Brooks will defend herself

    Security 14 13:28

  • Toshiba gets bit-patterning between its teeth

    HAMR may come too

    Storage 14 13:30

  • XIV gets Infiniband and boosted CPUs

    September release date for third-generation box

    Storage 14 13:39

  • Sony confirms e-reader update imminent

    Reader line to get wireless comms at last?

    Tablets 14 15:32

  • Voda: Femtocell phone-hacking vuln was fixed in 2010

    News International scandal stirs interest in old backdoor

    Mobile 14 16:02

  • Murdoch man who also worked at Scotland Yard ARRESTED

    Billionaire media tyrant and son carpeted by MPs

    Media 14 16:13

  • Griffin grounds phone-controlled copter until Xmas

    Whup-whup-whup-whup-whup etc.

    Hardware 14 16:20

  • Adobe resuscitates 64-bit Flash for Linux

    Penguins rejoice at prophesy fulfilled

    Developer 14 17:24

  • IBM crams Lotus Symphony back into OpenOffice

    Blows kisses at Oracle

    Applications 14 17:25

  • Apple snuffs iPhone privacy complaint with Korean peanuts


    Media 14 17:32

  • Spotify launches unlimited free US service

    Wait for a freebie invite. Or not

    Media 14 20:18

  • Google revenues top $9bn in Page's maiden quarter

    Larry 'super excited' with Google Facebook

    Financial News 14 21:00

  • Boffins build JELL-O memory for your brain

    Squishy memristor implants

    Science 14 21:11

  • Dell's Kace control freak ARMed for SMBs

    Cover your assets

    Small Biz 14 21:27

  • Sth Korea govt cracks down on blogger blaggers

    No such thing as a free social media plug

    Business 14 23:30

  • FBI probes claims of Murdoch 9/11 hack

    Did journos hire gumshoe to bag victim records?

    Media 14 23:57